Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good News for Moderates

Obama falling in the polls of Independents.

Guess it is not the liberal madate he thougth it was when he won. . . .


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Obama and Kennedy

Watch Obama run with this.  I am sure his folks are in full spin mode to use the death of Ted Kennedy to cover his falling polls.. . . and try to reverse them if they can. .  .


As Tam said on her blog, wait for them to name the health care reform bill after him so they can ram rod it though. 


They will stop talking about what the bill does, or costs, or how it will hurt us and instead all you will hear is how we need to do it for Ted, it is his greatest legacy . . . . .


Don't fall for it.  We need to fight this bill no matter what they call it.  Don't let the socialists win this one in Ted's name.  Obama is on the ropes now with Health Care Reform, we need to keep him there.  Time to kick it up a notch folks!  Keep writing into your reps and let them know you won't fall for this and you will remember what they do when the next election comes around. . . .


As for Ted's legacy it is this – He was a trust fund millionaire who used his position to tax the hell out of the working man to insure he keeps the votes of the welfare crowd by keeping them on the dole. . . . end of story.  He is not to be looked up to that is for sure.

There's a Surprise

Patrick backs Kennedy's bid to change the law so he can appoint the replacement. . .

Why am I not surprised.

Patrick is a spend free liberal running a state awash in red ink and a budget out of control. He raised taxes on us during one of the worst economies since the Great Depression.

Do you really want him sending the next Senator from MA to DC???

More here

Obama's Numbers Falling

See it HERE

All I can say is YAAA HOOOO

we may yet keep this country from going Socialist. You folks voted in this fool with no experience. what did you expect him to do? Actually fix something???? Most folks are seeing that the stimulus is not working, probably made it worse and his other ideas are failing too. . . . Why is it many of us could have told you all this before he screed us but no one would listen. . . .

2010 is the next chance we have to fix things. Time to get the REAL conservatives back in charge

Kennedy's Senate seat to stay empty

From CNN

As it should. The law was changed to play partisan politics against the Republicans, it is Justice that it now is used against the Democrats.

Now if folks would just remember that you don't inherit a Senate seat, you are elected to it. I hope and pray that we don't put another Kennedy in there. It is time for some fresh ideas in this state. Lets start with a new Senator that does not come from the old guard!


I was just thinking about my upcoming vacation to Disney and it hit me. . . .
Micky is an ROUS. . . . .

Ted Kennedy has died

more HERE

First I want to say that my sympathy is with the family. I have seldom if ever agreed with Ted on anything political but he was a person and had a family that cared for him. I hope the news media will give them the space they will need.

On a human level I am sorry to hear the news. As I said, he had a family that loved him, and I will admit he tried to do what he thought was right while in office (I hope, I will give the benefit of the doubt to him). In the name of full disclosure, I was against most of his ideas in office and fought against them. I think he lost his way somewhere on his journey and became one heck of a socialist on us.

On a political level I look forward to a new person in his seat in the Senate. I am sure this dumb state will put in another liberal, I just hope he or she won't be as far to the left as Ted was. We need more moderates in there that listen to the voters. It will be an interesting election. I admit I didn't like his politics, and have been looking forward to his retirement from the Senate but not like this.

I have seen what cancer will do to a person first hand, and it is not pretty. No one should have to go through that. I hope he is at peace and has finally escaped the pain that cancer brings.

Now on to the election. I hope we have a good race with a few choices. The Kennedy family has acted like they run this state for too long. It is time for them to step aside and for a new person to get in there and see what they can do to help fix this state and this country.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Obama moves to stack the deck

Here is copy of the email I just got from our friends on the left. I am not in this guys district, so I gues they are importing help for the Pro Socialist side. . . Guess they know they are loosing this so it is time to stack the deck:

John --
I wanted to send you an urgent invitation to an important health care town hall with Rep. Stephen Lynch this Thursday, August 27th.
He'll be talking to constituents and gathering feedback. Whether you ask a question or show your support with a sign, attending this town hall is a powerful way to show where you stand and thank those in Congress who are fighting for reform.
I hope you can join us. Here are the details:

What: Health Care Town Hall with
Rep. Stephen Lynch

Where: Curry College: Alumni Recreation Center
1071 Blue Hill Ave.
Milton, MA 02186

When: Thursday, August 27th
Arrival Time: 5:00 p.m.
Start Time: 6:00 p.m.

