Saturday, August 28, 2010

Arguments I don't want to be in. . . .

The one my wife and daughters had today on which is worse,  being rather flat chested (wife and younger daughter) vs not being flat chested (older daughter) and having back problems when you get older. . . . I really don't want to hear any of this. . . .

Disney Day One

Made it to Disney almost intact.  They lost my younger daughters luggage.  Thank God we did get it back.  The tags got pulled off it.  They ID'd it by the blue stuffed fish she had brought . . . . we should have it in the morning. . ..

Got to see Illuminations this evening after the rain. . .

Got caught in the rain and we would have been drier if we fell in the pool. . . but hey, a bad day at Disney is still better than a good day at work. . . .

Also got into Disney Studios for a bit and did Rock'n Roller coaster and Star Tours so it was a great start to the vacation. . .

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Democrats, the party of Yesterday. . .

Looks like the Dems new ad is all Bush. . . .

Seems they have forgotten he is not in charge any more. . . . .

more from CNN here

I hope they keep this up, it will be hard for even the Republicans to screw up this election if the Dems keep rolling out Bush crap. . . .

Some folks want to be MORE equal than others

This story makes me sick.  Someone should tell her to shut the F up.

This woman has worked for Disney for a few years, and knew what the dress code was to work there.  Now she is suing them because she is Muslim and wants to wear her head scarf.  I have family that worked for them.  They make it very clear before you join what the rules are including dress code.  You don't like them don't take the job.  It is that simple.

Sorry, this should be tossed out of court and the judge should laugh at her when he does it.

Folks, Disney is a PRIVATE company and you work for them by CHOICE and you know the rules when you join.  You don't like them you can go work someplace else.  You have NO RIGHT to tell Disney or any other private company what they can have as a dress code for things like this. 

I really don't see how she can dare to suddenly want to sue them after two years of not wearing it.  She did fine for two years what happened?  I think she finally smelled money and figured she would try for some.

Lets get this straight folks.  The US Constitution is between the GOVERNMENT and the PEOPLE.  It does not say anything about what anyone else can or can not do.  Private business can legally do what it wants.  You don't like it then don't patronize them or work for them.  If enough folks agree with you then they will change or let them go out of business.

So all I can tell this person is congrats on your new citizenship.  Learn to deal with life.  Suck it up like the rest of us or work someplace else or go back to where you came from.  We don't need more whiners here.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Latest builds

Here are a few photos of the latest build.  The Cobra is not the best looking but was the only 1/48 one I could find. . ..

First we will start with the Mosquito - a plywood bomber/recon aircraft. . ..

Next we have the Komet - the first rocket fighter.  Had a good 10 minuets or so of powered flight. . . . but the fastest thing in the sky for that 10 minutes.

And the Cobra - early model.  Not the best for details but they don't make many of these kits so they are hard to find in 1/48 scale

Biden puts foot in mouth again

CNN it telling us not to worry, Biden says the Dems will keep the House and Senate. . . .  I wonder where he gets the drugs?

With all the damage they have done in Congress with Dem control for the last 4 years, and now with Obama spending like a drunken sailor (my apologies to drunken sailors) he actually thinks they will win?


Folks on both sides are pissed off at the growth of government.  They are out of work and see no end to this recession (and it is a depression folks face it).  They have no answer but to spend more of the money you don't have to "fix it" which means pay off their buddies.

I think November will be quite the wake up for them. . . . I hope they stay fat dumb and happy until then, it will make voting them out much easier. . .

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blogger issues

Got some of the folks I met at the latest blogger shoot added to the rolls but I can't get Mopar or Zercool on to the list.  Blogger is having issues I think and I will keep trying but it was good to meet you all!

Sales Tax Holiday

Woke up this morning to the news folks all patting the Governor on the back for our MA sales tax holiday weekend.  It is an election year, so we had the holiday this year that we could not afford last year they tell us.  Heck, we can't afford it this year according to the state budget but they need the votes don't they.

Anyway they are all out there telling us how we boosted sales in all these stores, and saved our 6.25% sales tax.

Well it is a good  thing they don't push the facts.  Things I want to see before I call this anything but smoke and mirrors -

1 - Show me how we increased sales and didn't just pull them in or put them off for a few weeks to buy on this weekend instead of last week or next week when we would have to pay a tax.

2 - Show me how much we increased sales along the NH border where they don't have a sales tax all year if they drive to NH.

This is all BS.  Sales will be great this weekend.  I bet sales sucked last week and will for the next few weeks.  This kind of game does not create sales, it just condenses when they are made.  Folks are not buying anything they would not have bought anyway folks, they are just all doing it on the same weekend so they get the break.

I know we didn't buy anything we would not have bought anyway over the next few weeks for the kids to go to school.

