Friday, July 31, 2009

CNN Kool Aid

Read it HERE

According to the Obama support group at CNN July was the best July in the last 20 years for the DOW. How to slant BS to try to make OBAMA look good. If it was so great why is it so low still. . . . Sure it may have gone up a lot but only because it went so far DOWN thanks to big government.

What a bunch of crap.


From the Gunslinger. . . . gotta love it!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cool Stuff

From Star Trek to the real world. . . Transparent Al. . .

Read it HERE

Canda on Obama

Here is a great piece on the Obama White House from the view of a Canadian.. . . Sorry, I can't remember who's blog I saw it on first. . . . = (

Sunday, July 26, 2009

60 Min on Guns

Well, they are running that hit piece again tonight. . .

Can someone please tell my why they treat this guy as an expert just because his sister was a victim at VT? I mean how do you instantly become an expert on gun rights and gun control just because someone you know or were related to was killed by a gun because they couldn't defend themselves. You would think he would be pushing for more access to his rights to defend himself but no, he wants to sell out the rest of us too. . . . . .

What kind of brain damage is that? It has got to be some kind of liberal mental illness that makes folks think "hey, X got killed because they were defenseless, lets make more people defenceless that will fix it". . . . .

I will never understand them.

I also love how they avoid the Virginia Law School shooting where armed students ended it after two people were killed, not 20. . . . . way to slant the story and the facts. . . .

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama and Congress

Looks like Obama has hit the wall I said he would.

Congress is his own party but he is too far left for even them to go along with.

Go ahead and check my blog record. I said he would have problems just like his buddy Deval Patrick did in MA. Deval can't do much even though this is a Dem led state.

With some luck this will be the end of Obama being able to do much, just like Deval he will be done and over with.

Obama's Health Plan

Guess the big talk did not help him. . . . GOOD

From CNN
Quick Vote
Did President Obama's briefing on health care convince you to support reform?
I already supported it
Total Votes: 148604

Cognitive Disconnect?

While watching a bit of the coverage of Walter Cronkite I heard this come out of a reporter – “ I never knew if he was a Republican or a Democrat” They also praised his work and how he did his reporting.

If he was so good (and he was) and they all looked up to him why didn’t any of them learn from him. I would like to know if anyone knows a reporter that they don’t know if they are a Republican or a Democrat? I doubt it.

They tell us how great he was because he stuck to the facts of the story and never told us his opinion of things. . . then they go and tell us their opinion and slant the news accordingly while leaving out the facts of the story. Only the facts that back the reporters view will be told, all others ignored. They have a political agenda and don’t even try to hide it any more. . .

I wonder if they understand how foolish they look. . . . “ We loved him, he was great, The way he did things made him great! We don’t do it that way now. . . .”

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More on Harvard Prof

From CNN

This nice Harvard Professor wants to keep it alive. See a white cop is not to do his job if it invovles a black I guess.

This guy is pushing reverse racism plane and clear.

But he is a Harvard Liberal, and better than you and I so us mear mortals should not get in the way of his 15 min of fame. . . . this is why we have race relation problems. Folks that see race behind every action by someone that looks different. What a fool.

Obama's Health Lie

Sure health care is key to the economy recovering. . . ya right. This is how they push the fear factor so they get their way. Spending millions or billions more money they don't have will only devalue the dollar. It will do NOTHING for the economy.

Obama has lost it. Note how his lies are falling apart:
Close Gitmo - ya right believe it when you see it
End the war - ya right, the Army is getting 20K more troops to fight the wars and Afghanistan is heating up
Health Care will save money - not according to the governments own accounting office - they say it will save little to nothing. . .

the only reason they are pushing it so hard and fast is it is a government power grab and they want it passed before we find out what is in it.

Obama is getting desperate. . . .

Edit - From CNN - even CNN can see how important this is for him. It will make or break his standing and political power. All the more reason it has to be stopped.

Obama is losing on Health Care and knows it

Obama will be on TV tonight to try to whip up the fear he needs to get this passed. He can smell it. He has waited too long and the facts are getting out. He knows he has to move before too many learn about the ploy.

