Friday, August 29, 2008

It is now a teenager

As of midnight last night it became official. . . . I am old. . . .

And my first born is now a teenager. . . . . yep, she is 13. . . . .

Dating and boyfriends can't be far off now. . . . .

I think I may need to keep a gun ready for cleaning at any moment . . . . . That can be the first boyfriend test. If the AK in parts on the table don't send him running then he may be ok. . . .

= )

On the bright side it is a nice change to have some happy news for a change. We will be going out to a family dinner with Grandma, Nana and the rest of the family. It will be good to have a change of scenery around here.

We also went down to the range with my nephew and brother in law today to burn through some brass. That was fun and it looks like the new front sight on the Enfield is set pretty well so that went well. I may have to shift it a touch to the right but considering I set it without shooting I am rather happy I got it that close on the first try. . . .

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kids, what can you do with them

Well, my in-laws are having a bit of a problem.

May of my Dad in Laws family is down in the NY/NJ/PA area and they want to come to the wake and funeral. Problem is they are too old to drive up here and their kids went from saying "sure I can take you up any time you want to" to " I can't go right now".

I am sorry folks, but I took a day off of work when my aunt died so I could drive my Mom up to the funeral. There wasn't even a second thought - I asked if she wanted to go, she said yes, the next day we were on our way. They are family, that is what you do.

I have to say I don't really want to deal with a house full of people right now but I think it is ridiculous that these kids are so self centered that they can't make time to take their parents up to the wake and funeral of their uncle.

May I never become that self centered. . . .

Deep Thoughts

You know it is times like this that get you thinking. . . . With the passing of my Father in law yesterday it brought back lots of memories of when my dad passed about two and a half years ago.

As I think about these two men, both did some amazing things. . . .

I’ll start with my Dad – He was a Sea Bee in the Navy in 59-60, a doctor on an Ice Breaker and part of Deep Freeze Five where they went to re-supply the bases in the Antarctic. While there his ship made history with the depth of penetration into one of the ice shelf’s, I forget which one off the top of my head. He then went on to work on an old Liberty Ship that was converted into a listing ship. While there he was part of the first broadcast from land to a ship using the Moon as the reflector/satellite to bounce the signal off of.

He came home, got married and started his own practice. He developed a bit of a drinking problem but he beat it. He then went on to develop the program for the state of Maine to help other Doctors that had problems with drugs to get help and get straight. He then set up a similar program in New Hampshire and helped fix the one in Massachusetts when it got all messed up.

My father in law was a WWII vet, and not just anyone but one of the bomber crews on a B-26. His crew only made a few missions before getting so badly shot up that only he and one other survived it so I am told. He was grounded due to injury and after healing up went back to war this time as a mechanic fixing the aircraft for the rest of the war. He married a British woman and came home.

He went to work for the DOD as a Quality Inspector and had other odd jobs including working for the US Mail in order to make ends meet as they raised a family of four kids. He was a hunter and an avid fisherman, the outdoorsman my dad wasn’t.

Now I look back at all they have done and I can see why we call the previous generation the Greatest Generation. I would extend that to include my Dads generation too as he did not fight in WWII which is who they usually mean. . . .

These folks did all sorts of things, nothing seemed to stop them. Whatever they needed to do for the country or their family they did. They worked long hours, paid the bills and raised a family.

I am not sure we are living up to this. . . . I regret not having served in the military but that is not the only thing they did. We seem to have taken this country that they built and we are slowly destroying it with political correctness and liberal/hippy ideas. When my dad was nearing the end we use to talk a lot. He seemed glad that he was not going to have to be around for what was to come. He did not understand why the country was going so far left. He had warned against the care HMOs would give years before they got popular and it came to pass. . . He knew the insurance folks would take over medicine and the care and choices would be taken away from the doctors and put in the hands of the accountants at the insurance company. . . . He feared universal health care as he said that would make the mess we have now look great by comparison. . .

I hope we can bring things back and be worthy of inheriting the country these men and many like them built and protected for us. This country is going too far to the left and heading for socialism even though we know it doesn’t work. Obama is a huge step toward big brother government and the destruction of personal freedom in this country in the name of the great state – and politically correctness. . . .