Please arrive as early as possible to the town hall, and make sure that the most powerful voices in this debate are those calling for real reform, not angrily clamoring for the status quo.
RSVP here:
John Spears
Massachusetts State Director
Organizing for America

P.S. -- Before the event, please print off a flyer to display and make sure that your support is visible.

Marko Does it Again!

Go Read!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Obama Myths

Obama continues to try to confuse the issue and call all the points the critics come up with as "myths". . . more HERE

I still call bull shit. They have a bunch of proposals out there so they can play a shell game. No one of them has all the problems that folks are reporting. When you hit them on one issue they just point to a different bill and say that is not in the one I am backing. . . BS

Here are the big issues still out there
  • "death panels" - pulled from some bills but when money gets tight they will have to ration care. no money no care.
  • illegals - some say nothing (will be a yes if passed) and some say no
  • Access to your bank account still on the table
  • All companies have to give public insurance in 5 years still on the table
  • you can keep your insurance until you change plans, then you HAVE to go public - still out there
  • And the big one - add 50 million to the system with no new doctors or hospitals. . . . when the system can't handle what it has now. . .
  • And lets not forget cost. The government system has unlimited funds (your tax money) to run on so they can put all the Private folks out of business then do what they want. Also under cost is the fact this will add to the national deficit, we don't have the money for it now or in the future.
  • lastly lets remember that the government accounting office (the GAO) has said the plans it has reviewed so far will not save us any money just shift the cost to tax payers. . .

National Health Care - still a looser

You want to fix this then go after all the law suites that cause the cost of medical care to be so high because doctors have to pay a tone of cash to the malpractice folks, and have to order every test under the sun for anything to cover their ass if they get sued. . . . that is the real problem

And if government is so good at running things then why is Fed-Ex and UPS doing ok while the Post Office is cutting back????

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Romeny Health Care

CNN wants Mass style health care. . .read it HERE

Ya, great idea, it works so well. . . the cost is through the roof, the price was way more than they though and it ran out of funding in half the time they thought. . . .

And did they tell you that we support illegals on it now too???

Ya, F that. Don't buy it. MA health care is a loser for us all

Kennedy's double standard on full display

Ted Kennedy wants to change the law – AGAIN

It seems that he wants to make sure Deval Patrick, our DEM governor can appoint his replacement quickly so as to make sure Mass keeps it representation in the Senate.

Funny, this is the same guy that helped push through the law that said his replacement had to be voted on in a special election by the PEOPLE of the state. Oh ya, that was back when Mitt Romney the Republican governor was going to possibly pick John Kerry’s replacement if he won his Presidential election bid.

Ted – What has changed? Why was the old system of appointment of a temporary Senator bad 4+ years ago and is good now? This wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that back then it would have been a Republican making the choice and now a Dem will be doing it would it???

You and your double standards make me sick. What is it with Democrats changing the rules every time they can to suit them? Screw you and me, they change the rules mid play to get any advantage they can. Why do we keep putting them back in office MA? You idiots wouldn’t think this may have something to do with the state loosing population would you???

Ted, if you really gave a shit about this state you should step down NOW and let us have someone there that will show up for the job and represent us TODAY.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Obamas push for Power and Health Care

Read it HERE

He knows he can't loose, He knows he can't pull out the public option, and he knows he does not have the votes or the popular support to pass it. . . .

So he will do a power grab and push it through any way he can. Watch him folks, you voted him in. This ploy will let him have his way despite work by Blue Dog Democrats and Republicans to stop his spending spree. . . And they admit hoping you will forget about it by the next election. . . .

Further proof that we need a divided Congress in 2010 if we want to keep out country. Time to take away the Dem Majority.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Obama in a corner

Obama continues to paint himself into a corner. Health Care is a loser for him no matter what he does not.

And with the public option off the table they say it will cost more. . . . I say with it off the table we see the real cost. You have the same number of folks needing insurance, and the same number of doctors to provide it. All you are seeing now is the smoke clearing and the real cost Obama is trying to saddle us with coming out.