All smoke and mirrors to buy votes for the fools on Beacon Hill.  Just like the Fed auto and home sales programs, when it is over the market will slump and make up for it.  If you look at sales over the month or months around this event to smooth the numbers you won't see any changes.

So go out and shop, and if you buy into they hype all I can tell you is "baaa baaa"

For the rest of us, go, buy, and vote them out in November.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Obama DOES want your guns

Saw THIS over at Say Uncles. . ..

What it all boils down to is this.  South Korea wants to sell a bunch of their M1 Garands and Carbines to the US civilians.  US shooters want the guns.  Obama's administration has put up roadblocks to prevent the sales.

These guns are part of our history, given to the Koreans after the war to help them defend themselves.  They don't need them and could use the money from selling them to us.  Many collectors and shooters here would be glad to buy one or more of these historic guns, , ,   Big Brother Obama says no.

SO next time you hear the BS that Obama does not want to take your guns remember this story.  He won't move at them moment because he fears the gun lobby and thinks he has a chance to get re-elected.  He can prevent many of us from getting  a gun we would love to own, a piece of American history and he is doing it.

If God help us he does get re-elected you can bet he will do all he can to not only prevent you from getting a gun, he will take what you have too.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kid Fun

Well just got the youngest to bed.  I kept saying bed?  and he would say bed and move closer to the stairs.  Once I said OK, bed.  Well, that was not good enough. . . he wanted a ride to bed so he climbed up on the couch and gets on my back with his arms around my neck.  He then proudly announces "backpack on" and sits there waiting for me to move. 

And yes, he got his ride up to bed. . . .

What can I say, he is 3 and knows what he wants. . . .

Friday, August 6, 2010


65 years ago today man entered the age of atomic war. . . .
And Hiroshima became the first target in the quest to end the war in the Pacific.  It was something that had to be done to end a long and bloody war and I say we were right in doing it.  Compare one city (ok, two) to the millions on both sides along with the massive destruction of Japan if we had invaded. . . .
Here is to remembering all those on both sides that day. . . . May we never see another like it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kagan on the SCOTUS

Not much to say, it is a clean wash if you ask me.  We lost one socialist and gained a new one.  She will not support our Constitution and will help the Fed limit our rights.

I am disappointed that the Republicans did not work harder to stop this. . . . .

Glasses surprise

Went out glasses shopping last night as I am now officially old and need new glasses with bi-focals. . .

Got quite a shock up at BJ's.  I was pricing a new pair of glasses at the eye docs and WITH insurance the glasses were about $270 and the sunglasses were about $420. . .  Total about $690. . .  So I said OK, let me look around and get back to you. 

I should have known there was a problem the way the sales person kept telling me to make sure I compare apples to apples, and that they had the lowest cost. . . . that is not a good sign folks.  Anyway I go to BJ's which is where I got my current glasses and give him the script and tell him what I want.  In a few moments and the wife's help I have picked out frames and all and we are done. . .  Total cost for both pairs of glasses - $270.

Kinda makes you wonder how some people stay in business when their costs are that much off. . . .

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Connecticut Gunman

I am having a hard time with the shooting in Connecticut.  I am really getting sick of watching the news folks at CNN and the Boston Globe try to make the shooter out as a sympathetic character.
Lets play the race card shall we?  Had he been a white shooter all you would hear about is the gun and the tragedy and the families who lost folks, the things you should hear.  This is a tragedy, and the people you should feel for are the shooters victims and their family's.  But no, the news is pushing some form of racial harassment that pushed him over the edge, like he was a saint and all.
One problem here folks, the union has no record of any complaints from him on harassment.  The government has no record of him filing any harassment issues. . .  What we do have is a film of him stealing from the employer. . . .
Now around here that is grounds to fire you - end of story.  But no, they were nice to him and tried to help him.  They were going to let him resign so it would not look bad on his record.  How did he thank them?  He killed 8 people.
This is the problem we have in society right now.  Minorities are taught to look for racism and use that as an excuse for their actions.  Sorry, there is no excuse for this persons actions.  HE made the choice to steal, HE made the choice to shoot people that HE FELT had insulted/disrespected him.  HE did not report it or take proper action if there was harassment against him.  HE decided to deal with it with violence instead of legal action.  We are supposed to be civilized - HE did not act civilized.
No, he is not a sympathetic character and even if they do prove the raciest comments I will still say he is the bad guy.  He is the one that took multiple lives instead of addressing this as a civilized person through legal means.  He does not deserve the respect he is getting in the news, they should portray him for what he is, a killer.  This killer and people like him continue to prove that lawful citizens must have the right to carry arms to protect themselves from the thugs of the world who care nothing for our laws or lives if they don't FEEL like obeying them or FEEL you disrespected them.  I will also bet that this was supposed to be a gun free zone, so he went in there breaking the rules to start with and probably had this planned out.
I will give my sympathy to the families of those this animal killed.  They are the victims here and they need our support now.

