Monday, June 29, 2009

Judge Sonia Sotomayor loses another one

From CNN

Looks like another of her cases has been overturned. . . She should be use to it by now. . . .

And yet they want to put her on the Supreme Court. . . . What a joke. I guess that is the only way she won't get overturned.

Her appointment will just be another case of affirmative action over quality candidates. . . but unlike the firemen in the story we will be stuck with her. . . no review for us.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

MA Govenor claims victory in changing MA govenrment

Our dear leader Deval Patrick will sign the new budget tomorrow and claim that he has made great steps in fixing our government. He said he has changed it. . .

House Speaker steps down due to corruption - nope, same, third one to do so. . . .
Tax and spend - nope, more of the same with an increased sales tax. . . .
Ethical improvements - nope, one house member tossed after filmed stuffing bribes in her bra . . .
I could go on but you get the point. . . .

I want to be the first to welcome our old name back - all hail TAXACHUSETTS. . . your money is ours here.


Well, Obama has spoken, and they will use it against the protesters. They will also use it to blame us for the problems. . . . . the one time he needed to keep quiet he actually took a stand. Who knew he had it in him? Now we get to see how far he will get us pulled into this. Obama is quickly looking like a Bush retread. . .

And our friends the Brits are now learning what the savages are like. The government has arrested a bunch of them in Iran. . . they are Embassy workers too. . . when have we seen this before??

Yep, some things never change. . . .

Michiel Jackson still dead

And smelling news time Jessy Jackson is now in front of the cameras making comments on what happened to M Jackson. Seems he don't like the time line and is determined to see a problem no matter what. Hell the poor fool needs his air time fix I guess. Somehow he will ride this back to the land of TV times, even if he has to make up the news story to do it. . . .

I think maybe Jessy Jackson is trying to look even more pathetic than MJ did.

Jessy, it is over, go home.

Obama gets a school

The liberals are still so hot on Zero that they are naming a new elementary school after him.


Yes you heard correctly. He has done nothing of any importance yet, may have actually damaged out country and economy beyond repairs and they are so happy he gets a school. These folks have just proven that Obama is not a person but a religion for them. They can't see the reality - they are too blinded by the hype and BS he pumps out.

On the bright side, his live in news folks did their program on Health Care last week and the rating sucked so maybe the majority are waking up from the hypnosis . . . .

In my own back yard. . .

And folks ask why I carry a gun. . . .

Story here

In a nearby town a 6 year old girl was kidnaped and almost raped. She somehow got loose and got out of the appartment. Cops found her still in shackels outside and the scumbag is under arrest.

We are talking a local small town here, not a crime ridden area. This poor girl was just riding her bike in her condo parking area. This should be a safe place for a kid.

Watch your kids folks!

Mass Illegals. . .

For all of you Mass Liberals that worry about the criminal aliens here have no fear.

Part of that sales tax increase the nice Governor is hitting us with will go to keep us paying for the insurance for something like 30K illegals in the state.

Phew! I feel better knowing that. I would hate to have them go HOME or something.

We are truly fucked if we don't wake up and get spending under control. We can start by only spending on the folks here LEGALLY. . . . .. What a joke this state has become. I swear the folks in charge must see California's going bankrupt as some kind of badge of liberal honor or something cause they sure seem to want us to follow. . .


Update - TV said illegals, paper says they are legal immigrants. Still I think this shows that the state mandate that you have health care does not work. Socialized medicin will cost more - here is your proof. This program was supposed to be funded. Why is it already in the red after two years or so?? Ya, I know, there never was a way it would not go into the red . . . .

Mexican Guns. . .


OK, they just busted bunches of Mexican cops for working for the drug lords (show of hands, anyone surprised?)

And they still have the balls to say it is US gun laws that are the problem. . . . reality check folks, Mexico is CORRUPT!!!! The cops work for the bad guys. . . . .you really think they have to come here to get guns??? If so, please seek help, you have no connection to reality. . . .

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mivchael Jackson

Folks, he is dead, get over it.

He was not the king, never was. . . he was a pedophile, and should have been in jail if not for his money.

