Thursday, September 6, 2012

Democratic Convention

Gotta love the Dem Convention. . . so far they have had to backtrack on their platform. .  now they will mention God and we will back Israel. 

Folks keep in mind they are not putting this stuff back in because they want to or will do it.  They put it back because they want to keep power.  The whole point of taking it out was to see if we would let them get away with it.

And to top it off they want to put the Assault Weapons ban back in place – you know the ban that was not really on assault weapons, but did ban the most popular rifles in the country and standard capacity magazines?  And did nothing to prevent crime or make any difference in any of the data tracked for crime?

The more I see of the Democrats the more I understand that the root of the party is so far gone it is not recoverable.  They are anti-American and proud of it.  They must not be allowed to win this year.  They must be stopped or our country will be unrecognizable. 

4 more years of Obama and they will succeed in making us a third world country-complete with them as the dictator. . . 

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