Illegal Alien kills Nun

Yep,  you got it right. . .  CNN is even covering it HERE.

Now you bleeding harts tell me again why we are so nice to the Illegals who break into our country and break our laws?

Obama Clinton?

Lets hope CNN is right on this one and they won't do it because he could actually win with Hillary on the ticket. . . It would be the same mistake all over - folks backing Obama just to make history and to hell with if he can do the job. . . .

Stick with Biden please - either way we need to get folks moving to insure he is a one and done fool.

Obamacare goes DOWN

Finally some common sense. . .

As reported on CNN HERE the good folks in old Missouri have woken up from the kool aid and told Obama to take his health care law and stuff it.  You don't need to have health insurance in good old MO! 

I hope this is the start of a major wave to remove him and his socialist medical laws out of DC and our lives.  Heck even the UK is starting to go back to private medical insurance like we had now that they are rationing care over there. . . .

Folks need to wake up!  Socialism don't work, never did, never will.

I am now OLD

Well, I was going to post something last night but I had my yearly eye doc appointment and they did the test with the eye drops so I could not see anything close up the rest of the night. . . .

I am now officially old.  I was told that yes, you can read at 20 20 but we really suggest bi-focals for you.  And I had to admit that they did seem to make things up close a lot clearer.  And since I am getting back into building my models which as you can imagine is a lot of small up close work I am going to go for it. . . .

Whomever came up with the getting old idea sucked. . . . but on the other side the guy that came up with progressive lenses so your bi-focals don't show was a genius!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Obama vs Bush

Something to add to the list of things I never thought I would here on CNN. . . .
" Pres Obama was back on the campaign trail the way he talked today, and it seemed like he was campaigning against George Bush. . "
wow, when even CNN starts to admit you keep pushing Bush even though he has been out of office for over a year now you have got to wonder.  I am starting to have some hope that the media is losing it fascination with the big O and that would be great for the November elections. . . .
I just hope Obama and team don't wake up to the fact that Bush is not running this time. . . the rest of the country seems to be waking up to that fact and it makes them look a bit behind the times. . .

Monday, August 2, 2010

Blogger Shoot 2010

Well the blogger shoot is over and all that is left is to buy new ammo and clean the boom sticks. . .

Had a great time and met a number of new folks, some even bloggers = )

I will be updating the bloggers I met list and all that good stuff this week.  Lissa and JayG have some good photos and info on the shoot on their blogs, you really need to go and read them over.

As for me, I have to say that my oldest and I had a great time.  I did most of my shooting with the black powder I have.  I did get a chance to try a fully suppressed fully auto .22. . . and so did my daughter.  I have to say it was fun.  It sounded like an old electric typewriter with a key stuck and boy did it go through 25 rounds fast.   Lots of fun!

The shoot stated out with the normal cannon shot, here is a good shot of Jay lining it up. . . minutes of berm my ass. . . .

We had the normal paper targets, some water filled coke bottles and such but the star of the day was ol' hello kitty. . . it went down with a good fight but it did lose.  At the end there were so many through and through that it was stuck to the backstop and didn't need the hanger any more. . . .

I also got to spend a good amount of time talking to the folks, met another Mason there, and made a bunch of new friends.  You know it is funny but the folks are so good to talk to at times the shooting gets in the way. . . (just kidding)

We also got to see a couple of pieces of history, an old Japanese machine gun, and a nice recoil-less rifle. . . photos below. . ..

This was really cool to see in person.  It helps that I am a WWII history nut. . . .

When all was said and done another great blogger shoot.  Great to see all the folks again and can't wait to get to the next one. . . . all those folks, all those guns, and we all had a good time and no one got hurt. . . . so much for blood in the street like the anti's talk about. . .

The Beautiful People

It must be nice to be one of the beautiful people in California. . . Lindsay Lohan was given 90 days in jail in relation to her drunk driving. . .She is out in less than two weeks. . . That would be less than 14 days. . .
14 is MUCH less than 90. . .
I am sure you or I would get the same deal right?  Right?  Why are you looking at me funny?
And they wonder why we have such crime problems. . . .

Bloogershoot 2010

Blogger shoot update is coming!  I promise.   My daughter got a bunch of good photos of the shoot and I need to do a report on it but by the time I got home last night it was just too late.  Look for update tonight and an update on Bloggers I Met while there as we did have a few new faces.

 It was funny, I mainly shot my black powder and spent more time hanging around talking than shooting, but had a great time.  Once again it was proven that gunnys are good folks!