Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Connecticut Gunman

I am having a hard time with the shooting in Connecticut.  I am really getting sick of watching the news folks at CNN and the Boston Globe try to make the shooter out as a sympathetic character.
Lets play the race card shall we?  Had he been a white shooter all you would hear about is the gun and the tragedy and the families who lost folks, the things you should hear.  This is a tragedy, and the people you should feel for are the shooters victims and their family's.  But no, the news is pushing some form of racial harassment that pushed him over the edge, like he was a saint and all.
One problem here folks, the union has no record of any complaints from him on harassment.  The government has no record of him filing any harassment issues. . .  What we do have is a film of him stealing from the employer. . . .
Now around here that is grounds to fire you - end of story.  But no, they were nice to him and tried to help him.  They were going to let him resign so it would not look bad on his record.  How did he thank them?  He killed 8 people.
This is the problem we have in society right now.  Minorities are taught to look for racism and use that as an excuse for their actions.  Sorry, there is no excuse for this persons actions.  HE made the choice to steal, HE made the choice to shoot people that HE FELT had insulted/disrespected him.  HE did not report it or take proper action if there was harassment against him.  HE decided to deal with it with violence instead of legal action.  We are supposed to be civilized - HE did not act civilized.
No, he is not a sympathetic character and even if they do prove the raciest comments I will still say he is the bad guy.  He is the one that took multiple lives instead of addressing this as a civilized person through legal means.  He does not deserve the respect he is getting in the news, they should portray him for what he is, a killer.  This killer and people like him continue to prove that lawful citizens must have the right to carry arms to protect themselves from the thugs of the world who care nothing for our laws or lives if they don't FEEL like obeying them or FEEL you disrespected them.  I will also bet that this was supposed to be a gun free zone, so he went in there breaking the rules to start with and probably had this planned out.
I will give my sympathy to the families of those this animal killed.  They are the victims here and they need our support now.

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