Monday, January 31, 2011

Middel East and Egypt revolts

What is going on in the Middle East?


Egypt  is going nuts and has almost replaced it's dictator with a mostly peaceful revolt.  Sure there are a hundred or so dead and many wounded, but it could have been so much worse.  Just think of the bloodshed that would have been had the Army not stayed out of it for the most part and just protected the treasures of Egypt. ..  .


And now look at the people of Egypt.  All but disarmed but still defending their homes from looters with sticks and golf clubs.  It is at times like this that I thank God we have guns here to protect ourselves and our homes with.


I also wonder, did we start all this?  And no, I am not bad mouthing the USA. . . . I mean by freeing Iraq did we start the flame or at least fan it?  It seems that the whole region is starting to revolt.  The people want to toss out the dictators and move toward freedom.  I can't help but wonder if the removal of Sadam did not help these folks to see that it was possible to toss out the bums and put in a new government.


Or is this Obama's fault?  Is he seen as weak by the rebels and so they are taking advantage of a USA that does not have the guts to get involved to stop them.  (and would we want to if we could???)  I think that Obama's lack of backbone may have been seen as a chance by these folks to move against these governments that we support.  Especially after the last election which showed that Obama is weak at home and may not have a second term.  This may also have pushed things a bit. . . who knows.


Now the down side. . . what will all of this do to the price of oil?  If the Suez Canal gets closed or something else disrupts oil shipments we are all in for a world of hurt.  I don't think the world economy is that health yet to take that kind of hit.  We could look at an oil disruption sending the world economy back into a recession or depression again.


Here in the US, oil/gas prices are already up a good $0.50 from a few months ago and climbing.  If we hit $4 a gallon again for gas I can see us going back into recession as folks panic on how to afford basics like food and heating oil.  I think other countries are on even thinner ice and would hit trouble before we did. . .


So this is a mixed blessing.  It is always good to see people take power back from the government but at what cost.  We cannot take the hit on oil prices, and we sure don't need radicals moving into the power vacuum as these dictators are removed from power. . . . time will tell

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SNOW? More F$%# SNOW??!!!

More snow, just what we need here in old MA.. .

Had a good foot and half or so on the ground this morning and now we are looking at another 10 inches by tomorrow.  I don't know where we are going to put all this junk

I just hope it stays cold this time so the snow thrower will work on it.  Last couple of storms the damn stuff was too wet to use the thrower on.  I am lucky my brother in law has a plow and dug me out or I would still be shoveling out.  . . .

Well I guess we will see what the morning brings.  Supposed to get most of it tonight from 12-6AM. .  .

I need to move south. . . . .

Monday, January 24, 2011


OK, it was -1F when I went out this morning. . .  you know it is cold when your breath freezes on your moustache on the way to the car. . . . just saying. . . .

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Holster from Dragon Leatherworks

OK, I have the 1911 Government and now thanks to Dragon Leatherworks I have the holster for it.

I know JayG has done a review of the Fugly holster and I had the chance to meet Dragon at the last Blogger Shoot last summer.  When I sent out a bleg for info on holsters Dragon was one of the folks that sent me info and so I went with his Fugly holster, for IWB on the right side.

Let me start with the first impression I had when I opened the box. . .  WOW, nice holster!  It is a very nice leather holster with rivets to make sure it stays together.  Here is a good shot of the rivets holding this thing together:

And a nice view of the front of the holster:

Now I am use to the cheap collapsible nylon holsters.  They are great to start but not really good for long term.  They don't stay open so you can't put the gun back easily.  All that is over with this one.  Just to see how it would work out I put this on with my belt tight and the holster stayed open no problem.  Even with jeans that were a bit tight, no problem with draw or reholster. . .  It keeps it shape.

I wore it around the house as I worked for the better part of the day and it was great.  It takes a bit of getting use to the creak of the leather that I am not use to but it blends in good and did not print at all with my tee shirt on, though I would put more over it just to be safe going out in public.

Overall I am thrilled with it and plan on using this for my 1911 once I have a bit more practice with it and the comfort to use it as my carry gun.  Two thumbs up, go visit Dragon Leatherworks for a great holster at good holster prices!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Health Care shows the Dems are losing. . . .

The vote yesterday that got repeal of Obamacare in the house is being called as sybolic by the left and the news folks, but I repeat myself.