This plan of his will do nothing but give the government more power, and put anyone over 50 at risk as they won't be worth the government spending health care money on them.

You want facts, think waiting a year for that MRI you need when you get hurt. Think about going for an ultrasound of your unborn child in the second month and being given a date for the ultrasound that is a month after the due date. . .

Then think welcome to government health care.

Why do the wealthy in Canada and the UK have to pay for the public health care and their own private insurance? Because they want health care while they can still be saved.

And the ultimate question - if this new plan is so good then tell my why Congress and the Pres are exempt from it and get to keep what they have now??? They should be forced to have the same plan they give us. But no, they actually want to get treated when they are sick so no, they have an exemption on this one.

Obama must be stopped here. It will be the start of his downfall. If we can stop this then we have a line to hold, no more socialism - no more mad spending on illegals and friends - no more Obama plans - lets make sure he is one and out folks!

Edit -
Gunslinger has a good point on her blog. Health Care is not a right folks. Rights are what you have on your own. You have the right to defend yourself, the right to speak, the right to care for yourself. As soon as start talking about health care that requires someone else's help, be it a doctor, nurse or other, it is no longer your right. You don't have the right to tell them what they can charge you for. You don't have the right to tell them they have to treat you. As soon as you do you are taking away their labors without proper compensation. No right takes from another in any way, especially without fair compensation. Read the Constitution and tell me one right that does.

No, this is a liberal lie. It is not a right.

Racism Alive and Well in Boston. . .

But not as you think. . .

The scene:

Cambridge MA, a well off neighborhood that has had a number of day time front door break in is reported. A man is seen trying to break into a home. The cops get a call and show up.

The man becomes loud and unruly when asked who he is and to show ID. He causes enough of a disturbance that he is arrested.

The man was trying to break into his own house since he did not have his key for some reason.

OK, you ask, where is the problem? Cops are just doing their job right??

Nope - the man arrested is black, the cop is white. Add to this that the man is a Harvard Professor (read flaming liberal).

So now he is crying racism. He even wants the cops to beg for him to accept an apology.

All I can say to this Professor is F. U. buddy. The cop did it all by the book, you were unreasonable, did not present ID when asked but got smart with a cop that was dealing with an unknown person breaking into a house.

You should shut up, thank the cops for doing their job and protecting your home, and move on. Folks like you that see racism in everything are the problem in this country. You can only see Black and White people. Had this been a white guy busted by a black cop we would never have heard about it. And the white guy would not be thinking about suing the cops and crying about it.

Why is it I think this piece of crap would be the first to complain if someone was breaking into his house and the cops didn't stop the guy. I guess that would have been racism too since they let a black get robbed right? You make me sick.

This is the problems with liberals in this country. . . .

Reciprocal Concealed Carry

Reciprocal Concealed Carry barely fails in the Senate. Before you gun grabbers try to get excited and spin this look at the facts, it went through with 58 for, 39 against and 3 no votes. That would have passed most times. It is a majority in favor. If not for the special 60 votes needed for this to pass it would be a done deal and over with.

Constitutionally this should be a non-issue if I understand Law Dog correctly. (edit - called Full Faith and Credit) States already recognize things like marriage and drivers licenses. You can drive anywhere in the US on your state license. You don’t become single again when you cross the border. Why should a gun license be any different? The fact we need a law to tell folks this proves the discrimination against gun owners in the liberal states.

I love the arguments in the news about how they saved lives by not passing this. . . they pulled out all the standard BS they yell every time a state starts issuing CCW permits. Blood in the streets, gunfights over parking, will make the streets unsafe. When will they give up on this crap? Time and again they yell this crap, the state still passes the CCW law, and none of it happens. You know what does happen when folks get their rights to self defense back? Crime goes down, streets get safer, and the criminals move on to easier pickings like the non-CCW areas (big cities etc. . .). We need to call them on this and make them see we don’t buy their lies any more.

Getting something like this through could also help the same sex marriage fight. It would be another law reinforcing the fact that states must recognize each other’s permits and licenses. Think about it and tell me I am wrong. The more we get states to recognize each other’s licenses the easier the argument is that they need to recognize a same sex marriage from another state. Once you get past that you can start pushing them to permit them in the state too. . . .

