Friday, July 17, 2009

Obama Joke

The radio on the way home was trying to tell me that the economy is better now than it was and the bail out is working. . . More Obama BS.

If things are better and thing have turned then tell my why the stock market is still WAY down, and unemployment in 15 states is up to or over 10%. . . .

when the dow is back over 10K and companies are hiring again with an unemployment under 8% I will start to believe things are on the mend. Until then Obama can keep pushing the Kool Aid but I ain't buying it.

This is just the main stream media trying to fix his BS and sell us a lie to help with his falling ratings . . . sorry but as more and more folks wake up from the Obama nightmare his ratings have nowhere to go but down.

Don't buy it and remember to vote out as many Dems as you can in 2010. It is the only chance we have to stop his push into socialism.

Obama - One Big Ass Mitake America. . . .

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