They want you to think it did not matter, but it does in many ways. . .

First, as others have said it shows that the Tea Party folks do what they say.  They got voted in on the promis to repeal health care.  And they took the first step.

Second  -Now the Senate has to deal with it.  Harry Reid says it won't come up for a vote.  Why not?  what are they afrade of?  They will be forced into it and no matter what they do it will be used against them in 2012.  Latest polls show about 70% of VOTERS want it repealed, and the Republicans know it.  This won't go away.

Third this shows that Obama is done.  The House has no interest in passing his adjenda and they just proved it.  I am sure he heard it too.

This was the first step in taking our country back from the left, and it was a big step, that is why they are spending so much energy telling you it wasn't. . . . .

NPR helps the gun grabbers

You can read about it over at Tam's place.

Looks like NPR, the bastion of news reporting was staking the deck on their news show about the new bill to ban standard capacity magazines for guns. . . .

You can see from her blog that they went looking for gun bloggers that would support the ban to get on the air so they can make it sound like everyone is behind this idea. . . .

Not even close.  The girl they got turns out to be a fake, she use to work for the gun grabbers over at the American Hunters and Shooters association. . . which is now defunct.

Don't buy what you hear on this for a moment.  Personally I don't think this bill is going anywhere because the House knows it will come back to haunt them.  What this Dem wants to do is ban standard capacity magazines by calling them Hi Cap even though eveyone has them. . . so they are standard, nothing special.  And they try to tell you that you don't need them. . . but the cops do. 

How does that work?  The cops are more likely to have back up, more likely to not get mugged than I am.  But I need fewer rounds than they do?  I get jumped by a couple of dudes who are high and want to shoot me and take my wallet and I don't need more than 10 rounds.  The cops have back up and more but they do need more than 10 rds.

This is a joke.

And I will say it again, gun control is dead in the House so I don't see this going anywhere.  I predict that this will be old news by the end of the month.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Blogg added

I was checking out some links as I was blogging today and found my blog linked to at Violent Indifference. . . .

So I have added them on my blog list. . .

Folks, if you link to my blog please let me know so I can return the favor. . . I am sure all four of my readers would love to try the new link.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

MA Gun Stores

I have found another one. . . about an hour or so away from me but worth the trip.  I work with the owner and he finally talked me into coming by this weekend to see his shop.

The web page is HERE

Pheasant Ridge is located in Seekonk, just over the boarder in MA on rt 44.

It is a small shop, but don't let that fool you.  I got the $.10 tour and let me tell you that the stuff on display in front is just a sample of what he has in back.  The prices were good, and he has plenty of ammo for those of us looking for the hard to get like .380 and such. 

As for guns he has a great selection of long guns with plenty more in back, you just need to tell him what you are looking for.  He also has a good selection of handguns too.  You can also get a number of different classes through the shop as he is NRA certified to teach a number of courses.

Overall a great shop, well worth the stop.  The staff know their stuff, and will take the time to make sure you get the right gun or to answer your questions. . . if you are in the area stop by and check him out!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mail Order Ammo - Not in MA

One of the many bummers about living in MA is we can not get ammo by Mail Order.  And when you can't find what you want on the local store shelf what do you do?

This hit me the worst when I first bought my WASR 10.  I got it because the ammo was supposed to be cheap and easy to get. .  .  NOT.

I kept seeing places like the Sportsman's Guide selling the 7.62x39 ammo for great prices but I couldn't take advantage of it. . . . good old MA got in the way as usual.

I just hope the rest of you living in the free world appreciate your rights. . . .

In the interest of full disclosure Sportsman's Guild did pay for the link. . . . but I do like there stuff too . . .

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Araxona Shooting Wrap Up

OK folks, this is going to be my last post on the AZ shooting I hope. . . . First, I will start with this quote

"in a free society we’re going to be subjected to people like this; I prefer this to the alternative."

-John Green

I post this because John Green is the father of the 9 yr old girl killed by this nut case. If he can say this, I think all else is BS and the politicians using this to push attacks on our freedoms should just shut the heck up.

