Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Travon Marton one year later

This story needs to go away.  CNN is still dancing in the blood of Travon Marton and passing off the same lies as facts.

Just caught a bit on CNN on it as I passed the break room. . . Did you know Travon was killed by a white guy?  While not doing anything?

Please folks the facts have shown a number of things since this incident:
- Travon was out at night in a neighborhood he was not known in that had been having a lot of break in’s dressed in a way that matched the suspects in the break in’s.
- Travon has had history of drugs
- Travon was possibly buying the stuff to make a drug called grape punch (not sure on the name) made from cold meds and over the counter stuff
- Travon has been caught with stolen goods before
- Travon fled the scene and came back
- Travon was suspended from school for drugs and his Facebook page supported that he was a dealer or wanted to be.

On the other side
-          Zimmerman did not do what the 911 operator said but also was not legally required to - EDIT HERE - Zimmerman is shown in the 911 tape to stop his persute when told he did not have to do that by the 911 operator. . . 
-          Zimmerman got the crap beat out of him as can be seen in the photos from the night
-          Travon was seen on top of Zimmeman beating him while Zimmerman called for help – eye witness to this
-          Travon was said to have told Zimmerman he would use his gun to kill him
-          Zimmerman is not white, he is Hispanic
-          Cops and DA investigated that night and let him off as a legal shoot

So now thanks to mob rule we have Zimmerman facing charges and folks telling lies about stand your ground laws.  Stand your ground is not a license to kill, you will still be investigated and if found in error you face jail time.  We also still have the false story of how Travon was so innocent in all this – you see he was on his way back from bible study don’t ya know. . . . .

Edit - Folks please note that Travon got out of the area and Zimmerman stopped chasing him as you hear in the 911 tape.  Travon then returns to the area to confront Zimmerman which means he (Travon) is now the aggressor, not Zimmerman so Zimmerman was defending himself. . . I do not mean to say I think Zimmerman acted incorrectly.  I also think the trial will show that if it does not become Mob Rule.

CNN let it go.  This belongs in court, not the mob.  What will you do if they have the guts to follow the facts at the trial and Zimmerman is found innocent?  Then what will you do CNN?


Sailorcurt said...

I have a nit to pick: "Zimmerman did not do what the 911 operator said..."

What is your evidence of this?

Listening to the original (not edited or chopped) 911 call does not support this claim.

On the 911 call Zimmerman can be heard to say "he's running" and then his breathing gets heavy as if he's running too.

The operator clearly hears this and asks "are you chasing him?" Zimmerman says "yes". The operator says "we don't need you to do that", to which Zimmerman immediately replied "OK" and his breathing began to slow, as if he'd stopped running. Then Zimmerman said "he ran" (past tense).

1. Even if the 911 operator had the authority to issue orders to Zimmerman, no such order was issued. The 911 operator simply informed Zimmerman of what was needed (or, more specifically, not needed); no instructions were issued.

2. Even though the 911 operator did NOT "Tell", "instruct", "order" or otherwise entreat Zimmerman to stop chasing Martin, only informed Zimmerman that he did not need to do so, Zimmerman claims, and the evidence seems to bear out, that Zimmerman DID immediately cease chasing Martin upon receiving that information from the operator.

After having listened to the 911 call myself, if feel no inclination whatsoever to concede that Zimmerman did ANYTHING wrong. The evidence appears to me that he did NOT continue chasing Martin after being informed that he did not need to do so and that he began returning to his truck just as he claimed, before being chased down himself and attacked by the Martin.

The whole "Zimmerman chased Martin down and confronted him even after the Police ordered him not to" meme is part and parcel of the media inaccuracies that your post is decrying. The evidence simply does not support the claim.

JD said...

Sailorcurt you are probably right, I was going by memory and I had heard the tape you talk about. I was unsure of when he stopped following Travon. Let me say I believe from what I have heard on this case that Travon got out of the area, then came back and confronted and attacked Zimmerman. Now since he left the area and returned he is now the aggressor in the situation and I think Zimmeman acted legally in defending himself with his gun. I also think witness reports back up that he was being attacked with Travon on top pounding his head into the concrete which is again valid to defend against as Travon could have killed him.