Friday, September 28, 2012

Android Apps for Office files

Folks, I was a fan of Quick Office for a while now, but I have to say I have given up on them. . . ever since my tablet got it's upgrade to the new version of Android Quick Office has been unable to find my internal drive.  This is a pain as I use to use it a lot.

I could still get to the files and open them with a file manager program, but I had problems saving new files, or using the recently opened command in Quick Office.  They got their money out of me for a pro version, but still no go.  The tech support sucks, they know of the problem but have not fixed it.  To add insult to injury if you put in a bug on this every three days you get an email asking if your are all set. . . .NO I AM NOT and YOU KNOW THAT!!!!!

No more. . . I have downloaded Kinsoft Office and it is working great.  No problems with the files and I like the interface better. . . . so if you are looking for a good MS Office file app for your Droid I highly recommend it. . . go take a look in the market for it.

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