My sympathy to the family, I am sure they loved him but as for me, I think the world and kids everywhere are better off with one less pedophile out there walking around.

I just wish the news would get over it and move on. He should be forgotten not glorified like they are doing!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Iran is still fighting to be Free

For once Obama seems to be doing the right thing. . . . through ignorance instead of planning most likely but still the right thing.

I am talking about Iran.  What can we possible say that will help?  Folks, you need to look at this from the middle east point of view and the religious nuts that run Iran.  As soon as we say anything officially backing the demonstrators we will be playing into their hands.  The first word we say will be taken as our involvement and our meddling in their affairs by the rulers.  It will give them the excuse to crack down harder, and to use us as the "Great Satan" to rally their side.  We would quickly turn this from an internal fight for freedom for Iran to a fight between Iran and the US.  We would gain nothing, and cost the freedom movement there everything.

As much as I hate to say it we need to stay out of this.  Yes it is better for us and the world if the protesters topple the religious government and put in a democracy.  I am always for helping people gain their freedom but in this case I think we help most by not officially doing anything that the government can use to justify the crackdown.  We have too much history and baggage on this one to get involved.

Once things are done, if the good guys win then we need to act quickly to insure they are stable and stay in power. . . but until the we need to keep out of it folks. 

Sure, support them on the net, on  your blogs, your web sites, twitter, and with your editorials, but don't support them with anything official that can be used against them.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iranian Revolution Take 2

From CNN

Looks like the religious nuts have started their crackdown on the protesters. Now we will see if Iran truly wants to be free and is willing to fight and die for it.

I hope they can do this. As I have said I think it would be a great step forward for them and the middle east if the people actually got to run Iran for a while. But then I believe that we all want the same thing. . . peace to raise our kids and make a living. I don't think we are all that different so if the people are in power, then peace will have a chance.

The only down side is that Obama will probably either get involved and screw it up for them, find some other way to screw it up for them, or take credit when it is all done even though he did nothing and the press will back him up. . . .

Anyway, good luck to those fighting for freedom in Iran, I hope you pull it off. It is worth the sacrifice.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fathers Day

From CNN

Here is a great story about what it really means to be a Dad. And a man.
Go give it a read!

Socialized Medicine

From CNN

Looks like the Democrats are getting worried that folks are waking up from the Obama spell and don't want to spend trillions more of money the government don't have. They fear that the push for Universal Health care will fail as folks realise the cost. . . . anywhere from 1 to 1.6 trillion dollars.

Ya, I can see where that may make a sane person think twice. especially when you think that everyone has health care if they need it. Every ER in this country has to treat you if you are hurt. I am already paying for it. . . and paying for all the illegals to use our ERs too. . . .

I will continue to say NO to government run health care. What we have needs to be fixed, but big government is NEVER a solution for anything. They will make it cost more, drive down efficiency and raise our taxes more.


I hope it fails.

They also think this failure will hurt Obama and the Dems, which is all the more reason to hope it fails. . . .


Well the verdict is in from the religious nut in charge. . . My guy won, deal with it.

Now for the crackdown and killings.

I hope the moderates have the guts to finish what they have started. I also hope the military may stand with the people against these dictators and help them take the country back from the religious radicals running it now. State and religion should and must be separate.

I also know that we should stay out of it. And our President does not have the guts to say anything never mind actually help anyway so that should not be a problem

Good luck to you in Iran. It looks like you will have a bloody fight ahead of you but freedom is not free. Stand tall, fight for it, it is worth it so your children can be free. By removing the hate filled religious radicals from power you will not only free yourselves and your children, but you will make the world a safer place for them too. Your freedom is good for the whole world, but we can not give it to you - you must fight for it!

Good Luck! The free people of the world are pulling for you!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Senate approves resolution apologizing for slavery

From CNN

All I can say is WTF?

No one who was a slave is still alive. No one that owned one is still alive. This is crap. Next we will be back to talking reparations which is another word for taking my money and giving it to someone else. . . . I never owned a slave (nor did my family) and the person who gets the money was never a slave. This is crap and theft.

We need to stop this crap and move on. It is over 100 years folks, let it go. I sure as hell don't owe you and neither does my family (who fought for the North by the way) so if you want money go screw.