We need to shift things back to the middle, ideally a tad bit right of the middle. We need to go back to a country of freedom loving people that will take responsibility for their freedom. We need to get back to a nation of riflemen as they say. Folks that know how to use guns and don’t fear them. Folks that will take back their streets, neighborhoods, and cities from the evil that lives there now dealing in drugs, crime and dead ends. We need to look at people like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson for what they are, hate mongers that make a living off of dividing us and keeping folks down and dependent on government hand outs.

And then I ask myself what have I done? So far not too much. I wonder what I will be able to say for my self at the end of the day when I meet my ancestors . . . Will I be able to claim anything as my achievement? What will I be doing with my time here to make a difference. . . . I think my generation has a lot of work ahead of us. . . .

Monday, August 25, 2008

Info on Dad

Hey folks, for those of you asking, here is the info on my Dad in Law

Sad Day here

Well the news of the day is my Dad in Law has passed on.

He was dealing with a lot of pain and suffering over the last few weeks of his fight with cancer. I have to say that although we will all miss him a great deal this is for the better. No one should have to go through the pain and suffering he did over the last few days.

I have been thinking a while now on a good post about him. I have been trying to come up with what to say about a guy that fought in WWII in a B-26, came home and raised a great family of 4 kids and was married for 60+ years. . . . But it will have to wait. For now my wife and the family are doing ok and we will take this one day at a time.

Good By dad we will miss you.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama Picks Biden

This is great news! Obama has completed his shift to a DC insider by picking a do nothing DC insider for his VP!. Got a whole 3 delegates from the home state too! And he is from the Northeast like Kerry was. . . not much to excite folks here. . . .

Great choice to help McCain win. Now if McCain can only pick well he may still have a chance.

Obama. . . . Well, he is on the way down and does not seem to want to stop it. I am VERY interested in seeing what the Clinton's pull at the convention. If the Dems really want this then they will dump Hopey Changey and put Clintion in the running. . . . But they won't. . .

Obama you can still give this to McCain. . . . . Thanks

Friday, August 22, 2008

Another Mass Moment

BOSTON (WBZ) ― A party cruise ends in violence leaving one man dead.

State Police say the 41-year-old victim was on board the Provincetown II boat that came back from a cruise around midnight Thursday night. There were 815 people on board the boat.

The victim was in a parking lot between Anthony's Pier 4 Restaurant and the Institute of Contemporary Art, when he was gunned down.

State Police Sgt. John Gentile tells WBZ TV three to four shots were fired. He says they already had six cruisers at the pier for traffic and crowd control when the boat came in. Despite closing off the area quickly, the gunman managed to escape.

Well there you have it folks, proof that all those MASS gun laws the liberals are so proud of work . . . . er, maybe not. . . . When will they stop lying to us? Never because it is not about safety or anything else you may think of. . . it is about control and disarming the serfs. . .

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Obama gets a new flag and supporter

Found this HERE

I guess the American Communist Party loves the idea of an Obama win and backs him. . .

Another reason to vote against him.

Vote McCain

Obama is at it again

You can see the photos here

The pass to go see Obama give his speech has a background that looks like an upside down American flag. . . . .

If you had a clue (and Obama don't) then you would know that is an international distress sign - and SOS.

Well, then again the Dems think we are all evil and doomed so maybe they do know what the upside down flag means. . . . but they claim that is not it at all. . . go read.

All I can say is they think we are all too stupid to know what is going on. . . . That is why we need them to make the US a nanny state to take care of us idiot that want to be free. . . .

This guy has the potential to be the worst thing to ever happen to this country. . . . many many times worse than Carter. . . .I think if he gets in we may as well kiss our economy and way of life good bye. He wants to turn us into a third world nation with his hope and change. . . Just don't ask what he hopes to do or what he will change. . .

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another Mass Moment

Schools here are under pressure to allow Anit-Military groups to attend the High School career fairs to that they can talk kids out of the military as a career. They don’t think kids know that they could get hurt in the military. . . . .

Sorry, which part didn’t you folks get about the military? They train you to kill, give you cool high teach weapons, guns and high explosives. . . . what did you think they do? You don’t think the kids watch the news and know that folks get shot at and killed in a war?

