Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some folks want to be MORE equal than others

This story makes me sick.  Someone should tell her to shut the F up.

This woman has worked for Disney for a few years, and knew what the dress code was to work there.  Now she is suing them because she is Muslim and wants to wear her head scarf.  I have family that worked for them.  They make it very clear before you join what the rules are including dress code.  You don't like them don't take the job.  It is that simple.

Sorry, this should be tossed out of court and the judge should laugh at her when he does it.

Folks, Disney is a PRIVATE company and you work for them by CHOICE and you know the rules when you join.  You don't like them you can go work someplace else.  You have NO RIGHT to tell Disney or any other private company what they can have as a dress code for things like this. 

I really don't see how she can dare to suddenly want to sue them after two years of not wearing it.  She did fine for two years what happened?  I think she finally smelled money and figured she would try for some.

Lets get this straight folks.  The US Constitution is between the GOVERNMENT and the PEOPLE.  It does not say anything about what anyone else can or can not do.  Private business can legally do what it wants.  You don't like it then don't patronize them or work for them.  If enough folks agree with you then they will change or let them go out of business.

So all I can tell this person is congrats on your new citizenship.  Learn to deal with life.  Suck it up like the rest of us or work someplace else or go back to where you came from.  We don't need more whiners here.

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