Air Show

For those of you in the New England area the yearly Air Show in Rhode Island is next weekend. . . .

Here is the site

They have the Blue Angles this year.

I have missed the last few years but expect to be there on Saturday for the show. It has always been a great time and a heck of a show if you like air shows. . . .

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


They are fighting the good fight, and I hope they win and toss that nut out of office.

I also still think we need to stay out of it.

We should be ready to be friend with them when they win, possibly open up relations again and do all we can to support them if they win and bring democracy back to Iran. Until then we gain nothing by sticking our necks out.

We don't need another war, we don't need the bad press in the Arab world by getting into this and we don't need the distraction. This is an internal thing to Iran, let them solve it.

I hope and pray they do win and maybe we can become friends with them again. It would do great things for the peace process if we could remove this nut and his backing of terrorism. Having a stable democracy in Iran and Iraq would be an incredible step forward for the whole region. I just hope it happens. . . . .

Obama plays the gay vote

Yesterday Obama and his administration went to court to defend the "Defense of Marriage Act" and said it has to be kept in place due to pedophiles and incest. . . . .

Now he wants to make nice by throwing them a bone and hoping they don't notice he is screwing them over. . . he is giving FEDERAL employees a few rights like the ability to take their partners name when getting a passport and a few other minor things. Note this has nothing to them getting married, they can get their boyfriend or girlfriends name on the passport. Hetero folks don't get this right, why should gays?

He is doing nothing to get them equality, they get some special treatment that is only a show but really means nothing and he thinks he has made it all better.

I hope you folks wake up and realize how this fool and his administration have taken you to the cleaners. You voted him in and now he don't need you so he tosses you under the bus too. . . .

Maybe next time you will vote for an American that actually backs the Constitution and doesn't sell you out

Iran's Next Step. . .

Watch, now they will block the net, shut down Tweeter and all other contact with the outside.
The oposition will be crushed, the leader killed or jailed.
Then, everything will go back to normal like nothing happend. . . .
I hope the oposition has guns, or they are done.
Sorry if it sounds cold, but that is the facts folks.  It ain't fare, deal with it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Here we go again

CNBC had a piece on at lunch asking if we should bail out California. . .
Sure, it didn't work on a national level, lets try state. . . .
Translation - How do the Dems buy votes in CA. .  .
You went socialist out there and it don't work.  Never did.  You should have known better.  Why should I pay the bill
Sorry, you guys did this to yourselves, grow up and deal with it now.

Stimulus didn't work. . . .

Wow, a real no brainer here:

And I am not talking about Biden (well maybe a bit)

Says the stimulus didn't work and it fooled everyone. . .  WTF?  economy was worse than they thought?  don't think so. . . it would have corrected itself if left alone.  But no, we have amature hour in the White house so he has to mess with things he has no idea of.  Too full of himself to listen to the people that know business, or to look at history.  FOOL

Most folks I know were against it, thought it would fail, and could see that the MASSIVE debt would only make it worse.  Same result as in the 1920's and 30's. . .

But no one saw it?  What a fool.  They bury us in debt, our kids and grand kids too then say "Oops, it didn't work. . ."

Can we impeach them for stupidity?  PLEASE? Before they do any more damage like socializing our industry, oh, sorry they did that. . . maybe before they mess with our health care?

Fools, you voted an idiot into office, now we all get to pay and pay and pay. . . .

News of the Day

Few more good ones on the news today. . .

1 - Health care. CNN reports on it HERE. We can have our universal health care, it is only another $TRILLION over 10 years. no problem.

Hey Obama why don't you stop fooling around and just tell everyone you are King and we all now work for you. . . . See how that works for ya.

2 - We got lucky and they are not going to give the T cops M-16s. For those of you not in Boston the T is our Subway. . . . Ya, just what I want, subway cops with automatic weapons. . . . that sounds like a great idea. NOT.