The lies are being seen and the truth comes out. And it will hurt Obama and his "agenda" for America. This is a good thing

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Obama Healthcare

Looks like we may yet win this one. Starting to hear news that Obama may be ready to give up on a Government take over of the health care and work to fix the current system instead!!!

Great news!! If it is real Obama has been stopped!!!!!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

The truth comes out

Well, now we know why Obama has been collecting the names and info on folks that oppose his health care "reform". . ..

Seems they used the blogger names and links to do a mass mailing using the bloggers names saying how they had a change of heart and now back him. . . . so he has gone on to forgery to get this passed.

More reasion to question what they are hiding on us.

Go read about it HERE

Thanks to Say Uncle for the tip

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Congress – just a big playground full of children.

Over the last few days I have had a few interesting discussions on Facebook through a rather liberal friends page. Now while he is a good debater and can defend his position I have notices that a number of his really liberal friends don’t do so well on debates. I finally have recognized why they seem so familiar to me. . . . I am a parent and they act like children.

The one I was dealing with quickly decided to call me a libertarian and a constructionist (like that is an insult) because I wanted the government to follow the Constitution as written. Seems that her view (and apparently the only correct one) is that they should be able to “interpret” the Constitution to get what they want whenever they want – ie it is a “living” document that we need to interpret based on today not what the founders meant and wrote about when writing the actual Constitution. As soon as she could label me I could be ridiculed and ignored. . . . no attempt at intelligent debate. Probably scared that I may prove some of her ideas wrong I guess. . .

Now listen to me for a moment. We all know some folks on the left that can defend their stance and debate. Problem (well for them anyway) is that they are few and far between. Most of the liberals you run into can’t debate for crap and don’t know what they are talking about. . . . these are the Obots we keep running into.
Next time you run into one look and listen to the argument from the left. It is easy, just turn on any major news network and you will see what I mean. Now after a bit you should start to see that they are really just children in a grown up body. Case in point:

•They know what they want and facts won’t deter them.
•They live in their happy place where all their ideas will work as planned – don’t spoil it with facts please
•They don’t want responsibility – they want a parent (the government) to take care of all their needs
•When things go wrong they don’t take responsibility – they wait on the parent (the government) to fix it
•If you disagree with them they quickly get to name calling and telling you that they know better than you want needs to be done (and you are an idiot for not going along)
•If they start losing the argument they want Mom & Dad (the Government) to shut you up for them
•They want it their way only or they take their toys and go home (see close down Congress for recess, lock you out of the decision making etc. . . )
•When losing the argument they will resort to threats (see unions and thugs at the protests) to silence you
•If they do something it is ok, when you do it you are being disruptive, or un-patriotic
•If you want to do something against the rules, you can’t – if they do then the rules are bad and need to be changed
•If you look to be winning the case they tend to do the equivalent of calling you names and going “LA LA LA” with their fingers in their ears.
•Can you say Double Standard? Knew you could

So, based on this I think my new approach to dealing with liberals will be this – go at it like I am talking to my 2 year old. They seem to be at about the same level when it comes to intelligent debate and knowledge of our Constitution. This seems to explain why they look like a kid having a fit on the playground trying to get their way.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scituate Gun Club

Remember, the anti gun folks LIE!

The folks that have been pushing to close Scituate Rod and Gun have finally admitted it. They have been saying for about a year now that they don't want to shut us down, just make sure the range is safe.

Now that they have lost the zoning appeal in town they are showing their real goal - suing to have us closed for good. They claim that the gun club has not been a gun club for it's whole existence and that the change to shooting rifles and pistols was not OK'd by the town so we should be closed. Too bad members that have shot here for 20, 30 or more years disagree with them.

So we are still in court, our range has been declared safe by the NRA and now we are going for a second opinion so we can go back to the courts to lift our injunction against use. Until then it is shotgun only and I guess I will have to look for a second club to join to keep up my pistol and rifle practice.

Here is to hoping that we are open soon, and a big BLEEP BLEEP to the folks trying to close us down. You don't like us then move back to BOSTON.