Now let’s see what we know now that a few days have passed:

• The shooter was a nut case with issues
• His own college kicked him out and would not let him back in without a note from a shrink saying he was not a danger to himself or others (Red flag folks)
• He was a lefty – favorite books? Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf
• He had fears of government mind control (another RED flag folks)
• He left notes showing this was a planned attack
• His weapon of choice was legal and would have been legal under the expired Assault Weapons Ban – sorry folks but that is the fact

What else do we know now that the Media is upset about”

• This was not a right wing plot
• This was not caused by Sara Palen or anyone else
• This had nothing to do with the Congresswomen being “targeted” by Sara’s web page
• The shooter was not in the Tea Party
• He did not have any help from anyone else

So I don’t see how any law would have prevented this. Had he not gotten gun he would have come up with something else. . . possibly worse like a car bomb. He might have just driven his car into the crowed. End result here is we need to stop focusing on the tool and stay on the NUT who did this.

If we really want to stop this kind of thing then we need to know why no one got this sick pup the help he needed, or had him hospitalized by force if necessary when and if he showed himself to be a danger to himself or others. Obviously the school saw something wrong, why didn’t anyone act on it?

This is not the time to attack the rights of everyone in this country over a mad mans actions. Already the Congresscritters who love to dance in the blood are calling for attacks on our First and Second Amendments over this. We cannot let them win or we have let the nut win.

That is it for me. My prayers and sympathies go out to the families of the victims and to those wounded in the attack. I won’t say more because the victims and families don’t need to keep hearing about it, I won’t help to make this nut famous, and I won’t help fan the flames so they can take more of our rights away.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Arazona Shooting sets off the Left again

Looks like Carolyn McCarthy is once again dancing in the blood of the victims of gun control.  Read it HERE

She can't let this chance go by to attack our rights.  She should be asking what caused this nut to do this and how did we miss the signs.  Why was he not getting the help he should have?  No, she won't ask about that because she only sees one thing, the gun. . . a gun is just a tool, and is useless without the person behind it that pulls the trigger

This is a bunch of  BULL SHIT on the lefts side again.  Note how they ignore the fact that the guy was nuts. . .
Note how they ignore the fact that this would be a gun free zone around the congresswoman due to their gun control laws.

Note how they ignore the fact that all the laws they have already put in place did NOTHING to stop this nut.

Folks, more gun laws would not have stopped this.  At most you may have changed his mode of attack to a bomb or a car driven through the crowed.  He was determined to kill people and spent the time to plan how he would do it.

We are dealing with a nut who wanted to kill folks, and he would find a way.  It is time we stop blaming the tool and start to place the blame where it belongs, the guy who killed these people.  We are learning that he had planned this out ahead of time.  He would have done this no matter what you did to try to stop him.  The only thing that did stop him was having to reload and brave people who jumped him.

Had one of those brave folks been armed it may have been stopped much sooner, but again, don't expect that fact to make the news either. . . . it won't fit with their lies and attacks on our rights.

Sig Saur Visit – Northeast Gun Blogger Dinner

I will have to get the list of attendees and add that later, but let me say that I saw most of the regular Northeast Bloggers at the event. JayG, Marko, Bruce, Weer’d and a number of others. I know JayG will have a list up at some point.

The day started at the Sig Saur Academy . My understanding is Sig is looking to make contact with some Bloggers to help get the word out about their products and training area. We were met by George Harris the Director of Training. George was nice enough to give us a tour of the training area and explain the different training classes they offered.

On our tour of the grounds we got to see a number of ranges that they use for training both civilians and police/military folks. They have a great set up for training on anything from close quarters pistol and civilian defensive pistol up to a 300 yrd range for long range rifle training. We ended the tour at one of the new classrooms they have put int.

At the classroom we got a nice bunch of gifts from them – a hat, pocket knife, and info on the classes they offer. We then were given a certificate for ½ off a class so we can come back and experience how they actually teach a class here. They then gave us a nice overview of some of the guns they make. Even got to handle them! = ) We got to handle pistols and rifles that are both current productions, and one or two that they will be showing off at the Shoot Show. I will post the links to other bloggers who were getting photos of everything. This went over well with the bloggers but got me in a bit of trouble with my wife who was also at the event. But in a good way – She is a small woman and hard to find a pistol she could hold well. . . until now. They passed around a Sig 238 and she loved it! I guess I will be starting another gun fund and looking for one now. . . .