3 - And to top it off Iran has started to shoot protesters over the election. . . Once again I say DUH! What did you expect them to do? Give up power? I am starting to think Iran may be heading for a civil war. IF that happens I would expect Israel to hit the nuke plants quick in the confusion and it will go pear shaped from there. . . . I also don't expect the loser to live long enough for an election recount or redo but that is just me. . . . going to get interesting.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


From CNN - Ahmadinejad won't guarantee rival's safety
translation - stop all the noise I won. I own you all. Don't make me kill him.

and on the flip side. . ..
Poll: Half of Israelis open to bombing Iran

Guess we can see where all this is going right????

can you say unstable middle east?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Iran Protests

Sounds like things are heating up over there.

I cannot believe that the election was not rigged so President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would stay in power with the religious radicals behind him.

Now we see what the people will do. I don't think most of the Iranians believe the crap he pushes. I also think most of them are like us and just want to live in peace, make some money, and raise thier kids.

If they want that in Iran, they are going to have to take the country back from the radicals. We now get to see what happens.

I also think that in NO way, shape or form should the US get invovled in this. They need to fight for their own country and determin what they want for a government. The outside world should not get involved.

Another one under the bus. . . .

Should be Obama's theme song.

First he tossed his priest
then he tossed the peacnicks
numerous political appointees
now the gays. . .

anyone is expendable as Obama goes for more power!

Slow News Day

They news folks are interviewing kids that were in DC at the Holocaust Museum during the shooting. Don't think any of them were actually near the events but they are on TV anyway. . . .

Then they go into how the Museum is all cleaned up and you can't tell there was a shooting. folks, get over it. I am sorry this nut killed the guard. I am sorry the nut got a gun illegally since he was a convicted felon (so I hear) and is not allowed to have one . . . . . I am sorry gun laws don't work and gun free zones ask for this kind of trouble. . . . beg for it. If you don't think so then tell my why we don't hear of crazed gunmen attacking Gun Shows or Police stations or gun shops or anywhere else they know they will meet armed resistance to their plans. . . .

Deal with it and move on. Stop trying to turn this into a story when it is not. You can tell the news folks are sorry only the one guard got killed. They keep pushing all the kids that were there. "See, he could have shot all these kids, then it would be a news story"

They make me sick. They should be happy a person was there with a gun to stop this guy and the kids are safe. He happened to be a guard but if we actually followed the Second Amendment and out Constitution this guard would have had lots of help from citizens.

The DC shooting - the Massacre that never was (thanks to a good guy with a gun) - sorry Main Stream Media.

Pissing away money

It seems Massachusetts is not alone at throwing away money it does not have. . . .

Obama is giving Zimbabwe $73 million.

Nice. He has spent us trillions more in debt, and now he throws away more money on this crap.


We need to get control of our government again. They need to be taught to stop spending our money like a drunken sailor. . . my apologia to the drunken sailor, at least the money he spends is his own to spend and not taken from me by taxes. . .

How we will get through three more years of this is beyond me. He seems determined to turn us into a third world country with a valueless currency.

We should be cutting, cutting, and more cutting. We don't have the cash. End of story. Reality time DC. No more foreign aid to anyone until you can balance the budget. If you can't pay for all the socialist crap you are forcing on us now, you sure as hell can't afford to support the rest of the world with my paycheck. I don't even want to think what you will do to the country if you get this Universal Health Care you want. Our health system does not work now thanks to all your laws and the insurance folks red tape. turning all this over to government bureaucracy without fixing the problems does not make it better folks. . . . You have no idea what you are doing in DC do you. . . .

More taxes, more spending, more money taken from the working folks, more families that can't make ends meet so you can support the welfare state. . . . .

Clark Rockefeller

Please, someone, tell me why the news folks think anyone cares about this nut?

They run him as the top news story. They cut in to tell us about him. . . .

WHO CARES????!!!!!!

He had his day in court, all done. MOVE ON ALREADY!

okthx. . .


Well I got my notification this week, just have not had a chance to blog it yet. . . .. I got accepted in to our local lodge. Training starts next week.

I am excited about this for a few reasons - and no the national treasure or world domination are not them . . . . but would be nice = )

No actually I am psyched because my grandfather was a Mason and he crossed over when I was a kid, no more than 13 on my birthday. I was close to him as he lived with us. I think he is where I got my insane want to be an engineer from. . . .

anyhow I think it is cool to be following in his footsteps so this should be a great adventure.

