Saturday, August 22, 2009

Obama Myths

Obama continues to try to confuse the issue and call all the points the critics come up with as "myths". . . more HERE

I still call bull shit. They have a bunch of proposals out there so they can play a shell game. No one of them has all the problems that folks are reporting. When you hit them on one issue they just point to a different bill and say that is not in the one I am backing. . . BS

Here are the big issues still out there
  • "death panels" - pulled from some bills but when money gets tight they will have to ration care. no money no care.
  • illegals - some say nothing (will be a yes if passed) and some say no
  • Access to your bank account still on the table
  • All companies have to give public insurance in 5 years still on the table
  • you can keep your insurance until you change plans, then you HAVE to go public - still out there
  • And the big one - add 50 million to the system with no new doctors or hospitals. . . . when the system can't handle what it has now. . .
  • And lets not forget cost. The government system has unlimited funds (your tax money) to run on so they can put all the Private folks out of business then do what they want. Also under cost is the fact this will add to the national deficit, we don't have the money for it now or in the future.
  • lastly lets remember that the government accounting office (the GAO) has said the plans it has reviewed so far will not save us any money just shift the cost to tax payers. . .

National Health Care - still a looser

You want to fix this then go after all the law suites that cause the cost of medical care to be so high because doctors have to pay a tone of cash to the malpractice folks, and have to order every test under the sun for anything to cover their ass if they get sued. . . . that is the real problem

And if government is so good at running things then why is Fed-Ex and UPS doing ok while the Post Office is cutting back????

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