And I admit I use to be against same sex marriage. Now? I don’t care. As long as they keep it in private do what you want. I don’t want to see any overdone public displays of affections, gay or straight to tell the truth. It is not the end of the world if we pass same sex marriage, and I am all for personal freedom as long as it doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s rights. So I had to admit to myself either I support it or I am a hypocrite. Since I am not a lefty I have to live with that so I changed my point of view. Too bad the left can’t see the facts and do the same.
Or is this what the Democrats fear? They don’t want folks to go there – with guns or same sex marriage. It is all about the control isn’t it?

Socialism California style

California, the place all the Dems want to expand to cover the US, you know that one? The socialist paradise?

The governor just cut their budget big time trying to make ends meet. Seems when you try to get the state to pay for everything, and tax working folks to death you can’t make ends meet. Who would have guessed?

All the great social experiments er programs need to be funded somehow so they tax and tax, now they are out of money since they can’t tax all they need to. . . You see what is happening there and all you have to do is listen to Obama for a few moments to know he wants to do it to the rest of us too. . . and he won’t even kiss you first. . .

All I can say is thank God for the Blue Dog Democrats that actually know you can’t pull off this crap and are fighting the socialist in the party. We may actually make it to 2010 when we can toss them out of Congress and stop Obama.

UK Gun/knife control

In the UK where guns are all but outlawed they now have a knife problem. . . so they have started an anti-knife campaign. Know what? In the area of the new campaign the number of knife deaths (and I would guess therefore attacks) has gone up. . . . This from the UK Home Office, so it is official.

What is it with folks? You would think they really want to kill each other so they find new tools no matter what the law or something. . . .

This is just further proof that folks that want to commit a crime will, no matter the law. Take away one weapon they will find another.

Folks gun control is not about guns, it is about control of your life. Who gets the control, you or the government. . . .

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Skeet Shooting. . . ..

Skeet went well. . .

the new (to me) 12 gauge worked great. I got maybe 50% hits or so. They took it easy on me and I didn't have to shoot doubles as I was new. They guys at Scituate were great and gave me lots of good pointers. I will definitely do it again.

My oldest gave it a good go but we did not have a small enough gun for her. She needs a really short stock so she can hold it right. She handled the 20 ga ok, but didn't hit anything. She was getting close towards the end though.

I think we will try it again in a few week and see what we can do.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Skeet Shooting Anyone?

Tomorrow I am taking my oldest daughter to try skeet shooting for the first time. She has been hot to try it for a while now and with the good weather holding for tomorrow we are going to go for it. I have a 12 ga and we are set I think. . . The club has 20 ga guns too if the 12 is too much.

Anyway so I have been looking for shot in the 9 to 11 range as the club told me and no go. I also think I need non-lead for our range so that was a no go too. . . anyway they sell some there so I guess for the first trip I will buy from them and find out what I need and where to get it.

Should be a good day - I know I am looking forward to it. . . . .

Also, while looking for shot I ran across BB shot for home defense??? Has anyone heard of this stuff?? For home defence I was thinking more like 00 Buck. . ..

Skeet Shooting Anyone?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Obama Joke

The radio on the way home was trying to tell me that the economy is better now than it was and the bail out is working. . . More Obama BS.

If things are better and thing have turned then tell my why the stock market is still WAY down, and unemployment in 15 states is up to or over 10%. . . .

when the dow is back over 10K and companies are hiring again with an unemployment under 8% I will start to believe things are on the mend. Until then Obama can keep pushing the Kool Aid but I ain't buying it.

This is just the main stream media trying to fix his BS and sell us a lie to help with his falling ratings . . . sorry but as more and more folks wake up from the Obama nightmare his ratings have nowhere to go but down.

Don't buy it and remember to vote out as many Dems as you can in 2010. It is the only chance we have to stop his push into socialism.

Obama - One Big Ass Mitake America. . . .

Universal Healthcare

Otherwise known as failure. . . Some more of Obama's lies

From today's news for those of you that still believe the illusion.