I also like the fact that they do lots of good charitable work and it is all behind the scenes. You probable know about the Shriner's Hospitals that are Masonic. They also do a lot to help the local community from the schools and local families on up. All in all it is a way to give back some for all the good luck I have had in life.

I also have one friend in the Lodge that is pushing me to try it and telling me about all the great folks he has met so that helps too.

Another 'Duh" moment

Lets see now. . . .

News from Iran - from CNN "Ahmadinejad declared winner in Iran's election " ya, real shocker there. . . . folks you have to be real dumb (or part of the main stream media but I repeat myself) to think there was anything fair in this election. The religion run the country there and has all the power. They like the way he stands up to us and the world, he hates Israel so he will stay in power. There was never a shot at a reformer that would bring Iran back to working as part of the world body in this one.

Also from CNN - "Defiant North Korea 'to weaponize plutonium' " um. Duh. what did you expect? All this nut can do to get attention is blow up nukes so he will keep doing it. He will never "work and play well with others" folks. Get over it. . . . . You want to fix North Korea you need to arrange for a change of leaders and it is about time we did. This nut is a danger to the whole area. We should let China know we won't question anything and let them squish him. I am sure they don't want a nut with nukes on their border any more than we would. . .

anyway here's to hopping for better news the rest of the weekend

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shooting in DC

Further proof that gun laws don't work. Heck, this nut didn't even use a hand gun, he went with a long gun, a shot gun if what I heard was right.

DC, no guns and no safety.

Now they are all talking about how bad it was and all the blood on CNN, anything they can do to make it sound worse than it was.

You know what the truth is? Guns stop this crap. This guy shot one person, a guard, and two ARMED guards shot him and it was over. Had everyone been disarmed then this would have been much worse than it was.

Now we get to watch the media make a circus out of all of this and call for more laws so the gunman will be safe next time and they will get more dead to put on the news.

This is not what I need just two weeks before my daughter goes to DC. I spent part of today discussing this with her. I went over the importance of getting out of the way, going where they tell her, and if folks choke then to head for the closest fire exit and get out. She was also told to watch for the exits and know where they are. I will have to start quizzing her when we go out to make sure she is paying attention.

What a day. DC once again proves that taking away our rights does nothing but make us less safe, yet they will now try to attack our rights again with this as the excuses.

Pay attention folks, and lets see what they do. Make noise so that we don't loose the rights we have left. . . . Let your reps know it was not the lack of gun laws, but the fact we have too many that let this happen. These guards were on there own, no back up, no help from the people around them. Imagine where we would be if the guards were not there. . . no one could have stopped this nut because our own government has disarmed the people of DC. They are serfs, not citizens of this great country and they live and die at the mercy of the government and the nuts.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Can it happen?

Go read:
there is a lot riding on this . . . not only the Second Amendment but how we will deal with the whole Bill of Rights on a state level going forward. . .  .

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Shooter

We brought a new shooter to the range today. . . well, he has not been shooting in like 20 years so. . . .

Things went well and I think we have another convert to the dark side = )

He is thinking about getting his permit so wanted to try it again.

The day started with a .22 rifle so he could get use to shooting, we could go over the four rules, how to hold the gun, how to sight it and all that good stuff. He did well with the .22 but had remembered doing more pistol shooting than rifle way back when so wanted to try that. I got him set up with a .22 pistol and he did ok. He did remark that it was much easier to shoot the rifle accurately.

We went through the pistols, .380, 9mm, and a .32 for him to try that we had. He did ok, but did not like the .380 as much as the 9mm. It was all about how it fit his hand. We then discussed how if he wants to get a pistol when the time comes it is important to go to a good shop that will let him handle the guns and see what fits his hand.

We then went back to rifles where we did a .45 lever action, a WASR 10 and AR-15. He did best with the AR, then the lever gun. He was not a big fan of the AK with the kick to it. I couldn't get him to try the Enfield. . . I did shoot it first so he could get an idea of the kick so as to not scare him and he chose not to try it. . . . maybe next time. . .

