Sunday, July 22, 2012

Batman Shooting in the news

Now that the news and talking heads are on the case as you can expect the facts have gone out the window.

Already there is calls for gun control and I listened to one say we should ban standard capacity magazines because of this shooting - News flash - the "assault rifle" (it's not an assault rifle) had those mags and it jammed. . . so that was not how he got the high body count.

My bet is most got hit with the shotgun.  A 12 ga with the right shot is in will hit more than one person and he can spray it around as he shoots. . .

And lets not forget that he had months to plan this and get around the law.  And would have gotten around them as the real experts agree.  Gun control is and should be a dead issue.  It is not effective and does nothing to make us safer - just the opposite it encourages nuts like this since they know there will be no resistance to the attack.

Folks, don't let them lead us off the path.  We need to forget the tool and the quick fix (more laws) - they don't matter and don't work.

We need to know how this guy thinks, what was he thinking, why did he do this and how did he avoid anyone learning about his plans for the months he was working on this. . ..

And to anyone that wants to blame the gun I ask this simple question - Would you rather he used the bombs he obviously knew how to make?  Would it be better if he blew up the people or used Molotov Cocktails anyone can make to burn them all to death?  Probably would have got him a higher body count . . . is that what you want?

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