Monday, January 31, 2011

Middel East and Egypt revolts

What is going on in the Middle East?


Egypt  is going nuts and has almost replaced it's dictator with a mostly peaceful revolt.  Sure there are a hundred or so dead and many wounded, but it could have been so much worse.  Just think of the bloodshed that would have been had the Army not stayed out of it for the most part and just protected the treasures of Egypt. ..  .


And now look at the people of Egypt.  All but disarmed but still defending their homes from looters with sticks and golf clubs.  It is at times like this that I thank God we have guns here to protect ourselves and our homes with.


I also wonder, did we start all this?  And no, I am not bad mouthing the USA. . . . I mean by freeing Iraq did we start the flame or at least fan it?  It seems that the whole region is starting to revolt.  The people want to toss out the dictators and move toward freedom.  I can't help but wonder if the removal of Sadam did not help these folks to see that it was possible to toss out the bums and put in a new government.


Or is this Obama's fault?  Is he seen as weak by the rebels and so they are taking advantage of a USA that does not have the guts to get involved to stop them.  (and would we want to if we could???)  I think that Obama's lack of backbone may have been seen as a chance by these folks to move against these governments that we support.  Especially after the last election which showed that Obama is weak at home and may not have a second term.  This may also have pushed things a bit. . . who knows.


Now the down side. . . what will all of this do to the price of oil?  If the Suez Canal gets closed or something else disrupts oil shipments we are all in for a world of hurt.  I don't think the world economy is that health yet to take that kind of hit.  We could look at an oil disruption sending the world economy back into a recession or depression again.


Here in the US, oil/gas prices are already up a good $0.50 from a few months ago and climbing.  If we hit $4 a gallon again for gas I can see us going back into recession as folks panic on how to afford basics like food and heating oil.  I think other countries are on even thinner ice and would hit trouble before we did. . .


So this is a mixed blessing.  It is always good to see people take power back from the government but at what cost.  We cannot take the hit on oil prices, and we sure don't need radicals moving into the power vacuum as these dictators are removed from power. . . . time will tell


Anonymous said...

The US is not the world's police. We can't go bossing other countries around. How would you like other contries like China telling us what to do? The people of Egypt have to find their own way to freedom.

JD said...

Personally I don't think we should be doing a lot of stuff. We need to be more isolationist and watch out for the US first. Time to stop messing in other countrys, time to cut foreign aid, and time to tell the UN to stuff it. . .

Egypt will do it's own think no matter what we say, and Obama does not have the gust or experence to help them so we don't end up with another Iran on our hands. . .

We need to make sure whatever happens does not make things worse for us as long as we play the oil game.