At this point another shooter came by who like my AR and was talking about getting one. I let him give it a try and discussed things a bit with him on it. I found out he was "former" Marine (if there is such a thing as a former one. . .) and it had been like 20 years since he shot an AR type rifle but he did well with it. Afterwards I noted this to the new guy as to how most gunnys I have met are very friendly and if you show an interest in one of their guns and ask nice most are happy to have you try it and talk about them. They are also a good source of info on things they have liked and disliked with their guns and such. . .

All in all a good day. The new shooter had a good time and got to see that us gun folks are a friendly lot. Now to see if we can get him to go for his permit. . ..


Folks - today is a day to remember D-Day and all those who gave all to get us a foothold in fortress Europe and start us on our way to the defeat of the Nazis.

What seems to be forgotten is it is also the time to remember those who fought and died on the other side of the world a few years earlier to help turn the tide with Japan. Over three days a small group of American pilots gave all to defeat the Japanese and start the long fight to Japan. Midway was a critical victory for us - not only for the military but the folks at home. . . we had gone against Japan and won a battle in a big way. . . . first time we had done that. . .

So lets take a moment and think about them all. Half a world and two years separated these two events but both were critical in our winning WWII.

Thank You vets for all you have given us. May we be truly worthy of your gift.

Friday, June 5, 2009

A good day!

My local Wallmart has Ammo!!

got some 9mm and .380 for a range trip tomorrow!

Yay me!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Strike Three (or is it higher?)

Seems another Speaker of the House for Massachusetts has been put under indictment for crooked dealing. . . . . he makes the third in a row (for those counting) to leave the post under indictments. . . . .

The funny part is 77% of respondents to a local paper poll say they are fed up with the games on Beacon Hill and that our reps there are basically not honest.

Too bad they will probably all get voted back in next time around no matter who they are or what they have done. . . .

Too bad there is NO Republican or third party here with any strength to run against them. . . too bad no other party will come forward and run for change. . .

Too bad if they did the sheep here would still vote in crooks back in. . . . we get what we deserve.

If not for family I would happily move out of this state. . . when the folks are gone I will. . . .

Obama sells us out again

Thank you Pres. Obama for once again forgetting your job is to protect us and the Constitution of the USA.

Once again you go to the homes of our enemies and give them strength with your weak words in their presence. You have all but openly invited another attack on us.


May this be a quick four years so we can get a proper person put in as POTUS and not one trying to outdo Carter for bad decisions.

I wish I could understand why he feel repeating the failed policy's of the late 1930's of appeasement will suddenly work for him against the radical in the Middle East. He continues to push us down the road to another war. Good luck to us all

David Carradine found dead

May Sifu Carradine rest in peace.

Thank you for all you gave us Grasshopper. . . .

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

non Citizen Voters?

Has anyone heard anything about Obama allowing non-Citizens to vote in Georgia?

Any truth to this? I am sure the media won't touch it but I don't know if this is just another Internet joke. . . .

Waiting to see. . . .

I weep for our young

I went to my daughters 8th grade class research presentation. They worked in teams of 4 and had to put up a display on their research on a topic they picked.

The good news - my daughter did Pearl Harbor - they called it "How the Japanese committed suicide in WWII". Did a good bit of research and could tell you all about it.

Next to them was a group for gun control. I was told to be good so only asked a few questions -
"Do you think taking away gun will make us safer? - answer - YES"
"What about the Second Amendment? Is that a problem? - Answer - yes, we need to get rid of guns, they are only for war"
"You think criminals won't have guns if we outlaw them? - Answer - Yes, it would be much safer"
I was told we needed to ban all the guns since they are only for war. . . . I wished them well and mentioned that it would be completely Un-Constitutional. . . . They didn't get it. . . .

They also thought the AWB was the best law we had and that most support it although it can't get renewed.

Talk about research, I am betting on maybe a half hour on the Brady web page and maybe an hour to make the display. . .

And I use to think we had a good school system here. Total failure to understand the subject or the Constitution.

ON the bright side there were many good presentations, two on Navy SeALs, one on Green Berets. They also had good ones on computer, ads, soda, the 60's and many others.

Overall it was fun, but there are some real fools out there. I thought we had better