This is a job fair, where are the OSHA folks to talk you out of working in construction or fishing or any other job that is as dangerous or more dangerous than the military. . . But they will tell you they are just giving info, they support the troops and are not anti military. . . we just don’t want any one to join them. . . . ya right.

Only in MA can the loony left do this. . . and two schools (Milton and Cohasset) actually let them in. . . .

I hope our students are smarter than the protesters or we are in more trouble than we all know. . . .

From Michal Graham's Blog

If only I were as brilliants as the supergeniuses of the Massachusetts Left. They see these school events are yet another opportunity to display their hatred of the American military. And that's what the kooks at Citizens for an Informed Community hope to inflict on the kids at Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School this year.

Led by Bridgewater State College geography professor Vernon Domingo, the CIC crew think it's unfair that an organization that hires people to do a job (the US Armed Services) are allowed to participate in a job fair, while a bunch of clueless kooks who aren't hiring anyone (CIC) are not invited. "The issue is, both side should be allowed in, or neither side should be," says CIC member Raymond Ajemian.

Once again, we're not talking about Debate Club or a political campaign. This is Career Day. How did the "Fairness Doctrine" get involved? Do these nuts really believe in equal time for a job fair? OK, then let's have PETA set up across from KFC, and the American Nudists Society can display their wares opposite any retail clothing stores. I for one would love to see every recruiter for state or local governments being stared down by Barbara Anderson from Citizens for Limited Taxation.

How stupid is this idea? So stupid that at least two Massachusetts public school systems--Milton and Cohasset--have already adopted it.

The anti-military morons say that their presence is needed because military recruiters don't tell the whole story. "The brochures say nothing about dying and nothing about post-traumatic stress syndrome," Ajemian whined to the Boston Globe-Democrat.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Obama Fails the test again

In a question on when a baby should have all the basic human rights Obama took the easy way out and said “ answering that question with specificity is above my pay grade”

He does not want to answer a question that may get the Pro or Anti abortion folks to vote against him.

He has shown once again he can’t make the hard calls and stick to his choice if anyone is going to hold it against him. I have no respect for this guy. He can’t hold a position on anything. As soon as he thinks it may go against him he changes his answers.

I don’t have to like a politicians answers but I will still respect him for sticking to his convictions. I hate Ted Kennedy as a politician and am ashamed he is my Senator but I still have to respect that he does not change his answer every interview. At least he has the guts to stick to his answers to do what he thinks is right for the country even if it is unpopular.

Obama, not so much. This is more proof that we can’t let him get elected president! It is above his pay grade to have to deal with hard choices and he wants to be President???

What the hell kind of choices does Obama think the President makes? Easy ones? This guy can’t handle a hard question at an interview. . . how the hell will he handle Iran or Russia or North Korea?

Obama – not ready for a job above his pay grade. . ..

Predictions on Pakistan

The news media seems to be falling all over themselves around here this morning on the news that Musharraf has stepped down as president of Pakistan. They are giving him safe passage out of the county for doing it.

Now while the news folks are all happy about this change of events lets think about a few things:

- He was PRO US, Anti Terror
- Pakistan has many Islamic Fundamentalist there that hate us
- Even with him in charge they didn’t let us cross the boarder looking for Osama
- Good chance they will want to tell us to go screw to gain a rep standing up to the US

Folks, without him keeping a lid on things there you can expect that the fundamentalists will get more power. They may eventually start running the whole thing and that puts us back where we were in 2001 with Afghanistan.

Mark my words, there is a very good chance we will end up in Pakistan fighting these folks once Osama gets control of things. . . .

We are Nuts

Has anyone else heard these ads on the radio? “Folks think they can’t get a mortgage or there is not money available. . .. We have plenty of mortgage money to lend and we will give you a loan with other bank’s won’t. Everyone should be able to get a mortgage. . . “

Is this nuts or is it just me? We don’t care if you can afford the mortgage we will give it to you anyway? How the hell do you think we got into this mess with the housing and foreclosures in the first place?

Now I am all for everyone being equal and not discriminating against folks but when it comes to a loan either you make enough to pay it back or you don’t. That seems rather simple, basic and non discriminatory to me. If you can pay the loan you get it, no matter what you look or sound like.

