Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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brain lock. . . .

Chicago Gun Ban goes before SCOTUS

This is great news! Even the anti gun folks expect the court to toss the anti-handgun laws in Chicago and return the rights to the people that have been taken for so long. This will be another step in our taking the country back and our rights back from the government.

The laws in Chicago are clearly un-Constitutional and will fall. Then we can move on to other laws in other places. One step at a time, we will win this one!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Obama = Carter

well, since Obama seems set to repeat the mistakes of the past he now has canceled the missile defense system for Europe so that he can give in to the Russians.

Sounds like Carter and the B1 Bomber.

What is it with these folks that they seem determined to weaken us in front of our enemies. . .

Well, like Carter he will be one and out too. . . . I expect he will find it hard to do much after the 2010 elections when the Dems loose congress. . .

they don't get it

Since all else has failed they now have Nacy Pelosi is out there making all kind of noise about how she is scared that things will turn violent because of the protesters.

When will they get it that it is them that are forcing things down this path by trying to destroy the country?

Almost all the hate speech I hear comes from the Liberal side of things. They are the ones that are calling folks racist for disagreeing with them. They are the folks that want to take more of our money. They are the ones spending this country into oblivion. They are the ones that are forcing folks to stand up and push back.

They are so out of touch they don't see that they have pushed the middle class person into a corner where they can't keep their families fed and housed. You are damn right we are pissed and in 2010 you all will be looking for a new job. You keep pushing and I am scared to death where you will take us. Everything you folks do seems to be like you want a civil war.

Congress - you work for us. About time you remember that.

On the bright side, I guess she did hear about 9/12. . . .

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Obama getting desperate

I got one of these emails to:
From the Boston Heraled:
As a Beacon Hill vote on the push to allow Gov. Deval Patrick to appoint an interim U.S. Senator draws closer, President Obama's political committee sent another mass e-mail urging constituents to demand passage of the bill.
I sent in my comments about how changing the law now would show them for the partisan jokes that they are. . .  this is disgusting.  If they want to change the law, do it after the fare election of the replacement and stop playing games depending on who is Governor.

Ma Senate Seat

Folks, if you live in MA remember to write your reps and tell them not to change the law to pick a replacement for Sen Kennedy.  It should be coming up for a vote at the State House in the next day or so.
They changed this law to screw the voters and the Republicans in a disgusting show of party before votes thinking. . . now lets make sure they know we know what they are doing.  Hell, Sen Kennedy even pushed for the change so why would we want to change it again???
Don't forget to write folks!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

9/12 Report

Great report HERE, go look and read. See how many folks really showed and then think of how quiet the news is about it. . . .

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tea Party BIG Success in DC

The more I read the more I notice that the blogger pictures of the event show a HUGE crowed there but the news folks won't tell us how many showed up. I am sure the DC cops know so why wont they tell us???

Could it be they realize that the Conservative movement is stronger than they thought?
Could it be they can see that Obama and the Dems have already lost but don't want us to know?

I hope and pray it is a third option. . . . and that is that the liberals had the 60's and have been messing up this country ever since. I hope it is now our turn to fix the country and all the damage they have done. Maybe this is the start of the rebirth of a true conservative and Constitutional movement.

The folks in DC are you and me, they are common folks that have had enough of letting the politically correct and the liberals use big government to take their money and sell out their country to the illegals and the UN.

Can you imagine where we could go with patriots running things according to the Constitution? We could make this country great again! We could pay off our debt and stop taking our orders from the UN and our enemies. This has the potential to become a great movement.

The hippies had their chance to do us in and failed. Here's to getting things back on the right track and fixed. We will again be the great country our founders wanted. It will be a lot of work, but with a grass roots movement like this we are well on our way!

Tea Party not on CNN

WOW, huge protest in DC and not a PEEP on CNN web page. They even had to start it early due to the turn out.

The Boston Globe has some on it HERE

I hope the fools in DC are listening. The news folks will pretend it did not happen but the voters won't. Going to be some real change in 2010 if we can keep this up.

