Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Araxona Shooting Wrap Up

OK folks, this is going to be my last post on the AZ shooting I hope. . . . First, I will start with this quote

"in a free society we’re going to be subjected to people like this; I prefer this to the alternative."

-John Green

I post this because John Green is the father of the 9 yr old girl killed by this nut case. If he can say this, I think all else is BS and the politicians using this to push attacks on our freedoms should just shut the heck up.

Now let’s see what we know now that a few days have passed:

• The shooter was a nut case with issues
• His own college kicked him out and would not let him back in without a note from a shrink saying he was not a danger to himself or others (Red flag folks)
• He was a lefty – favorite books? Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf
• He had fears of government mind control (another RED flag folks)
• He left notes showing this was a planned attack
• His weapon of choice was legal and would have been legal under the expired Assault Weapons Ban – sorry folks but that is the fact

What else do we know now that the Media is upset about”

• This was not a right wing plot
• This was not caused by Sara Palen or anyone else
• This had nothing to do with the Congresswomen being “targeted” by Sara’s web page
• The shooter was not in the Tea Party
• He did not have any help from anyone else

So I don’t see how any law would have prevented this. Had he not gotten gun he would have come up with something else. . . possibly worse like a car bomb. He might have just driven his car into the crowed. End result here is we need to stop focusing on the tool and stay on the NUT who did this.

If we really want to stop this kind of thing then we need to know why no one got this sick pup the help he needed, or had him hospitalized by force if necessary when and if he showed himself to be a danger to himself or others. Obviously the school saw something wrong, why didn’t anyone act on it?

This is not the time to attack the rights of everyone in this country over a mad mans actions. Already the Congresscritters who love to dance in the blood are calling for attacks on our First and Second Amendments over this. We cannot let them win or we have let the nut win.

That is it for me. My prayers and sympathies go out to the families of the victims and to those wounded in the attack. I won’t say more because the victims and families don’t need to keep hearing about it, I won’t help to make this nut famous, and I won’t help fan the flames so they can take more of our rights away.

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