Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dianne Feinstein lies to sell her attack on our civil rights

Dear Sen. Fienstein. . .

As you stated and was reported HERE you seem to be under the misconception that our rights are based on what we like or think is fun. . .

"I’ve tried to do it carefully. We have 22 co-sponsors. I recognize it’s an uphill battle. But I also know that these events are going to continue and America has to step up. The mothers, the women, the men of America have to make a decision as to whether their personal pleasure is more important than the general welfare," she added. - Your words Senator

I have stepped up.  I am a lawful gun owner and I take responsibility for my family and their safety. . . oh ya that is not what you mean.  You mean step up and become a slave to your government by giving up my rights. . . no, I won't step up to give you my rights - my family, my kids are too important to sell them to you for the illusion you have done any thing but make the situation in this country worse.

What we need to do is step up and start to demand that the folks in DC follow the Constitution and vote every last one of you out of office if you don't.  No excuses, no second chance.  You stray from the Constitutional path you get replaced next election and that is it.

Guns are a basic human right, RECOGNIZED not granted by our Constitution as a Civil Right.  You don't get to pick what we can have, or own, or anything else about it.

If you look back at the history and why we have the Second Amendment including what our founders wrote at the time (Federalist Papers and such) you would quickly see even the laws we have on the books now are unConstitutional.

SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED is very basic. . . and all the Bill of Rights deal with THE PEOPLE being the individual citizens that make up our country.

Historically gun control has always been about control not the gun. . . and almost always in a racist way.  First keeping guns out of the hands of free slaves, then out of the hands of immigrants that the locals wanted to keep down.  Gun control is about oppression and you seem all to happy to keep that going.  I for one am tired of hearing it.

We have far more important things to deal with today in this county than fighting to keep oppressive racists like you from passing dumb laws.  You are busy dividing our country when we need to be working together to fix our healthcare, economy, housing markets, unemployment ans so many other things that you are using this to distract us from.  Why?  We already know you folks have done nothing to fix this and we the voters are starting to act on that.  I expect a bunch of folks will be looking for new jobs after the next election.

Sorry you lose and you should be up on charges for treason for even putting this bill out there to strip us of our rights.  I am not surprised you are now lying to people to try to get it to pass.  Only in CA would they vote a fool like you back into office over and over . . that and maybe MA as shown by Ted Kennedy.

Gun ownership is a critical civil right and part of the checks and balances put into place by our founders back in a time when the average hunter had better equipment than the army did.  They never intended the restrictions you have already put in place and sure as hell would not support more.  It is time you retire back to CA and let some real American who will support their oath of office have your chair at the table in DC.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gun Rights Across America - Colorado Request

Folks I want to spread this as far as I can. . . Gun Rights CO has asked for hunters and folks to help them push to keep their civil rights out there.  Please take a moment to let them know your thoughts if you visit CO or are not going to visit them over the BS they are pulling. . . Thanks

Men and women hunters, possible hunters, send letters to the wildlife division if you decide not to hunt in colorado if they pass these gun laws. Because, a lot of money for wildlife funding comes from your fees, etc. When it impacts them then they start to complain also, get it???/DD

Travon Marton one year later

This story needs to go away.  CNN is still dancing in the blood of Travon Marton and passing off the same lies as facts.

Just caught a bit on CNN on it as I passed the break room. . . Did you know Travon was killed by a white guy?  While not doing anything?

Please folks the facts have shown a number of things since this incident:
- Travon was out at night in a neighborhood he was not known in that had been having a lot of break in’s dressed in a way that matched the suspects in the break in’s.
- Travon has had history of drugs
- Travon was possibly buying the stuff to make a drug called grape punch (not sure on the name) made from cold meds and over the counter stuff
- Travon has been caught with stolen goods before
- Travon fled the scene and came back
- Travon was suspended from school for drugs and his Facebook page supported that he was a dealer or wanted to be.

