Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dianne Feinstein lies to sell her attack on our civil rights

Dear Sen. Fienstein. . .

As you stated and was reported HERE you seem to be under the misconception that our rights are based on what we like or think is fun. . .

"I’ve tried to do it carefully. We have 22 co-sponsors. I recognize it’s an uphill battle. But I also know that these events are going to continue and America has to step up. The mothers, the women, the men of America have to make a decision as to whether their personal pleasure is more important than the general welfare," she added. - Your words Senator

I have stepped up.  I am a lawful gun owner and I take responsibility for my family and their safety. . . oh ya that is not what you mean.  You mean step up and become a slave to your government by giving up my rights. . . no, I won't step up to give you my rights - my family, my kids are too important to sell them to you for the illusion you have done any thing but make the situation in this country worse.

What we need to do is step up and start to demand that the folks in DC follow the Constitution and vote every last one of you out of office if you don't.  No excuses, no second chance.  You stray from the Constitutional path you get replaced next election and that is it.

Guns are a basic human right, RECOGNIZED not granted by our Constitution as a Civil Right.  You don't get to pick what we can have, or own, or anything else about it.

If you look back at the history and why we have the Second Amendment including what our founders wrote at the time (Federalist Papers and such) you would quickly see even the laws we have on the books now are unConstitutional.

SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED is very basic. . . and all the Bill of Rights deal with THE PEOPLE being the individual citizens that make up our country.

Historically gun control has always been about control not the gun. . . and almost always in a racist way.  First keeping guns out of the hands of free slaves, then out of the hands of immigrants that the locals wanted to keep down.  Gun control is about oppression and you seem all to happy to keep that going.  I for one am tired of hearing it.

We have far more important things to deal with today in this county than fighting to keep oppressive racists like you from passing dumb laws.  You are busy dividing our country when we need to be working together to fix our healthcare, economy, housing markets, unemployment ans so many other things that you are using this to distract us from.  Why?  We already know you folks have done nothing to fix this and we the voters are starting to act on that.  I expect a bunch of folks will be looking for new jobs after the next election.

Sorry you lose and you should be up on charges for treason for even putting this bill out there to strip us of our rights.  I am not surprised you are now lying to people to try to get it to pass.  Only in CA would they vote a fool like you back into office over and over . . that and maybe MA as shown by Ted Kennedy.

Gun ownership is a critical civil right and part of the checks and balances put into place by our founders back in a time when the average hunter had better equipment than the army did.  They never intended the restrictions you have already put in place and sure as hell would not support more.  It is time you retire back to CA and let some real American who will support their oath of office have your chair at the table in DC.

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