Once again the liberals have shown that they only care for themselves and nothing for the rest of the folks in town or the area. Remember, the club had been there a good 40 years or more before you or your house. You should have done your homework before buying and the town should not have let you build. Neither of these is the fault of the gun club. Grow up and deal with it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obama and the 11 year old girl

Obama has sunk to a new low. He set up an 11 year old girl - from the Boston Globe -
A girl from Malden asked President Obama a question at Tuesday's town hall meeting in New Hampshire about the signs outside "saying mean things" about his health care proposal

What a joke! We are supposed to be so dumb that we don't know this is a set up for him? A nice soft ball and the media covers for him. . . . what else is new. Add to that the way he stacked the audience and the whole thing was just a media ploy, one big ad for his plan to finish off our health care system and gain more power for the Fed.

On the bright side it may mean that Obama can sense that he is losing this one. This is the act of a desperate person. Who would hide behind an 11 year old girl. And who would believe she knows enough to ask a question on Health Care. Please, at that age she will do what her folks say and think like they do. Just a young Obot doing her part for the cause.

I like it. With this and his falling in the polls it looks like we may be starting to see things turn. Obama may finally have pushed too far and run out of "political capital" to spend wrecking this country. It gives me hope for taking back DC in 2010. If we can just hold until then we will have a fighting chance of fixing this mess. The socialist may yet lose with a bit of luck.

Only in Cali

Can someone please tell me if it is in the water or what. . . . over lunch we were watching a high/low speed chase with the helicopter news coverage and lots of cop cars and all. . . .

Why is it that whenever you see these they are always in California????

Just wondering

Compare health care to public schools

For those of you who want the government to take over health care let’s take a look at how they have done with one of our other critical infrastructures that needs the best and brightest to work – our schools.

We get our public schools funded by our taxes and run by our government. Over the past few decades we have seen our standing in the important subjects like math and science continue to slip against other courtiers. We are constantly hearing about how our kids are not being taught what they need to in order to compete in this global economy and how they can’t pass the standardized tests. Thank you big government.

The Feds got involved and started to tell us what we need to teach each year in school. Then they called for the tests to prove they are teaching what the Fed wants. . .now our schools are diploma mills. Most big school districts like in the cities can’t get good teachers, can’t pay for good teachers, and can’t teach the kids, and don’t care. There are some good teachers out there, but not many. Most folks who want a home and a family won’t go into teaching because they know they won’t be able to afford the life they want If they do. The best and brightest may teach for a bit but not long. . . eventually most leave and go to private schools or private industry where they can get the pay that their skills are worth. Meanwhile the school systems won’t hold a child back because he may feel bad about failing so we just push them on. He can’t read or write but he graduated high school ok. . . .
How do you think this will play out with the health care? Doctors will be told what and where they can practice. They will be paid what the government thinks is fair. They will be allowed to run the tests and prescribe the drugs and treatments that the government will pay for. Welcome to public health.

What will this get us? The same problem all over again. Just like the schools we will lose most of the talent to other private industries where they can get the pay the market will support for their skills. The best and brightest won’t want to take on the debt of a medical education that they will never be able to pay back on a civil servants pay. They also may not like being told what they will study and that they will have to move to an inner city or the middle of nowhere to practice because that is where the government wants them. Would you do it?

And let’s look at the diploma mill issues. The government will tell you what you can have for test and treatments. If they work great! If not, you MIGHT get more tests or another treatment but most likely you will live with the pain and the lower quality of life. Or you might die and get moved out of the system into a nice plot of ground in place of the meaningless diploma. Problem solved for the Fed. . .

Lastly I want to look at healthcare as a right. . . it is not. Rights do not allow you to take from another or make them your slave. Put yourself in that boat. Would you do what you do for a living if you were told you will get paid what the government wants, and you will be told where you can work, and you can’t leave for a better opportunity at a new company or new location? What? you don’t want to work in the city? Too bad – we won’t give you a license to work at all if you don’t move to where we want and do what we want for the pay we decide. You don’t get the option of leaving for another company that pays better or is located where you want to live. That is a form of slavery folks, like it or not. This version of the bills in question will make doctors no more than slaves of the state – ya, that will pull in the best and brightest to the medical field. . . .

