Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gun Grabbers at it again

Looks like the Dems are back to the old Bait and Switch, or at least hide trick again. . .
Got this in my email today:
Senate Democrats are planning to execute a sneak attack on gun rights as soon as TODAY!
Their plan is to sneak Carolyn McCarthy's Magazine Ban into law as an amendment to the Federal Aviation Administration Bill, a routine piece of generally non-controversial legislation.
Wish I could say this shocked me but it doesn't.  They don' t care what we want, they know better than we do if we would just submit like good little slaves they would take care of us. . . .
So folks it is time to start to write and call again.  Make good and sure your Congressmand and Senator know full well you don't want any more attacks on your rights.  And let them know we are watching for this crap!

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