Sunday, July 22, 2012

Batman Shooting in the news

Now that the news and talking heads are on the case as you can expect the facts have gone out the window.

Already there is calls for gun control and I listened to one say we should ban standard capacity magazines because of this shooting - News flash - the "assault rifle" (it's not an assault rifle) had those mags and it jammed. . . so that was not how he got the high body count.

My bet is most got hit with the shotgun.  A 12 ga with the right shot is in will hit more than one person and he can spray it around as he shoots. . .

And lets not forget that he had months to plan this and get around the law.  And would have gotten around them as the real experts agree.  Gun control is and should be a dead issue.  It is not effective and does nothing to make us safer - just the opposite it encourages nuts like this since they know there will be no resistance to the attack.

Folks, don't let them lead us off the path.  We need to forget the tool and the quick fix (more laws) - they don't matter and don't work.

We need to know how this guy thinks, what was he thinking, why did he do this and how did he avoid anyone learning about his plans for the months he was working on this. . ..

And to anyone that wants to blame the gun I ask this simple question - Would you rather he used the bombs he obviously knew how to make?  Would it be better if he blew up the people or used Molotov Cocktails anyone can make to burn them all to death?  Probably would have got him a higher body count . . . is that what you want?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Gun control and Bloomeburg and Batman shooting

Here we go. . . . Bloomeburg is showing he is a fool again and calling for gun control like it would have done a damned thing.

Look you idiot he had a bullet proof vest/ body armor, helmet, tear gas and gas mask. .  .his apartment has been rigged with booby traps.  Do you really think the tool is the issue here?  You think he would not have used pipe bombs or Molotov cocktails instead?

Active shooter in a gun free zone full of victims is the issue here.  You made them helpless with your gun control that the criminal does not care about. . .

The problem is the shooter, not the gun.  Easy answers won't fix this. .  ..

Deal with it

Batman Shooting

Folks I am really getting sick of watching the news dance in the blood of these poor folks.  I am sorry there was a shooting, and I grave for the families, they are in my prayers but really now can we have a reality check?

This guy put a lot of thought and prep into this. . . .no one noticed?  And the news folks are taking about Columbine. . . Like it has any connection other than being in the same state.  I am sure the calls for gun control will be quick to follow as if that would have stopped this.

Folks stop focusing on the tool.  We need to know why he did this and how he kept it secret. 

The gun is not the issue.  He had tear gas, gas mask and bullet proof vest. . .  I am told the theater was a gun free zone, so it's illegal to have a gun in the theater. . . Ya, that worked about as well as the other gun free zones we have. . He was going to do this no matter what.  Would you be happier if he used a pipe bomb or Molotov cocktail?  Killing is illegal and he had no problems planning that - you think he would have cared if his weapon of choice was illegal too?

As for the gun free zones, when will we grow up and admit that a gun free zone has never saved a life, and if anything puts us all in danger since these nuts know that if they attack there no one has the tools to stop them.  Reality time - a gun free zone does nothing but insure the attacker gets free time to shoot until the cops can get there. . .  .nothing more.

I pray for the victims and their families. . . And I pray that we will not let the anti rights crowd use this to distract us from the real issue of what was wrong with this nut that caused him to do this.  The tool used is irrelevant.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Gunny 101

Spent about an hour or so in one of them EVIL GUN SHOPS over the weekend.  I was in there to look at a couple of .22s that I wanted so I could get more trigger time with less cost. . .  and being that I am in MA when you tell me you have a pre-AWB Ruger 10/22 available with scope, folding stock and flash suppresser I am all over it. . .

Anyway while I was in there it hit me.  These gunny folks are still some of the friendliest I have ever met.  The shop was packed, folks calmly waited in line, no problems, comments or other issues.  Folks actually said excuse me when walking in front of you to get to the other part of the store and move out of the way if they notice you were trying to see something in the display case. . . .Once you got up front the staff was great to work with and quick to help with suggestions (I was also looking for a pistol in .22).  They did not have the used .22 Smith I was looking at but asked what I was looking for and my goals for it.  After a bit of a talk he took out a new Ruger SR22 and let me give it a good look over.  Nice gun, small, same sights as my full size M&P 9mm which is my carry gun. . . fit my needs and looked like it would be great for my wife to shoot to.  Win win!

While looking at the various guns I got talking with the customer next to me who was looking at an AR-15 platform.  We traded some range stories, Taking our kids to the range stories. . . I gave him my $.02 on the AR I have and we got along well. . . I had never met the guy before.

After jumping through all the Fed and State hoops I got my guns, a used 10/22 and a new Ruger SR22.  Range reports for both to be posted later (once I get to the range).

I have said it before as have many others – gun folks are good folks.  If you ever read a piece in the paper and they bad mouth the gunnies they met I can bet you they either 1- made up the story, or 2- brought an attitude with them.  Sure there are always a few bad apples out there, but I have yet to run into any real issues with any of the gunnies I have met, even in the few gun stores with a rep for attitude I have been in. . .
Be it at the gun store, a blogger shoot or just talking with folks that find out you are a gunny too I continue to find them to be great folks.  Usual with a good sense of humor, a few stories to swap, and more than willing to share advice, talk about guns they have, or let you put a few round down range to try out one of their guns you may be looking at.  I know I am a better person for the gunnies I have met and call friend.