Thursday, February 17, 2011

ATF Gun Walker case

So where the heck is this going???  We have only one Congressman looking into it, and the news folks who love to scream about American guns in Mexico are ignoring it. 

Thank God that Senator Charles Grassley is the one.  He is going after the Attorney General on why this is not being pursued.

Of course we know that answer already don't we. . .. If they can show that the ATF is running guns in to Mexico it is hard to blame US gun shows or shops for it isn't it. . . .

Mexico is a failed state on our border, our very open border.  And Obama and friends are arming our enemies to forward their own agenda to limit our rights.

This should be Obamas Watergate. . . Too bad we don't have real journalists any more to follow up on it. . .

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