More on it here from FOX

we are doing good folks, we can still win this and take our country back! We need to return to what the founding fathers had envisioned for us, and this is a big step in the right direction!

Looks like some coverage on CNN HERE but they are avoiding telling how big the rally is. Reports from folks blogging live sound like it is a big one. Once again the main stream media drops the ball on reporting the news for political reasons

Friday, September 11, 2009

Acorn Updateas

For those of you that don't think they tried to fix the election or do anything else illegal:

in the past few days they have had folks in three different offices arrested. . .
In FLA it was for Voter Fraud
In Baltimore it was a sting where they told an informant how to run a brothel and bring in under aged girls to work there and get it past the government
In Delaware they got busted for Fraud. . . .

Now the Census Bureau has dropped them. . . .

Can't wait to see what happens next. . .


Today is 9/11. . . .

I don't care what Obama calls it.

This is a day to remember over 2000 of our fellow citizens and friends who died when attacked without provocation and when hurting no one, just trying to earn a living for their families. It was a low and cruel attack on a non military target that had no chance to defend itself.

We must never forget those 2000+ people had moms, dads, sons, daughters, friends and family that will miss them every day for the rest of their lives.

We must also never forget who did this to us and why! In the name of Radical Religion these innocent people were killed. We must continue our fight against the Radicals or give in to another attack. They would hit us again without hesitation if they could. The reason we have not been hit again is our Military taking the fight to them.

And so I say Thank You to our Military folks for keeping us safe, and to the survivors of 9/11 I say we still remember and we won't forget! Be strong, one day at a time, and remember that some day hopefully after a good long life you will be with your loved one again.

God Bless America and our Troops!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama and Bush

For all of those out there that somehow think Obama is a more legitimate President than Bush was. . . ..

read Here if you want the facts.

Acorn was a big, no HUGE factor in getting him elected. They added 1.5 million voters to the rolls. They could have thrown the election for him and likely did. They are under investigation in a number of states for this.

They actually are facing charges in Florida.

So don't tell me Obama is more legit than Bush. He stole the office. He just found a new way to do it.

More guns in the hands of free men

Read it HERE

Found at The War on Guns. . . we added 1,000,000 guns to the hands of private citizens last month alone. Sounds like folks continue to back the Second Amendment with their wallets.

What are we buying?

From the report:

The bulk of the buying has been concentrated on the following types of guns or calibers:
Semi Auto Handguns
Ar15s and all variants of the Black Rifle
.50 Caliber

Good for us all. Folks are taking an interest in self defense in a big way.

Obama Health Care Speech

Well, it has been almost a day since the speech and the results are starting to come in. He played a game, wasted an hour of TV time on a partisan political speech to his followers and did not get much for it.

CNN wants you to think it helped, but they don't say who they polled. Only that they were watching the speech. Most who watched it probably already supported him. I didn't bother knowing the key points would be on the net today.

We need to keep up the pressure. This speech was the act of desperation on Obama's part. He need to boost his polls and get this passed to have any chance of moving his plans forward. He is falling in the polls, and we need to keep up pressure on this to stop it.

Most of what he said last night were lies. We can not afford this plan, the Government Accounting Office has shown this. Don't buy into the hype. We need to fix things but Socialism is not they way.

Keep up the fight, we are winning!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama Health Care

Well, he did it. He brought up Ted Kenndy into the debate. You can taste how desperate he is to make it look like he still has control.

The people are winning on this! Obama is failing and his ratings are falling. Keep up the pressure and we may yet win this!

IF we can stop this than we have a great chance to take our govenment back in 2010.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Another one down

Saw this on CNN today

Another Obama pick is out of a job due to anti American actions, comments etc. . ..

No surprise there I fear. Now if we can keep the media from burying thins on a weekend report and not actually reporting it to the people when they are listening we will be doing OK

I'm Back!

From vacation. . . much to do around the house now. I will give an update on the Disney trip later when I get a moment. . . the parks were great! the new ride is great! it was warm and sunny most days so had a great time. . .
More later