Thursday, January 20, 2011

NPR helps the gun grabbers

You can read about it over at Tam's place.

Looks like NPR, the bastion of news reporting was staking the deck on their news show about the new bill to ban standard capacity magazines for guns. . . .

You can see from her blog that they went looking for gun bloggers that would support the ban to get on the air so they can make it sound like everyone is behind this idea. . . .

Not even close.  The girl they got turns out to be a fake, she use to work for the gun grabbers over at the American Hunters and Shooters association. . . which is now defunct.

Don't buy what you hear on this for a moment.  Personally I don't think this bill is going anywhere because the House knows it will come back to haunt them.  What this Dem wants to do is ban standard capacity magazines by calling them Hi Cap even though eveyone has them. . . so they are standard, nothing special.  And they try to tell you that you don't need them. . . but the cops do. 

How does that work?  The cops are more likely to have back up, more likely to not get mugged than I am.  But I need fewer rounds than they do?  I get jumped by a couple of dudes who are high and want to shoot me and take my wallet and I don't need more than 10 rounds.  The cops have back up and more but they do need more than 10 rds.

This is a joke.

And I will say it again, gun control is dead in the House so I don't see this going anywhere.  I predict that this will be old news by the end of the month.

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