Monday, March 14, 2016

Trump is getting set up

I for one am getting sick of listening to the news folks blame Trump for the act of outside demonstrators at Chicago.

In a page right out of the Brown Shirts manual the folks from the left decided that since they can't win the argument with him they would silence him.  And how best to do that but show up and protest, provoke a confrontations and then blame Trump.  And the news media is only to happy to play along and jump on Trump.  What about the responsibility of those who are starting the problems?  Known criminal and terrorist Bill Ayres was part of the protest and some reports say he planned it. . . . This is a man known for violence and attacking cops.

This should sicken every American to see free speech stomped on like this.  They are showing their true colors in trying to stop Trump not with logic and thought out arguments but with yelling and preventing him from being heard.

Folks if you think you can only win by making it so folks can't hear the opponent then you have already lost the argument.  This is not the America I grew up in or that our founders wanted.