Thursday, September 10, 2009

More guns in the hands of free men

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Found at The War on Guns. . . we added 1,000,000 guns to the hands of private citizens last month alone. Sounds like folks continue to back the Second Amendment with their wallets.

What are we buying?

From the report:

The bulk of the buying has been concentrated on the following types of guns or calibers:
Semi Auto Handguns
Ar15s and all variants of the Black Rifle
.50 Caliber

Good for us all. Folks are taking an interest in self defense in a big way.

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Linoge said...

Well, mark me down for two AR-15 lowers, a shotgun, and a revolver in the past year (with a semi-auto handgun a little over a year ago). The .50 cal surprises me slightly, but it also gives me a warm fuzzy :).