Friday, February 18, 2011

Teacher Union thugs

Looks like things are heating up in Wisconsin. .  More HERE

What we are seeing in the unions don't want to give up all the free govenment money they get.  This is a teachers union who dose not want to pay 12% for their healthcare and kick in to their retierment fund. . .  Welcome to the real F'n world folks.  The Republcians in the state are trying to balance the budget, the Democrates have left the state so no votes can be taken. .  . Dems running to stick their heads in the sand instead of dealing with issues. . .  who would have thought. . . .

So with the threat that the govenment might make them pay a fraction of what the privat sector does they have moved on to direct intimication of our elected officials.  They have sent threats and are showing up at their houses to threaten them.  Remember these are teachers. . .  Do you want your kids around these folks?  How long before they start to use the kids in this fight???

They are nothing more than thugs, and I expect to see more of this as we have to make the cuts to government spending that are required.

This is an example of the Democrat machine in process.  They don't care about the law, they don't care about elections, they want power and any that stand against them will be attacked.  With words for now but it will get physical before this is done, bet on it. . . .

And what does Obama do?? He has not helped, he has voiced his support for the thugs.  Don't expect the Feds to look into this, they see nothing and hear nothing I am sure. 

We are slipping farther and farther down the rat hole. . .  I don't think we will like where this ends.

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