Monday, February 28, 2011

Going Back in Time. . .

You know it is funny how much a smell can trigger a memory.
Case in point – We are getting some repairs done around the labs at work.  As you enter the lab area you can smell the pain thinner they are using for whatever. . .
The first thing that comes to mind when I go in there is my Dad's old workshop at the house.  Now my dad has not been with us for five years now, and it has been even longer since he was able to work in that shop of his.  But I can still remember the smell. . . . Brings me right back to it, and seeing dad working in there on his latest projects.
It would probably bother some folks, but I love it.  It brings back lots of good memories. . . .
Still miss ya Dad. . . .

Rain Today

Looks like it is raining nice and hard out there today.  I hope it is enough to wash away the 3 inches or so of snow we got yesterday and that I was too lazy to clean off the driveway. . . .

We will see. . .

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Liberal Hate Speech

You have got to love this quote

"I'm proud to be here with people who understand that it's more than just sending an email to get you going. Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary," Rep. Mike Capuano (D-Ma.) told a crowd in Boston on Tuesday rallying in solidarity for Wisconsin union members.

And that is from one of my peace loving Liberal commy friends here in MA that we just put back in office.
Isn't this great?  See if someone on the right had said this then it would be bad and inciting violence, but since it comes from the loony left this instead is a person standing up and fighting for their rights against the man.
Got that?  Right talk bad, Left talk good.
And if you said the news won't cover it or even bring this up after all their complaining about the right and their speech you would be 100% correct.
Any further doubt who the media works for???



Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wisconson Union Fight

Even CNN is wondering if this is the end of Unions. . . .

Lets hope so. . .

Unions have gone way past their time.  Now they are nothing more than thieves and thugs, especially when they are Government Unions and you have no choice but to support them.  At least with private company unions I can (and do) choose not to support them by not buying their product if I can.  Heck, it will be a long time before I buy another American made car now that the unions own them too. . . .

I hope the Governor win in Wisconsin, and I hope it spreads to the rest of our country!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wisconson Teacher posts

Go Read:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Obama messing with States in Wisconsin Teacher fight

Obama shows his true colors in Wisconsin. . . More HERE on CNN.

Seems Obamas handlers in the Union ranks have called for his help.  They don't want to lose power by having the Governor win this one and balance the budge of the state.  They fear that if they lose this one it will spread, and more and more government unions will lose their cushy perks and have to work for a living like those of us in the private sector.

So Obama is sending in his troops to stir up more crowds and more trouble.  And the News Media will push how the Republicans are the ones who fight Bipartisanship. . . Yet here goes Obama stirring up trouble and making a bipartisan more imposable.

So once again, the Democrats stir up the trouble, then blame the Republicans for not working with them.  The same Democrats that have run to flee the state instead of standing up to do the job they were elected to because they fear losing the vote.  They disgust me.  They are so blatant in ignoring their job, and their oath to do the will of the Unions.

Sorry folks, the day of the Union has passed.  It is time we moved passed them and took back control of our country.  I hope Wisconsin is successful in showing that you can get the budget under control again when you get the unions spending under control.  They take too much of our money, and get far more than anyone in the private sector.  They have forgotten who they are supposed to serve, just like the politicians who work for them.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Teacher Union thugs

Looks like things are heating up in Wisconsin. .  More HERE

What we are seeing in the unions don't want to give up all the free govenment money they get.  This is a teachers union who dose not want to pay 12% for their healthcare and kick in to their retierment fund. . .  Welcome to the real F'n world folks.  The Republcians in the state are trying to balance the budget, the Democrates have left the state so no votes can be taken. .  . Dems running to stick their heads in the sand instead of dealing with issues. . .  who would have thought. . . .

So with the threat that the govenment might make them pay a fraction of what the privat sector does they have moved on to direct intimication of our elected officials.  They have sent threats and are showing up at their houses to threaten them.  Remember these are teachers. . .  Do you want your kids around these folks?  How long before they start to use the kids in this fight???

They are nothing more than thugs, and I expect to see more of this as we have to make the cuts to government spending that are required.

This is an example of the Democrat machine in process.  They don't care about the law, they don't care about elections, they want power and any that stand against them will be attacked.  With words for now but it will get physical before this is done, bet on it. . . .

And what does Obama do?? He has not helped, he has voiced his support for the thugs.  Don't expect the Feds to look into this, they see nothing and hear nothing I am sure. 

We are slipping farther and farther down the rat hole. . .  I don't think we will like where this ends.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

ATF Gun Walker case

So where the heck is this going???  We have only one Congressman looking into it, and the news folks who love to scream about American guns in Mexico are ignoring it. 

Thank God that Senator Charles Grassley is the one.  He is going after the Attorney General on why this is not being pursued.

Of course we know that answer already don't we. . .. If they can show that the ATF is running guns in to Mexico it is hard to blame US gun shows or shops for it isn't it. . . .

Mexico is a failed state on our border, our very open border.  And Obama and friends are arming our enemies to forward their own agenda to limit our rights.

This should be Obamas Watergate. . . Too bad we don't have real journalists any more to follow up on it. . .

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

TUrboTax 2010 don't work with windows 7

Can not get this damn program to load and their help is uselsee. . . Damn thing wants parts of .net 3.5 that I can't install because windows says I don't need them. . .