Seems we have learned nothing and are still well on our way of suicide by political correctness folks. . . .

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life and Death

My Dad In Law is hanging in there for now and all the kids are home to see him so that is good. He is still dealing with a lot of pain and has said a few times he is ready to go.

We were over there tonight and it was really surreal to look at my 15 mo old son in his high chair eating dinner and knowing that my 85 yr old in law was in the next room dying. It is strange to see things so close - one life just starting out and one ending in the same area. I am not really sure how to put it into words but it made me thing about it all for a bit. . . .

I don't thing he has much time left, and with the pain he is in I have to say I think it will be good when it is over. There is not much that can be harder on someone than watching someone you love in this kind of pain and knowing that there is nothing you can do and there is only one end to the whole thing. It is going to be a tough few days I think. . . .

Gun Club

Eldest Daughter did it! She passed the safety course and we will get her down to the club meeting on Monday to get her signed up!!


we will also be keeping the paperwork in a safe place so she can go for her FID in two years when she hits 15.

She is so excited. She is a bit upset that she didn't shoot as well as she could but they supplied the guns, all in .22

She does much better with my .22 and the AR-15. I had to convince her we could not bring it for the test. . . . didn't want her causing problems with the other students

= )

Friday, August 15, 2008

Clue The Game sold out

In order to better fit into our brave new liberal world of happy pink fluffy bunnies they have made a few changes:

Gone – Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum. We don’t want military or scholarly folks I guess. . . . they are now Jack Mustard the Football Star and Victor Plum billionaire video game maker. . . we need pop culture in here I guess

Also changed around are the weapons used to knock off the deceased. . . . They got rid of the wrench, the revolver and the pipe. . . . I guess they were just too bloody and old fashioned. They have been replaced with more humane ways to kill off the subject – use of Poison, a dumbbell or a trophy. . . . .

Way to cave guys. . . . I still don’t think you are going to win against a Wii with the kids but at least you got better looking to the hippies and lefty yuppies . . .

Safty Class


Part one of my oldest gun safety class is done and she did great. Tomorrow morning we do a review, take the test and spend some time on the range.

I think she will do fine. Then she can join my gun club. Two years to her FID and she can't wait. . . .you would think it was her drivers license the way she talks about it!

I am one happy Dad!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jay G Moment

OK, folks, at the risk of sounding like Jay G when you get to an intersection with a light, don't go into it unless you get get all the way through before the light changes!!!!!

On the way into work today I got to sit through a light cycle because the folks going through the intersection decided that they would sit in the middle until the light changed again. Yo Dip Stick, that is how we get in this gridlock in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Troops Pay for Extra Bags or American Airlines Sucks

OK, this makes me ill. . . . CNN reports they are charging our troops who are traveling under orders, possibly going to war extra for a third bag of stuff they have to take with them.

This is another reason why the airlines are out of control with the fees. I have become a strong believer that the worst thing ever done to the airlines was de-regulation. Airlines are critical to our business and way of life in the US, maybe too critical to not be under government regulation and I hate government regulation . . . .

How can you ask a soldier going to war to kick out another $100 for his supplies. What is he/she supposed to eat with on the way if they forgot to get extra money??

These folks should be ashamed of themselves. The VFW is trying to get this fee removed but the folks at American Airlines say too bad, they can get reimbursed by the military so the fee stays. . . . Nice.

I think we need to know who along with American Airlines is doing this and boycott them. If they can’t wave a fee to help in the war effort then lets see how they do with fewer customers. We need to remind these fools that those soldiers going over there to fight and maybe die are the ones that keep their sorry asses safe behind the desk at American Airlines.

The Air Transportation Association does not look like it wants in on this either so they are going with the “it’s not us that sets the fee” answer and not doing anything about it.

Sounds like American Airlines sucks big time and we need to know who else is taking advantage of our troops. Lets boycott them and hit them where they will pay attention – the bottom line. Airlines treat us bad enough now, they need to learn some respect. Well American, lets see how you like your bottom line when real Americans don’t fly on your planes. . .

Proud Dad. . . .

