Sunday, February 20, 2011

Obama messing with States in Wisconsin Teacher fight

Obama shows his true colors in Wisconsin. . . More HERE on CNN.

Seems Obamas handlers in the Union ranks have called for his help.  They don't want to lose power by having the Governor win this one and balance the budge of the state.  They fear that if they lose this one it will spread, and more and more government unions will lose their cushy perks and have to work for a living like those of us in the private sector.

So Obama is sending in his troops to stir up more crowds and more trouble.  And the News Media will push how the Republicans are the ones who fight Bipartisanship. . . Yet here goes Obama stirring up trouble and making a bipartisan more imposable.

So once again, the Democrats stir up the trouble, then blame the Republicans for not working with them.  The same Democrats that have run to flee the state instead of standing up to do the job they were elected to because they fear losing the vote.  They disgust me.  They are so blatant in ignoring their job, and their oath to do the will of the Unions.

Sorry folks, the day of the Union has passed.  It is time we moved passed them and took back control of our country.  I hope Wisconsin is successful in showing that you can get the budget under control again when you get the unions spending under control.  They take too much of our money, and get far more than anyone in the private sector.  They have forgotten who they are supposed to serve, just like the politicians who work for them.

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