Thursday, September 13, 2012

Obama's Middle East

Thank you Obama for what you have given us - war in the Middle East.   No defense in Libya, unarmed Marines in Egypt.  Now we are attacked in multiple other countries.  Obama set us up.  And this is an act of war folks.  An Embassy is US soil, and an ambassador was killed.  I know the Liberals don't get it but this is the start of the next big war. .  . and you can't blame Bush for this one. . . .

And they want Obama to apologize to them for the movie.

I am all for freedom of religion but why is it only the Islamist that kill folks over movies?  You don't see any other religion killing folks over a move or a drawing.  Time for the savages to learn fear.

Obama needs to get some guts and say NO, IT FREE SPEECH, deal with it!  Then he needs to park a carrier group or two within striking distance of these places.  You don't have to like the movie, you don't have to watch it, but you can not ban it, and you can not apologize for it.

They seem to only understand fear and force, so it is time to show them.  We need to get rid of Obama in November and put in someone who will defend us. . . but I guess we will have to do with Romney.  The US is now seen as weak by our enemies in the Middle East and this is proof of it.

It is time for the drones and the air force to make an example of a town or two for killing our Ambassador.  They need to pay and dearly.  Don't risk ground troops, we don' t need boots on the ground, we need flattened buildings and to tell them we will do it again if they attack us.  They want to live by fear, we can do that.  Obama has shown once again appeasement does not work it only makes our enemies brave and willing to attack us.

Time to introduce the middle east to MAD even if it will really only be one sided.  Whet do you call one sided assured destruction?  We need to show them, they can name it later. . . .

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