1 - You get to keep your insurance - sort of - you will be grandfathered in so you don't need to take the government stuff. If you change jobs or otherwise change/loose insurance you now have to take the government stuff

2 - You get to keep your insurance take two - no you don't- you see after five years they have mandated that companies stop providing for private insurance so your company insurance will now be from the government - lucky you. . .

3 - you get a choice - no you don't. You won't get to opted out of anything, including vaccinations you don't want. They will be authorized to come to your home to make sure to give them to you. . .

4 - It will save us money - no it won't - GAO - the governments own accounting office says savings will be minimal if any. If you think of how the government works you know it will cost us money

5 - you will have good health insurance like in Canada - did you know some of what Canada calls health insurance we call malpractice? Example from a doctor on the news today - say you get a clot in an artery in your leg. Here you get treated. Canada you can expect a years wait to see a specialist (if you live that long). . . you may loose the leg if you are lucky. . . Or maybe your kid has bad acne that leaves scars on her face - expect a years wait for a specialist there too for help. . . . and watch for the commercial on the woman with brain cancer that had to come to the US for care - if she had waited for her doctor in Canada she would be dead. . .

It will all be about money. If it costs too much you don't get the drug or treatment (just like Canada). You are old, you are not worth the money so too bad, no treatment. . .

And wait until they decide to save more money. . . you will be told what you can do, what you can eat and drink so that you stay healthy and keep costs down. . . it will be in their interest to control you.

And finally look at MA - we now have "universal care" here. Within two years it was WAY over budget and they were starting programs to get Illegal Aliens on the program. So now I pay for the unemployed, welfare cases, and illegals to have insurance. And yes, they still clog up our ERs .

If this passes we are truly screwed. Our health care system is not perfect in a long shot, but it is the best around. Wait till they are all government employees and see what kind of quality folks you get out of med school. . . ..

So remember the government is here to help. They are going to bring us health care with all the care and efficiency of the Registry of Motor Vehicles. . . . or the IRS. Good luck

(guess this explains the rush to pass it before anyone reads it again eh?)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gun Sales still Up!

you can read it HERE

background checks are still 25% over where they were last year. . . lots more guns in the hands of free men!

How them Gun Laws Working

From CNN

Further proof that the gun laws don't stop criminals from getting guns. . . . NJ has some of the toughest around, including the one gun a month BS. . . I think

My prayers to the families and the cops involved - I hope they have a quick recovery. And they did get the bad guys!

More info here with less sensationalism from the reporter. I love the ready for war quote at CNN. . . then you find out they had two shot guns. . . like many folks in this country. . . not exactly what I had in mind when I read ready for war. . .

Some day they will give you facts in the news again instead of opinion and BS. . . .

Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend At the Range

OK, can someone tell me why I can hit the steel plate at 100 yards 9 out of 10 times with my AR, but when shooting a paper target (with more contrast to it) at 100 years I got 9 out of 15. . .  and 4 of the first 5 missed??
Sounds like I need more practice time at the range. . .

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sotomayor Poll from CNN

CNN give their bias poll here

I love this PR BS they push so folks will think there is support for this fool for SCOTUS. Note please that they ran the poll, not a professional group, and they don't tell you a thing about who they asked. For all we know all the folks they asked are Hispanic or Dems . . . . of course they want her.

I want to see a real poll done on folks that know her background and are split equally between Dem and Rep and Ind. I also want a cross section of folks in it, not a bunch of Hispanics. I bet you would get different results.

Somehow I don't think folks would be so quick to back her once they saw her record of biased decision that keep getting overturned on appeal. She don't know enough to be on SCOTUS. . .

Friday, July 10, 2009

MASS Alert from the NRA. . . .

Governor's Anti-Gun Bill to be Heard on Tuesday, July 14
Please Contact the Members of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary!

As we reported in May, Governor Deval Patrick (D) introduced a bill that would have disastrous effects on the Second Amendment rights of Massachusetts' law-abiding gun owners. This bill, House Bill 4102, is scheduled to be heard on Tuesday, July 14 in the Joint Committee on the Judiciary.