On the other side
-          Zimmerman did not do what the 911 operator said but also was not legally required to - EDIT HERE - Zimmerman is shown in the 911 tape to stop his persute when told he did not have to do that by the 911 operator. . . 
-          Zimmerman got the crap beat out of him as can be seen in the photos from the night
-          Travon was seen on top of Zimmeman beating him while Zimmerman called for help – eye witness to this
-          Travon was said to have told Zimmerman he would use his gun to kill him
-          Zimmerman is not white, he is Hispanic
-          Cops and DA investigated that night and let him off as a legal shoot

So now thanks to mob rule we have Zimmerman facing charges and folks telling lies about stand your ground laws.  Stand your ground is not a license to kill, you will still be investigated and if found in error you face jail time.  We also still have the false story of how Travon was so innocent in all this – you see he was on his way back from bible study don’t ya know. . . . .

Edit - Folks please note that Travon got out of the area and Zimmerman stopped chasing him as you hear in the 911 tape.  Travon then returns to the area to confront Zimmerman which means he (Travon) is now the aggressor, not Zimmerman so Zimmerman was defending himself. . . I do not mean to say I think Zimmerman acted incorrectly.  I also think the trial will show that if it does not become Mob Rule.

CNN let it go.  This belongs in court, not the mob.  What will you do if they have the guts to follow the facts at the trial and Zimmerman is found innocent?  Then what will you do CNN?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Joe Biden strikes again

Once again VP Biden has shown they don't have a clue. . .

His answer to self defense - get a double barreled 12 ga and if you think someone is breaking into your house shoot both barrels and they will run away. . . . you don't need an AR-15 because it is harder to shoot, harder to aim and you don't need 30 rounds. . .

How do you pack so much fail into such a short sound bite. . .

Shotgun with two shots and he wants you to fire both as a warning shot. . . . illegal in every state I know of to fire a warning shot.  If you have time for a warning you are not in fear of your life so have no right to shoot. . . go to jail.

Shotgun (12 GA) is easier to shoot than an AR!  No it is not, not even close.  Much more kick, more penetration so you can hit the neighbors house through your wall, and you will have a hell of a bruise on your shoulder to show for it probably.

Shotgun easier to aim?  No it is not, no sights on many of them and once you have been kicked by the first shot you will have a heck of a flinch for the second shot.  it also must be aimed as it will not spread the shot very far in a home shooting situation or distance.

You want to be able to aim. . . what if the bad guy has your wife, husband or kid. . . you can't shoot him with a shotgun and not hit your family member, you need a precise accurate gun.

You don't need 30 rounds. . . you get 2 with his shotgun. . . so if you miss or there are more than two attackers you are SOL folks and done for.

And don't even ask about when you are not home.  You can't take the shotgun with you but a pistol with a 17 rd mag is great for personal defense as you go about your life.

Again Biden shows we have folks that don't know shit about guns making laws they don't understand.  And totally ignoring reality and the facts that can be proven by looking not only at states in the US where folks can get guns vs can't get guns but also as you look around the world.

Time and again it is shown that civilians with guns are safer than slaves without.   Both from their government and the criminals it breads.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Sen Rubio takes a drink

Someone please tell me how this is news?

CNN is all over it still. . . days now.

Our economy is failing, Obamacare is adding taxes to us all, they are attacking our civil rights, killing folks without a trial to cover up who knows what. . . . yet CNN is worried about this?

I think we can safely say the news media is no longer about news, is no longer doing it's job and we can put it to bed now.

It is up to the Net to get the real news out these days folks so get involved and find out what is really going on out there that Obama and the media are covering up.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

NRA starting to react? I hope so

First news I have seen of this HERE

Looks like the NRA is starting to look at how they rate folks in reaction to the current batch of new gun control bills out there and who may be switching sides and no longer supporting our civil rights. . .