OK, we are all set and my daughter goes for her safety class tomorrow night and Saturday then she can join the gun club as a junior member!!!!

Talk about a proud Dad. . . . and she shoots good too. . . . now she can't wait til she is old enough to get a license. . . .

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


July 23, 2008

Marks the ten year anniversary of

The Massachusetts Gun Control Act of 1998


85% Decrease in licensed gun owners


67% INCREASE in homicide related firearm deaths since 1998.

236% INCREASE in assault related firearm hospital discharges since 1998.

331% INCREASE in firearm assault related emergency room visits since 1999.

590% INCREASE in firearm assault outpatient observations since 2001.

- Ya, gun control in MA works folks. . . . .

Daughter’s and Shooting

On a brighter note my oldest daughter is interested in joining my gun club as a junior member. They are nice enough to not charge for the course for kids (under 18) so it won’t cost us and it is only $10 a year for her to join the club as a junior member.

I asked her about it last night and she was psyched to do it. I will attend the class with her since she doesn’t know anyone but I will just be observing. Then she gets her own membership.

Now we just have to pick the dates to go take the course. . . I think we may do it this week.

She is excited about it because I get to take two guests to the range with me and if she is a member then when I take my friend and her son she can still come since she won’t be a guest any more!

I am thrilled she wants to do this as she has done very well shooting when we have gone to the range. She is already good with the four rules and has shown me she can safely handle a gun. She does mostly .22 but she loves the AR-15 I have since it looks nice and does not have much (if any) recoil. Every time we go to the ranges she wants some trigger time on the AR. . . . . and what kind of Dad would I be to say no?

Hard Times

Well, last night is what I would call not a good night. As some of you know my father in law is sick with cancer. Point of fact he is dying and we don’t expect it to be too far off.

One of the things we have tried to do is take advantage of the fact that we live close to both sets of grandparents. We have spent lots of time with them and the kids so they would know them. This is a good thing. It is also a hard thing when that time comes that we don’t like to talk about. What is it that we can’t say die? They go to Heaven, Cross over, Pass On . . . .

We first had to deal with this a bit over two years ago when my Dad died. He had a long fight with cancer too (from smoking so if you smoke, quit! It is not a good way to go). It was hard to watch but at least he had an OK quality of life up to the end and could still enjoy talking with us all, building his model boats, reading and watching TV. It was hard on the kids when he finally passed but they had a chance to get ready and knew it was coming.

My Dad in law was doing ok up until a month or two back. This has been much faster, and he has been in much more pain than my Dad was. I don’t think – hell I know he is not having a good quality of life right now. He is stuck in bed, sleeps a lot, and can’t really eat or drink anything. As I said, things will be over soon.

My daughters seem to be taking this two totally different ways. My oldest will be 13 this month and she is aware what is going on but doesn’t talk much about it. She likes to go see him when he is up for it, and she seems ok with things and understands it. I don’t want to push her too much but that is where it’s at right now.

My younger daughter is the emotional one. . . she is 10 and she had good and bad days with it. We were up late last night because she was crying already missing Papa. . . . she was scared that he may die overnight (like my Dad) and she won’t get to see him again. That has to have been one of the hardest nights I have had as a parent. What do you do when there is nothing you can do or say to make the pain go away? She knows he is sick and in pain, she knows this is the natural way of things but that still doesn’t make it any easier. . . . . My wife promised her that they would all go over first thing today to see him and that seemed to help a bit. She can get to camp a bit late. . . . some things are more important. . . . .

As for me and my wife, we are getting through it. I am trying to do what I can for her but again what can you say? We just take it a day at a time and I do whatever I can so she can go see him and help mom when needed . . . .

Personally I am torn . . . . part of me hopes it is quick, it is hard to see someone you care about in so much pain and know it won’t get better. But part of me also knows that he has two more kids trying to get home in time to see him. I have a brother and a sister in law that should make it into town in the next day or so and I pray that he will be around long enough to see them. I don’t know if that is selfish but I know how important it was to me to spend time with my Dad as the end came. I was there almost every weekend to talk and just sit with him. I hope they can get here in time to say their piece and spend that last bit of time with him. . . . but we don’t get to make that call do we. . . .