Folks, our system is not perfect, but it is much better than most. Does it need work? YES! But not big government control. We don’t want to turn our medical system into an inner city school system do we???? Things need to be looked at one piece at a time and fixed. We cannot fix this with a new huge government program that we can never pay for. More government is NEVER the answer.

Monday, August 10, 2009

When do they get the shirts?

OK, Obama is on a roll. . ..

His thugs are intimidating folks at the town meetings.
He has a snitch site set up for his minions to log in folks that don't think proper thoughts
He is paying folks on Craig's list to go to rallies and support his ideas. . . .
Dissent has gone from patriotic (against Bush) to racist (against Obama)
His news media is trying to convice folks that a grass roots movent is paid for by Republicans ( who can't organize shit and we all know it )

I want to know when they will pick a shirt color so we can spot them easier . . . . .

And a hit Obama, I know you are not big on history so anything but brown, that one has been done. . . .

More BS on guns and Mexico

Even though it has been proven that the guns, machine guns, and grenades don't come from the US they are still pushing the crap that they do. . . .

At least it lets us see the real Obama and the fact he will try to take our guns as soon as he thinks he can. . . . but for now he knows he can't. . ..

Give it a read

Assault Weapons Ban Facts

Found on the blogs, sorry, forgot where, but here is a great bit of data on the AWB and the lies about it and gun control. . . .

THIS is also a good sight to get the facts on guns from too

Blog Roll Additions

OK, sorry for the delay but I finnaly got around to adding the new bloggers I have met to the "bloggers I have met" roll. . . . .

Hope to see you all at the next gathering. . .

Friday, August 7, 2009

Main Stream Media and Politics

I love how the news is still pushing that folks are not really against health care. . . all the noise at the town halls is really a set up by Republicans. . . .

Funny how when the Dems did this during the Bush years it was a grass roots movement. . .

I guess now that the shoe is on the other foot they don't like free speech. . . .

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Why is it that when someone questioned Bush or a Republican Congressman during the Bush years it was only an American expressing their thoughts but now if anyone questions either Obama or Congress about Health Care they are a right wing nut?

In town hall meeting after town hall meeting across this country the Congress folks on recess are getting an ear full about their spending and the idea of Socialized Medicine they are trying to rush through on us. But the news folks don’t see it as debate, they claim it is just folks making trouble. I just saw a Calf. Congress woman say that the town hall protests are meant to hurt Obama and change congress. . . . How come when they did it in the Bush years it was because the government was going the wrong way???

I love the double standard. If you are conservative you are making noise/troube/ if you are liberal than you are a citizen voicing your views/concerns. . . What double standard?

If you really want to see the double standard in play look at the reaction to the Obama Joker poster someone made. Since it is Obama as the Joker it is racist, in bad taste and so on and so on. . . . they seem to forget that they did the same graphic for Bush. Big difference there – Bush as the Joker was seen as an insult to the Joker, a political statement and so on. . . . so make fun of Bush is good, make fun of Obama is bad and un-American.

What a joke the O-bots have become and how obvious they are. . . .

The biggest issues for me in all of this so far, and the most scary beyond more big government involvement in things it shouldn’t is the posting on the White House web page asking for us to rat out anyone that talks against the Obama plan. They want you to tell them about any email or conversation you have with someone that is against his health care plan. And I quote “If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to” Found it here -

Facts really are stubborn things and the facts are that this is un-American and an attack on free speech! Lets get a list of people for the government of anyone that disagrees with them. Sorry, I am not going to rat out anyone for speaking up on what they think about the government if I agree with them or not.

Can someone tell me when things flipped from protest being a patriotic thing to be a non patriotic?

Has the left forgotten about freedom of speech?

And for those of you that think Mass has it right, read about that failure HERE

Russian Subs off the coast. . . .

Can someone please tell me why this is news? What is the media trying to distract us from or is it just that slow a news week. . . .

Folks, they are in international water, they are easy to track, and we do the same thing with our subs all around the world. I think we look foolish to sit and make a stink about this when we get all upset if another country complains about our ships in international waters.

Let it go folks, it is nothing but a slow news day I think. Not like they weren’t out there the whole cold war.

Just be happy they are so easy to find and track and move on. . . .

Russian Subs off the coast. . . .

