Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Joe Biden strikes again

Once again VP Biden has shown they don't have a clue. . .

His answer to self defense - get a double barreled 12 ga and if you think someone is breaking into your house shoot both barrels and they will run away. . . . you don't need an AR-15 because it is harder to shoot, harder to aim and you don't need 30 rounds. . .

How do you pack so much fail into such a short sound bite. . .

Shotgun with two shots and he wants you to fire both as a warning shot. . . . illegal in every state I know of to fire a warning shot.  If you have time for a warning you are not in fear of your life so have no right to shoot. . . go to jail.

Shotgun (12 GA) is easier to shoot than an AR!  No it is not, not even close.  Much more kick, more penetration so you can hit the neighbors house through your wall, and you will have a hell of a bruise on your shoulder to show for it probably.

Shotgun easier to aim?  No it is not, no sights on many of them and once you have been kicked by the first shot you will have a heck of a flinch for the second shot.  it also must be aimed as it will not spread the shot very far in a home shooting situation or distance.

You want to be able to aim. . . what if the bad guy has your wife, husband or kid. . . you can't shoot him with a shotgun and not hit your family member, you need a precise accurate gun.

You don't need 30 rounds. . . you get 2 with his shotgun. . . so if you miss or there are more than two attackers you are SOL folks and done for.

And don't even ask about when you are not home.  You can't take the shotgun with you but a pistol with a 17 rd mag is great for personal defense as you go about your life.

Again Biden shows we have folks that don't know shit about guns making laws they don't understand.  And totally ignoring reality and the facts that can be proven by looking not only at states in the US where folks can get guns vs can't get guns but also as you look around the world.

Time and again it is shown that civilians with guns are safer than slaves without.   Both from their government and the criminals it breads.

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