I am now certain that the cruelest part of life is we don’t know what comes next until it is too late to tell anyone. . . . Just think of how much less painful the parting would be if you knew for sure you would see them again. . . I try to take it on faith, you see mediums like John Edwards and I think “man he is too good to be faking it”. . . then there are little things that happen that make you feel your loved ones are still around you even if you can’t see them – you smell grandma’s perfume, or gramps cigar when there is no one around, stuff like that. But I am an engineer, and know it for a fact would be so much better. . .

More later. Sorry if blogging is slow for the next few days and maybe a bit on the downer side but it is my blog and I need to vent. . . . .

Monday, August 11, 2008

China Olympics and the press

Can someone tell me what the big deal is with the Chinese blocking internet access to the press core? They are a sovereign country with a known restrictive and authoritative government . . . Why do the press folks feel they can walk in there and demand that the Chinese recognize their rights? They don’t give their own people these rights, why would they give it to the press?

But the part that really gets me is the sites that they are blocking all deal with stuff the Chinese don’t want their people to know about such as the protests in Tibet and such. . . . What does this have to do with the games?

Why does this censoring by the government have anything to do with the real reason the media is there – To cover the games. . . They are so use to playing games and the government letting them that they just don’t get it. Not everyone is nice like the US government that they love to badmouth. The Communist run things over their and it is their country, if you want to be there, live by their rules just like we (should) expect folks to live by our rules here. . .

So stop whining about the government of China and how they treat you in their country. You knew what they were like going into this – if it took you by surprise you must be rather slow on the uptake. . . you sure as hell are not qualified to do any kind of reporting as you obviously can’t find your own way out of a paper bag. . . .

Cats are Psychic

I don’t know if it is all cats or maybe I just seem to attract the spooky ones but they seem to know when you need them around . . . .

You could say there is a bit of stress in the house at the moment with Dad-in-Law being sick . . . well, more than sick as we don’t expect him to be with us on this side too much longer. . .

Anyway I gave in last night and went to bed early since I am stressed and didn’t know what to do with myself. I am not into the Olympics and I couldn’t get motivated to do anything. . . .

I wasn’t in bed more than a few moments when my little black cat Midnight came up, meowed and stuck her face in mine to get my attention. She wanted a scratch then settled down to sleep next to me. . . . There is just something about a cat purring next to you and the soft fur that really seems to reduce the stress level. I don’t know how they do it but they do. . . . She has been spending much more time around me lately. I swear they know when things are going on.

Then again, maybe I am just a cat person. . . .

Reloading in MA

Looking for help. . . .

Do any of you do reloading in the republic of MA? if so, where do you get your supplies to do this? Will anyone ship into MA or do you get everything at the local gun shop?


Obama fails another test

As discussed over at Hot Air it looks like Obama failed his first 3AM test as to what to do when things go south. . . . (note, this reaction was while on in transit to Hawaii)
(Thanks to Hot Air for the quotes)

Obama called for direct talks among all sides and said the United States, the U.N. Security Council and other parties should try to help bring about a peaceful resolution.
“I condemn Russia’s aggressive actions and reiterate my call for an immediate ceasefire,” Obama said in a statement.

“Russia must stop its bombing campaign, cease flights of Russian aircraft in Georgian airspace, and withdraw its ground forces from Georgia.”

Here’s his original statement:

“I strongly condemn the outbreak of violence in Georgia, and urge an immediate end to armed conflict,” Obama said in a written statement. “Now is the time for Georgia and Russia to show restraint and to avoid an escalation to full-scale war. Georgia’s territorial integrity must be respected.”

Just chocked full of that hopey-feelly stuff. . . Ya, that will work against tanks and bombers. . .

Surprisingly enough McCain seems to have come out with a better answer and did it before Obama. Guess experience really does help…..:

Today news reports indicate that Russian military forces crossed an internationally-recognized border into the sovereign territory of Georgia. Russia should immediately and unconditionally cease its military operations and withdraw all forces from sovereign Georgian territory. What is most critical now is to avoid further confrontation between Russian and Georgian military forces. The consequences for Euro-Atlantic stability and security are grave.