The last stop was at the Pro Shop at the Academy. There you could get almost anything you could want for your Sig, or get one for yourself. Had I owned one my credit card would have been in trouble. As it is I think I am in trouble when it comes to the classes.

George went over some of the practice guns they had there to fit one to my wife’s small hands. After she went over the problems she has had with my pistols and how the 238 was the first gun that fit her well we discussed what class would be good for a starter like her. He was quick to recommend that she take a course with his wife, who also is a small woman so would be able to help her from firsthand experience. I was very impressed by this since I have met many teachers who’s ego would not let them admit another teacher may be better for the student. This sealed it for me that we will get up here for classes. They not only say that they put the student first, they proved it to me. George has impressed me with both his knowledge and his ease of teaching, he does not strike me as one of those “drill sergeant” types. He seems very easy going and very willing to make sure the students learn as much as they can in the classes there and if he is like that I am sure his faculty is as well.

We then moved the meet to Jillian’s in Manchester where we met up with a number of other bloggers who could not make the tour. We even got lucky enough to have a number of the Sig folks join us. While at the dinner My wife and I got to talk with George and his wife Linda who is an instructor at Sig. We had a great time talking with them and this further convinced me of the quality and caliber of the instructors there. My wife had a great time talking to Linda and we both feel we learned a lot about the classes from them and agreed that we should attend a couple. I think we will be looking into a few courses come the warm weather.

The dinner and conversation at Jillian’s was great as usual with the gun bloggers I have met. As Jay is quick to point out we have a bunch of armed folks together, no one got hurt, no problems, and everyone had a good time. Once again the presence of guns owned by law abiding citizens did not lead to the blood in the streets the media said it would. A great time was had by all; we swapped stories and ate good food while enjoying the company and the football on the TV. Later some went on to play pool but due to the late hour my wife and I headed home.

Just so there are no questions and we have full disclosure, we did not pay for the tour, and Sig did give us some swag and a certificate for a half price class for our time. And yes, I do plan on taking them up on the offer and then some. . . . with a bit of luck and warm weather = )

I will update the blog as others post on the event with links to their blogs. . .

Here is the first one - JayG has his report up HERE

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Era has begun

Nancy being removed from power. . . Now that is a beautiful picture. . . and shows there is hope for our country. . . .

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Finally they have come to MASS

You can read it HERE

Looks like MA is finally being sued over how we hand out gun licences to only the folks the Police Chief likes even if they have a spotless record. . . .

Pray they win this and turn us into a shall issue state from the BS they pull now.

For those of you living in the free world MA  gun permits are at the whim of the local police chief.  So if you are lucky enough to live in a town where he respects your rights then you can have a permit, if you don't then he can say NO PERMIT FOR YOU and you can't do much but sue him over it. . .  so if you don't have the money for court (every time you renew too) then you don't get a permit and can't own a gun. . .

Gotta wonder why MA is the state with the highest crime rate in the NE don't ya with laws like this. . . .

Keep your fingers crossed and we may make some headway against all the BS in this state

FREE Books

Go over and give Ambulance Driver a visit and find out how to get a free copy of his book!  I have a paper copy and all I can say is GO GET ONE!  it is a great read

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Auto Ordinance 1911 review

Auto Ordinance 1911

OK I got a chance to get the new Gov 1911 down to the range to try it out. The short story, I think I have found a new favorite gun!

The 1911 Gov by Auto Ordinance is a no frills standard GI gun with a seven round mag. The one I have is parkerized with plastic grips.

She shoots well if maybe a bit low at 25 yards. I will have to go a few more times before I can tell if it is me or the gun. The sights are small so it takes a bit of getting use to.

I started with standard Winchester white box ball ammo and she ran great. All on the paper, most low but one in the 10 ring. . .. had to love that. After 20 rounds of ball I put 20 rounds of Winchester white box hollow points through it and she still ran fine.

After a total of 80 rounds or so I called it a day. . . It was an outdoor range in MA on New Years eve after all so it was a bit cold and we did have 6+ inches of snow on the ground to get through to the targets. . . . but a great day !

Can’t wait to put a few more rounds through it and see if I need to adjust the sights a bit. I have to say this is a great gun as far as I am concerned. A great start to the 1911 family. I think this will make a great carry gun once I get use to it and get it sighted in. I am glad I got it and highly recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable 1911.