Sunday, January 9, 2011

Arazona Shooting sets off the Left again

Looks like Carolyn McCarthy is once again dancing in the blood of the victims of gun control.  Read it HERE

She can't let this chance go by to attack our rights.  She should be asking what caused this nut to do this and how did we miss the signs.  Why was he not getting the help he should have?  No, she won't ask about that because she only sees one thing, the gun. . . a gun is just a tool, and is useless without the person behind it that pulls the trigger

This is a bunch of  BULL SHIT on the lefts side again.  Note how they ignore the fact that the guy was nuts. . .
Note how they ignore the fact that this would be a gun free zone around the congresswoman due to their gun control laws.

Note how they ignore the fact that all the laws they have already put in place did NOTHING to stop this nut.

Folks, more gun laws would not have stopped this.  At most you may have changed his mode of attack to a bomb or a car driven through the crowed.  He was determined to kill people and spent the time to plan how he would do it.

We are dealing with a nut who wanted to kill folks, and he would find a way.  It is time we stop blaming the tool and start to place the blame where it belongs, the guy who killed these people.  We are learning that he had planned this out ahead of time.  He would have done this no matter what you did to try to stop him.  The only thing that did stop him was having to reload and brave people who jumped him.

Had one of those brave folks been armed it may have been stopped much sooner, but again, don't expect that fact to make the news either. . . . it won't fit with their lies and attacks on our rights.

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