The government of Georgia has called for a cease-fire and for a resumption of direct talks on South Ossetia with international mediators. The U.S. should immediately convene an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council to call on Russia to reverse course. The US should immediately work with the EU and the OSCE to put diplomatic pressure on Russia to reverse this perilous course it has chosen. We should immediately call a meeting of the North Atlantic Council to assess Georgia’s security and review measures NATO can take to contribute to stabilizing this very dangerous situation. Finally, the international community needs to establish a truly independent and neutral peacekeeping force in South Ossetia.

Further proof that we need to get McCain in and keep Obama out of the White House. This is not a job you can learn on the fly on a good day and we are not having many good days right now.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Reloading. . .

I don’t remember who’s blog was talking about starting to reload but thanks. I took a look at the presses that were mentioned in the comments and all I can say is “DAMN, I didn’t think they were that cheap!”

I have a friend here that is willing to teach me what he knows on reloading and with the cost of dies and such I may have to look into getting into it next year if I can come up with some cash for stuff. . .

I am still floored on how cheap it would be to get started. Now I am not talking anything fancy – just a single stage not one of them nice multi stage, one pull of the lever one bullet things but hey, for now that would be enough. I don’t get to the range near as often as I would like so that would work for me. I just need to be able to reload anything from .380 up to a .303 Brit rifle round. . . .

Has anyone bought from Midway? Are they good price wise? Any other suggestions???

I am going to have to dig more on this topic and set up some training time with my friend I think. . . .

Obama as Anti-Christ? Are you that Nuts??

I can’t believe that this is actually getting news time on CNN and TIME. Obama is a leftist nut, he will be a disaster for the country, and even Paris Hilton has a better energy plan but anti-Christ? Are you kidding me???

Folks, if you think this guy is an un-American boob that does not have the background to be President then you are right. If you think he is the anti-Christ then I think you may need to have your meds adjusted a bit. . . please call your doctor.

The last thing we need to do is to start this foolishness. You look like an idiot calling him the anti-Christ.

Don’t folks already have enough on him to get a normal intelligent conservative person to vote against him? He is a leftist, communist or socialist, he has no clue on foreign policy or experience with it (Not counting his vacations), He has no plan for energy for the country, and wants to cripple the economy with more taxes, He is against the Second Amendment and probably the rest of the Bill of Rights if you look at his plans. He is not a supporter of the Constitution that is for sure. . . He belongs to a radical Black Liberation church (and has for 20 years) And that is just a quick list. . . lets not get into tinfoil hat land please. . . .

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Now I am Scared

Is it just me or are you all as scared as I am that Paris Hilton can do a spoof video on the Obama issues and she comes up with an energy plan that sounds as good or better than the ones our candidates did. . . .

I am sorry, but when Paris starts looking like a better choice than the two guys running we need to wake up and do something. . .

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

John Denver

I just got through watching a special on channel 2 on John Denver. It is amazing how he could tell a story with his songs, they were awesome to hear. I was lucky enough to see him in a small show the year before he was killed in the plane crash.

I was also lucky enough to have seen him once before. . . It was way back when I was a kid and they held concerts on Boston Common. It was a good size crowd and I can still see him up there singing away. I think what impressed me the most, and probably why it stuck in my head is that he was all on his own for the whole show. Yep, no band, no back up unless you count the half dozen guitars he had on stage and switched between while singing. That to me was one hell of a show, and guts to be up there on his own. I don't know many entertainers that would have the guts to do that - talk about putting it all out there, no one but you to blame or take credit when it is over. . . .

Guess I am going to have to burn those CDs to MP3s for the car now. . . .

Ah, the sound of flip flopping. . . .

Well, now Obama is for off shore drilling too. . . seems he is a bit late on this flip flop as McCain already flipped on this one a few weeks ago and now the Republicans are making a show of it in DC. . .

Maybe someone should start a score board for both candidates to track how many issues they flip on . . . I think they are just getting started as they flip flop their way to the Presidency. . . .

And where is the news coverage of the Republican protests? Looks like the main steam media is once again working with the Dems to try to tell us this is not news. I guess it isn't as we should be use to Congress being deadlocked by now. And them playing political games while we suffer with the taxes and high gas costs they don't want to deal with. . . .