House Bill 4102, among other things, would limit firearm purchases to one per 30-day period and require the private transfer of all firearms, even those between family and friends, to be conducted through a federally licensed firearms dealer.

This proposal, in essence, is a repeat of Chapter 180 of the Acts of 1998, statutes that created some of the most confusing and ill-advised set of gun laws in the nation. The vast majority of those new laws attacked lawful gun owners and did little, if anything, to address violent crime in the Commonwealth. The only result has been a startling 85% decrease in the number of lawfully licensed gun owners in Massachusetts and a dramatic increase in crime.

Please contact the members of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary TODAY and respectfully urge them to oppose this poorly conceived and unjust attack on law-abiding gun owners' Second Amendment freedoms. Contact information for the committee can be found below.

(617) 722-1639

(617) 722-1604

(617) 722-1291

(617) 722-1150

(617) 722-1350

(617) 722-1600

(617) 722-2396

(617) 722-2396

(617) 722-2430

(617) 722-2380

(617) 722-2030

(617) 722-2396

(617) 722-2220

(617) 722-2014

(617) 722-2080

(617) 722-2263

(617) 722-2487

Hell Ya!

From Say Uncle:
The 2009 Small Arms Survey reported that the Untied States alone was responsible for about half of the worldwide increase in legal international gun sales between 2000 and 2006. The U.S. now accounts for over half of the world's imports of pistols and revolvers and 45 percent of shotguns, it said.
Damn that is good news!  I for one am glad that Americans are exercising their rights.  If you don't use them you loose them folks, and the only right more important than the Second Amendment is the First Amendment.  But you need the Second to keep the first.  Go USA!
The Second Amendment, Americas ORIGINAL homeland security. . . .

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hate Crime

Funny how this is not a hate crime because the blacks beat up a white family. . . Can you imagin the press if it was the other way around?

Hate is hate folks, this was a hate crime too. . .

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Jackson Insanity

Can someone please tell me why LA is picking up the tab for something like $2 to $4 million for the Jackson event today???

I thought that CA and most of the cities and towns there in are broke. . . the state is handing out IOUs for peoples tax refunds.

The estate of one Michael Jackson should get the bill on this one folks. . . .

News Update

Michael Jackson is still dead. . . . and any reports of OJ's white Bronco being in the slow speed chase.  . er. . . motorcade are false.
we now return you to your regular programming. . .

Michael Jackson Send Off

This is the ultimate show of how far this county has slipped from our morals. . . .

Where else would you expect to see a child molester get a send off like this one today. . . We should be ashamed of ourselves for giving this criminal this kind of exposure and fawning fans all over the TV. 

He sang and danced, so what?  He also was lucky enough to have the cash to buy off the families of the children he molested.  I don't care that he was not convicted.  You don't pay someone $20 million because you are innocent folks.  Face the facts.

He is lucky he did not end up in prison or shot by some parent who's kid he molested.  He should be buried in an unmarked grave and forgotten.

Why Carry a Gun?

Great post on why you should carry can be found HERE, go and read. . .

And the US bails on another friend

From CNN

It is a sad day when our friends can not count on us to help them. Obama has shown himself to be a man without honor and it is going to hurt us long term.

As he sells us out to our enemies for a smile, those who have fought by our side in the middle east for years now fear us. Israel has done the jobs we didn't want to in the area and kept us both safe. . . and now we abandon them.

I don't think we should help them, that would only make it worse over there, but we sure as hell should not be stopping them. Iran is a problem that needs to be fixed, probably by force. They don't understand anything else. . . .

Obama needs to grow a backbone, and a bit of patriotism and back our friends on a dangerous job that benefits us all. . . . Wake up Obama, start to act like a real American for a change and stop the slide into socialism you are pushing! All you are doing is making things more dangerous for us all. . . .

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Why Obama's Afghan War is Different


I love this bull shit. The only reasion it is differnt is the golden one is in charge now. He has not done anything Bush didn't do, and so far can not show any better results either. . . .

What media bias. . . .

And the Obots eat it up. . . mindless drones that vote. . . .

