Friday, September 28, 2012

Android Apps for Office files

Folks, I was a fan of Quick Office for a while now, but I have to say I have given up on them. . . ever since my tablet got it's upgrade to the new version of Android Quick Office has been unable to find my internal drive.  This is a pain as I use to use it a lot.

I could still get to the files and open them with a file manager program, but I had problems saving new files, or using the recently opened command in Quick Office.  They got their money out of me for a pro version, but still no go.  The tech support sucks, they know of the problem but have not fixed it.  To add insult to injury if you put in a bug on this every three days you get an email asking if your are all set. . . .NO I AM NOT and YOU KNOW THAT!!!!!

No more. . . I have downloaded Kinsoft Office and it is working great.  No problems with the files and I like the interface better. . . . so if you are looking for a good MS Office file app for your Droid I highly recommend it. . . go take a look in the market for it.

CatGenie Sucks

Gotta say after two weeks I am not impressed with this thing.  Way over priced and it has already stopped wroking well.  Don't buy one folks. 

Our cats don't like it, it is nosie, and the cleaning function failed already.  The bowl is supposed to turn and clean itself. . . ya, worked for about two weeks and now keeps sticking and not cleaning. . . so the cats go everywhere but the bowl.  I have pulled it apart a few time now and still can't get it to work and can't find what it is sticking on.  It is clean as can be, just don't run. . . .

Can't say it enough, don't waste your money, go buy a litter box or one with the built in rake.  We had one of those and they last about a year, but at least they worked. . . .

Wa to go CatGenie, you got my money, but not again.  Wish I had done a bit more research on the reviews before wasiting the $250 on this junk.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Obama Blames Bush - Again. . .

So listening to an interview with Obama on the radio today, it was enlightening. . . .

I did not know that Bush was responsible for gun running to Mexico. . . You know, Fast and Furious. . the gun running done after Obama took office that he is claiming privileged to hide the facts on that all started after he was in office?  Yep still Bush's fault. . .  not sure how but he says so.

And the economy?  That is the Republican fault because they won't do what he tells them to.

And Immigration Reform he promised in his first year, when the Dems controlled the Congress - both houses?  ya, that did not go through either because of the Republicans. . .

I have never heard a grown man whine so much about how tough things were and they won't do what I tell them and it is all Bush's fault, and I was nieve about it and none of it is my fault cause they won't do what I say so vote for me again because Washington can't be changed from the inside so vote for me again. . . .

And all this after an O-Bot called in to tell us Obama was great and the middle east loved us because of him so we don't get it if we won't vote for Obama. . . Seemed to ignore all the protest of late and burning embassies. . . O-Bots just don't live in reality.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Obama's Middle East

Thank you Obama for what you have given us - war in the Middle East.   No defense in Libya, unarmed Marines in Egypt.  Now we are attacked in multiple other countries.  Obama set us up.  And this is an act of war folks.  An Embassy is US soil, and an ambassador was killed.  I know the Liberals don't get it but this is the start of the next big war. .  . and you can't blame Bush for this one. . . .

And they want Obama to apologize to them for the movie.

I am all for freedom of religion but why is it only the Islamist that kill folks over movies?  You don't see any other religion killing folks over a move or a drawing.  Time for the savages to learn fear.

Obama needs to get some guts and say NO, IT FREE SPEECH, deal with it!  Then he needs to park a carrier group or two within striking distance of these places.  You don't have to like the movie, you don't have to watch it, but you can not ban it, and you can not apologize for it.

They seem to only understand fear and force, so it is time to show them.  We need to get rid of Obama in November and put in someone who will defend us. . . but I guess we will have to do with Romney.  The US is now seen as weak by our enemies in the Middle East and this is proof of it.

It is time for the drones and the air force to make an example of a town or two for killing our Ambassador.  They need to pay and dearly.  Don't risk ground troops, we don' t need boots on the ground, we need flattened buildings and to tell them we will do it again if they attack us.  They want to live by fear, we can do that.  Obama has shown once again appeasement does not work it only makes our enemies brave and willing to attack us.

Time to introduce the middle east to MAD even if it will really only be one sided.  Whet do you call one sided assured destruction?  We need to show them, they can name it later. . . .

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Obama or Carter 2

I would like to take a moment and thank POTUS Obama for making the world a much more dangerous place, and doing his best to support our enemies in the Middle East.

His actions have directly led to further de-stabilizing of the entire region.

His actions, or lack of them as POTUS have shown the thugs over there that he will bow to them and be more concerned about hurting their feelings than protecting our interests and people in the area.

He has failed to do his primary job. . .

Now they know him, they have attacked two embassies and nothing has happened. . . Hell in his speech he never said a thing about Egypt.  He is weak, they know it. . .

His failure to show strength and to support Israel have now put us on the edge of war in the Middle East.  I am surprised it took this long for them to move against us.  I am sure more is coming folks. . ..

Obama will make Carter and Iran look like the good old days at this rate.  Just wait, gas will go up, he will not act, we will lose more folks over there, lose more governments friendly to us, and be much worse off when this is over. . .

And the media and Obama supporters will find a way to not admit the truth. . . their god can not be wrong but he is.  And we will pay the bill.

Add to this that he is sending millions if not billions of our tax dollars to Egypt and Libya to buy their friendship.  They are taking our money and killing our people. . . and Obama will now apologize to them for getting in the way of their bullets because it has to be our fault, not theirs.

He is still unfit for the job, and it shows.  The big question now is how much damage can he due to us before November, and how can we fix it after he is out of office.  Romney is not my first choice to deal with all this, but he is the only other choice we have. . . face it, a third party still can not win in the USA, so we need to get Obama out of office, and hope Romney can show the back bone needed to get us some respect in the world.

The world is not a nice safe place. . .  you can't buy friends, only share interests and keep the rest aware that we fight back if they hurt us. . . they know Obama can't fight and won't fight.  He is one of them, not us.

Pray for our troops and the Americans that are in the Middle East now.  Be it for our government in an Embassy or private business Obama has put the bulls eye on them and shown he will do nothing for them.  He has put us all at risk. . . . remember in November because he has just set up the next 9/11.  It is not an if, but a when.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I am not to involved in today for all the ceremony. . . . What it means to me is all about coworkers.
I worked with two brothers, one was on flight 11
Today is about a lost coworker, brother, husband and father of two. . . . Gone now 11 years
May God watch over the victims whatever name you call him by.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Democratic Convention

Gotta love the Dem Convention. . . so far they have had to backtrack on their platform. .  now they will mention God and we will back Israel. 

Folks keep in mind they are not putting this stuff back in because they want to or will do it.  They put it back because they want to keep power.  The whole point of taking it out was to see if we would let them get away with it.

And to top it off they want to put the Assault Weapons ban back in place – you know the ban that was not really on assault weapons, but did ban the most popular rifles in the country and standard capacity magazines?  And did nothing to prevent crime or make any difference in any of the data tracked for crime?

The more I see of the Democrats the more I understand that the root of the party is so far gone it is not recoverable.  They are anti-American and proud of it.  They must not be allowed to win this year.  They must be stopped or our country will be unrecognizable. 

4 more years of Obama and they will succeed in making us a third world country-complete with them as the dictator. . .