I hate this program.  Not sure how the hell I am going to get my taxes done but it's not looking good so far. . . .

Friday, February 11, 2011

Travelers Insurance is Anti Gun

and therefor anti-civil rights. . . .
From Say Uncle and JayG:
Unc warns us that Traveler's Insurance is anti-gun.

I would also like this brought to the attention to as many people as possible, so that they may make an informed decision when choosing an insurance company for all of their insurance needs.

That is all I need to know.  I don't have there insurance now, and I won't in the future, that is for sure. . . .

Mumbarak is out

So they say . . . I am not so sure they gained anything here.  He had a lot to do with the military that is now in charge.  I think in the long run they will find out they just traded Coke for Pepsi. . . .

what's next for Egypt

I think this is going to push things over the edge for one side or the other.  Personally I think Mubarak is looking to push the protesters to the point they do something that will let him crack down hard on them then tell the rest of the country he had to do it to mantain the peace. . . .
We will see

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gunrunner becomes Gunwaker and the BATFE joins the crime

Go read it HERE

Looks like the BATFE is helping the Mexican drug lords get guns, then blaming lax gun laws here. . . a win win for the power grab folks.  They get points with the drug lords and they get an excuse to push for new gun control. . . .

Remember folks, it is all about the contorl.

Mubarak stays put. . . .

No surprise – Mubarak is not stepping down. . . now what?

If you listen to the speech it seems that they are pushing the idea that the protesters are young folk and need to go home to their parents.  Mubarak is also pushing that his staying in place is going to keep Egypt stable for all. . . .

I think the fun and games have started. . . On one side you have Mubarak who is now going to play the political games and try to isolate the protesters from the rest of the folks in Egypt so he can deal with them.  HOW he deals with them is now the question.  Will they break or will he do something TO break them?  And what will the army do??

As for the protesters they are REALLY PISSED now.  They thought (and all the news was saying) that Mubarak would step down.  So, are they really just kids or are they going to push back? 

I think we are getting to the point that Egypt is on borrowed time.  I don't see how this will end peaceably with the war of words heating up the way it is.  Mubarak and his VP are insulting the protesters by saying the government will talk to their parents and their parents will get them to come home. . . . treating them like little kids. . . .

We will see what happens soon I think, probably by the time we (in the US) wake up in the morning we will know what the next move will be.

I can't wait to see how Obama and his lack of any real experience will act on this to protect US interest and our access to the Suez Canal.  If that closes down it will have a major impact on the world economy.  You now also have many other governments in the Middle East getting a bit jumpy that this freedom stuff may spread to their little world too and they don't want that.  And lastly, how will Israel deal with this?  Depending on who ends up in charge this could put Israel in a bad spot with another enemy on their boarder who can supply the Palestinians in their fight against Israel. . . .

This is going to get moving soon, and pick up steam quick.  Too bad we don't have someone in the White House that knows what to do about it. . .

Federal Ammo Recall

Found on many blogs and reposted :




Immediate Action Required

FEDERAL CARTRIDGE COMPANY • 900 BOB EHLEN DRIVE • ANOKA, MN 55303 • PHONE 763.323.2300 • Toll Free: 1-800-322-2342

Certain lots of recently manufactured 45 Auto ammunition may contain an incorrect propellant
charge. Use of product from these lots may result in firearm damage and possible serious injury.


38X628 through 38X765
38T401 through 38T414

If you have in your possession any 45 Auto with the following brand names and part numbers,
check to see if your ammunition package contains the above lots: American Eagle® (AE45A,
AE45N1, or AE45A250), Champion™ (WM5233), GoldMedal® (GM45B), Hi-Shok® (45C, 45D)
and Federal® Personal Defense® (C45C, C45D).


If you possess ammunition from any of these lots, or have questions concerning this warning, please contact us at 1-800-831-0850 or 1-800-322-2342 and ask for Product Service.

Federal will provide replacement product and will cover the cost of returning the affected product.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Coal Creek Armory: How to properly lubricate your AR15 type rifle

Good info here, learnd a few things . . . ..

Coal Creek Armory: How to properly lubricate your AR15 type rifle

Real Heros!

Thanks to Borepatch I have seen this. . .  You should too


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gun Control and Obama

OK, starting to hear talk that Obama will begin pushing for some gun control BS again. . .
Keep your eyes and ears open folks, and make sure you write your Congresscritter to let them know you are watching and won't stand for this BS. 
You would think with our unemployment still near record highs, millions falling off the rolls they have been out of work so long, spending out of control, the Middle East in a mess and all the other good stuff going on they would have more important things to look into.
I think we need to remind them already about that little message we sent in November - Get to work on the important stuff and stop stepping on my RIGHTS!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gun Grabbers at it again

Looks like the Dems are back to the old Bait and Switch, or at least hide trick again. . .
Got this in my email today:
Senate Democrats are planning to execute a sneak attack on gun rights as soon as TODAY!
Their plan is to sneak Carolyn McCarthy's Magazine Ban into law as an amendment to the Federal Aviation Administration Bill, a routine piece of generally non-controversial legislation.
Wish I could say this shocked me but it doesn't.  They don' t care what we want, they know better than we do if we would just submit like good little slaves they would take care of us. . . .
So folks it is time to start to write and call again.  Make good and sure your Congressmand and Senator know full well you don't want any more attacks on your rights.  And let them know we are watching for this crap!