Disney Crash

You can read it here

While tragic, and I am happy that no guests were hurt does it rate the front page on CNN?

What is it with CNN that they will run anything that trashes America or a symbol of America on the front page. They seem to revel in the idea that they caught America having a problem. Disney is one of the great American Icons, so they are quick to jump on them when something goes wrong.

I wait to hear what the find out. If you know Disney then you know there are many many safety features in the Monorail system and how it runs. Like anything with people involved things can go wrong.

My sympathy to the family of the driver and his/her friends. They have lost a good person, and CNN found another way to try to trash the US.

Gov. Sarah Palin

What is all the hype on this please?

Are the Dems so scared of her that she is getting them all excited just by dropping out of the Governors job?

I hope she keeps them jumping for the next 3 years so they will waist time, money and resources on someone who most likely is not running. This will make it much easier to remove Obama and put someone else in there that may actually know the Constitution and not be a socialist. . . .

Ahmadinejad wants to talk to Obama

Well Duh folks. . .

if we talk to him then his government looks much more valid and it hurts the resistance movement in Iran trying to take the country back from the nuts. Obama can make a great step here and help the people take back their country. Unfortunately he does not want the people in charge, he wants the tyrant so he will probably help him by agreeing to the talks.

I am sure he will have a good excuse, but don't fall for them. He is helping no one but himself.

from CNN

Michael Jackson still dead folks

All I can say is this is pathetic. This pedophile is being used by the media to keep the masses distracted from what is going on.

Every day we get more crap about him and a quick overview of the real news.

Iran? North Korea? Cap and Trade? sure, they got mentioned on the way to the MJ stories they tell to keep us distracted.

The world is getting more dangerous, our economy is not better, Jobless rates continue to rise, the stimulus did not work, and cap and trade will hit the middle class with all kinds of new fees and taxes but the media is not talking about any of it.

No, they want us to focus on MJ so we won't see that Obama is not making anything better, just more of the same BS or worse than Bush. Ignore the media behind the curtain. . . . .

You want more proof? How about troop build up and escalation in Afghanistan? How about Obama backing the Pres of Honduras who was acting outside the Constitution of the country when he was forced out by the Military acting on the rule of the Supreme Court of the country? So Obama is backing the bad guy in his power grab. . . . The country's own court said what he was doing was illegal . . .

Obama backs the tyrants and goes against the people. . . sounds familiar.

Remember this folks, we have got to derail him in 2010 by kicking out the Democrats from Congress and take our country back from the socialists. If we don't then we will see the disaster we call California spread throughout the country. . . with massive spending, taxes, and eventual failure and bankruptcy for our country.

UK Not so safe

Well as we hear more and more from the Brady group and such on how we would all be better off without guns. . . . Take this to heart. The UK has all but disarmed the populous there. They are an island so don't have the border issues we do to keep guns out. . . . they have a controlling government that has taken away many of the freedoms we don't even thing about having it is so natural to us. . .

They are the most dangerous country in Europe. . ..

Read it HERE

In a nutshell the UK has proven that taking away the peoples guns make them less safe, and the government more willing to take over your life. . . .

Lessons we had better learn from them before Obama and company do the same to us.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

OK, A number of things to cover on this one. . .

First, Happy Independence Day! The day we through off the chains of an over controlling government that did not listen to the people and gave birth to this great country!

Second - Happy Birthday Dad! Though you have been gone thee years I know you know we are thinking of you today!

Third - How did you celebrate it? We started With a local parade that the kids loved! We cheered the Vets and the Reenacts from the different wars. We saw lots of cool cars and trucks and had lots of fun. . . Fireworks tomorrow night due to weather. . . .

Fourth - ending the day with friends and family at a friends cook out!

Last but by no way least - Thank you to all you vets for buying us our freedom with you time, limbs and lives. And thank you for continuing to pay the bill generation after generation so we can remain free!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

National Health Care

For those of you that still fall for the idea of a national health care system that works and look at the UK for an example go read this.

No one gets something for nothing and Obama is fooling you again if you think National Health Care can work and work well. . . .

Government is NEVER the answer.

Thanks to No Looking Backwards for the link