Can someone please tell me why this is news? What is the media trying to distract us from or is it just that slow a news week. . . .

Folks, they are in international water, they are easy to track, and we do the same thing with our subs all around the world. I think we look foolish to sit and make a stink about this when we get all upset if another country complains about our ships in international waters.

Let it go folks, it is nothing but a slow news day I think. Not like they weren’t out there the whole cold war.

Just be happy they are so easy to find and track and move on. . . .

Monday, August 3, 2009

Northeast Blogger Shoot

Well with all the others writing about the Northeast Blogger Shoot I am not sure I have much to add but I will give my report anyway and a few pictures. . .

UPdate - can't get video to load so here is the rest. . .

OK, now that you see what was there (not counting what folks had on their belt. . .)

First let me say it was a BLAST! (Pun intended) It was great to see you all again and a special THANKS to Doubletrouble and his wife for being nice enough to have us all over again for the shoot.

I also have to thank Bruce for the stickers. . . a few more pro-gun bumper stickers are always good for the car. . . . goes over well in the Peoples Republic of MA. . . .

There was plenty of folks this year, (more than last year I think) and plenty to shoot. Personally I got to test out a few guns I don’t own (and never will with the cost of a permit. . .) such as a full auto M-16 and a full auto MP-5. I also gave a try with a Mass legal .45 LDA 1911. I must admit though that I spent most of the day either talking or shooting my own black power as it makes a nice smoke cloud and the water jugs just EXPLODE when hit by it = ) Much fun!!! I also got some trigger time in on my .22, Enfield, WASA and AR . . . Also note that a watermelon will explode in about a 20’ radius when shot with an Enfield .303. No not mine, but wow, no more melon. . .

I had not done much with a black powder before the shoot. . . well. . . to be fair I put 5 shots through it the day before to practice loading it and that is it. All I can say is it is great to shoot water jugs with. They had a number of 2 ltr. bottles and milk jugs full of water. . . . one hit from the .50 black powder and they would just explode. . . as in when the smoke cleared the bottle was gone. . . . that was fun. I can see what they say about large slow moving lead doing lots of damage. . . I also can tell you they take a while to load and I can’t imagine trying to do that with someone shooting at me like they did in the old days. . .

As for the full auto stuff. . . the MP-5 was great and easy to control. The M-16 not so much. I can see why folks want either a 3 rd burst or semi-auto on that one. It was quick to empty a mag, but hard to keep on target. Big thanks for letting me try them folks!!

The Para LDA was different to shoot. The trigger was great, nice and smooth but I kept getting stove pipes with it. I am glad I had a try on it as I had been looking at one a few months back before I went with the S&W M&P in 9mm. I am now glad I did. The LDA was nice to shoot but not for me.

I think we need to add a warning for flying brass at these things when you are up by the firing line . . . down by the firing line the folks with the semi autos and pistols were tossing brass all over. Every now and again it would start landing on my hat. Good for a laugh. Where else can you go that it rains nice shiny brass like that?

They tried to post some Zombie targets on the back stop a few times. They lasted a bit but once the water bottles started to blow up the paper targets just ripped off the backstop with the wave of water. . . very impressive. Jay has a few photos of the before and after at the backstop. You would think someone had roto-tilled the dirt in front of it. . . .

After the attacking water bottles and jugs were taken care of we moved on to what was left of Pikachu. There were two bayonet charges, one by the boy who donated the poor thing and one by JayG. I will leave it to Boarpatch to post the vids of his son’s charge, here is the angle I had of JayG’s. . . . and yes, that is a bayonet on a pistol. . . . . . When the remains were taken down there were still bits of stuffing stuck to the backstop. I don’t think you can tell from the photos but for most of the day nothing was holding Pikachu up but the holes and stuffing in the backstop. The chain didn’t last long. . . .

The other toy offered up at the shoot was a robo dinosaur. I could not bring myself to shoot that one as I always thought those were real cool. . . if I was a kid . . . anyway there is film of that one you need to see over at Lissa’s blog. It was moving when the shooting started (.22 only) and once it was down folks started to hit it with bigger stuff. It was weird the way it twitched with each hit. . . I don’t hunt so I am not too use to that. . .

Now I have to update my "bloggers I have met list! Cool"