This is great and I hope more are taking note of this . . . we need to keep them thinking and remind them we will replace those who abandon us and our rights in this fight.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Boston Gun Protests and Snow

Well, we were supposed to have a big Pro 2A protest in Boston tomorrow. . . .

Guess not. . . . looking at blizzard conditions tomorrow starting around 10  and going through Saturday if they are right. . . maybe 2' of snow. . . .

We will see. . . . kids already have the day off from school. .. .

Guess I will have to go in 2/23 for that one. . . .

keep up the fight folks we need to let them know the nut in CA won't win and we won't give up our guns!

the left, the right and gun rights

This is a very long post, but well thought out and well worth the time to read. . . go read the whole thing!

Hollywood Legal Experts


Can someone please explain to me why folks in Hollywood think they are competent to tell me how to lived and what laws we should have?

Sure they are famous, and they make movies for a living. . . do drugs, drink, and live in their own little world out there. .  . they should not be seen as any kind of expert on law or what the law should be. . . . lets leave that up to Congress and the people who vote them in please. . . and when we need experts lets go talk to folks in that industry . . . not Hollywood ACTORS acting like they know what is going on. . .


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Second Amendment Explained

HERE is a great link looking at the founders and the Second Amendment. . .

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Facts say Assault weapons ban is BS

HERE is testimony from the Forensic Scientist at Newtown hearings. . . it is his job to investigate shootings and even he says gun bans like the Assault Weapons ban or Standard Cap mag bands are meaningless. . . .

So why does DC want to push them when the experts say don't????

Monday, February 4, 2013

Guns are not the problem

Legal gun owners that is. . . and their guns. . .

THIS GUY GETS IT. . . go see it all

Suspended for a PHOTO

THIS is not only NUTS it shows us the kind of people in our schools and their agenda.

They want kids to fear guns, to hate guns, and to never want to own a gun.  They know that is the only way to disarm our country and win.

We need to keep working folks.  Take a new shooter to the range, make sure our kids go to the range and learn the truth about guns.  They are fun, they are good for sport, and they are CRITICAL in keeping us free.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Former Gun Grabber Video

THIS is a great video by a former anti- gunner.  She did the research and learned about the Second Amendment.  She was smart enough to look at the facts and admit she was wrong and needed to change her view. . . GO and listen!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Biden Talks Too Much. . .

You can read about it HERE

At a press conference he admits the new gun laws they want won't do anything to stop the shootings or crime. . . .

SO why pass the laws then?   They want us disarmed for a reason folks, control. . . .

In the comments there folks say Biden is not a fool. . .. if this is true why is he telling us the laws won't help?

My question - Is he a fool that gave away their plan or is he a patriot who just told us to keep fighting because this is what they are going to do to you. . . .  . .

Should he suddenly get sick or have an accident I guess we will know for sure. . .

DC is becoming a mess of games withing games within games. . . .

Either way, sounds like we need to keep our guns.

Friday, February 1, 2013

No Scott Brown?

Just heard on the news in the car that Scott Brown will not run for the open senate seat in the special election.

This is good and bad I think. . .

My guess is he could have won it. . . and at least we would have a RINO in there instead of a Moonbat but that does not gain us much.

Now we need to see the Republicans pick someone that can win in MA yet not be a total sell out to the Democrats when in office. . . . I don't think they can find such a person. . . . So the Dems will probably keep the seat . .  .

This state is a mess, but that is what you get with one party systems ain't it. . .. .

Great Self Defense Story

Go read it here. .. This is what the gun grabbers don't want you to know

UK Crime is down. . . Not really

So now we find out why the crime rate in the UK is so low (only 50% more than in the USA). . .


You want low crime numbers but don't want to fix the problem?  No problem how about we just stop reporting on violent crime. . .

We do the same thing on Unemployment under Obama so why not?

WE FIXED VIOLENT CRIME!  we just don't record it . . . so it never happened. . .  yep. . . . Thanks