And for those of you now taking the MBTA into Boston due to gas costs here is some good news for you - NOT - they are going to raise prices on the MBTA next year. . . I guess they don't like it when it is cheaper to take the T than drive. . . we need to make it cheaper to drive again (I don't get how they think in government here). . . .

Monday, August 4, 2008

Oil takes a dip

Well would you look at that. . . . Obama says he may be for more off shore drilling and the price of oil fell under $120 for a bit. That and the hurricane missed the oil fields.

But I thought the Dems were holding up any votes on off shore drilling because it would not effect the price for at least 10 years? What is this then?? Is Obama really the god hid followers think he is that he can magically lower the cost of oil or are the Dems playing with the price of gas, home heat, and our very economy for their own political gain?

Now we finally have both candidates looking to get this fixed. I wonder if Pelosi will continue to try to get Obama elected and ignore the cost to the rest of us by holding off any action by Congress.

Gas is still at least a buck over where it was a year ago and polls show up to 75% of folks list gas as a hardship at this point. How is our consumer based economy going to keep going if we have to spend all our free cash on gas just to get to work? What happens when we can’t afford the gas to get to work??

I wish I thought Congress was worried about this but I really think this is what they want. They can’t stand that the economy had started to turn, that the surge worked, and that as inept as Bush is things were actually not as bad as they had hoped for election time. So the answer seems to be to put the screws to you and me and make it hurt in hope that we will blame the Republicans and totally forget the Democrats control Congress and continue to roadblock any attempt at helping us.

Folks the proof is there, even CNN noted the effect of Obama changing from no drilling to the drilling is ok option and how that has lowered oil prices. If we really want to see them drop, we need to get Congress to remember who they work for and remove the foolish bans on off shore drilling. We can not due without the oil. It would be nice to have cleaner fuel, but we don’t yet. Our economy can not take this hit as the Dems pretend we have alternatives to oil. . . . We don’t and we need to tap into what we can get until the alternatives are available. The mentality of the Nancy Pekosi to cut off our nose to spite our face by not drilling is only hurting America. . . but that is what she wants so I guess it is working right Nancy?


Is it just me or has Congress gone completely around the bend?? These folks who are supposed to work for us and at our pleasure have gone home for the summer. The country is in an energy crisis that threatens our economy and they want to play political games with it. Good old Nancy won’t let anything come to a vote because she wants the Dems to win the White House this fall. She doesn’t care about the damage that is being done to the country and the working folks every day right NOW.

I just got the estimate of my monthly oil bill for this winter. It went up 50% over last year. You going to tell me where this money is going to come from? I’ll tell you, it will come from me not spending any extra cash on anything else. You think I am the only one in this position? With folks hurting like this and spending getting cut the economy will feel it and the Dems want it to. They want to ruin this country, then blame it on Bush so they can get back into office. DC has gone insane

This is a disgusting abuse of power and they wonder why the approval rating of Congress is half that of Bush. . . . and he is not exactly doing well right now. . . .

Folks, when it comes time to vote for the Congress folks remember – if it say incumbent next to the name vote against them.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Time to start drilling

As I have said before we need to start getting to the oil we have here instead of importing it. This is critical to keeping our economy going while we look for other ways to power our world.

The Dems in Congress are doing all they can to block this. . . .

Here are the facts on our own oil reserves. . .

Google Goes Politics

Looks like Google has blocked all new posts to the blog waronguns. This is a ridicules attack on a blog for political reasons. Looks like the left has been working overtime to make Google think it is a spam blog. Go take a read, he has posted some notes that he got through but he is stuck for now.

Just look how the left handls thing, if they can't win with logic then the will find some other way to shut you down. . . .

Mass Income Tax Repeal

I think this is funny. The liberals are all upset that the income tax repeal is going to be on the ballot again. It lost by 1-2% back in 1990. They are all upset that it is getting a second shot on the ballot.

They don’t like their own medicine it seams. We voted down the seat belt law in MA but they kept bring it back again and again until it passed. They do this all the time. The seat belt law was not supposed to be used as the reason for a traffic stop but after it passed they tried to amend it to allow it's use for initial traffic stop. . . It seams if one of their ideas gets voted down it is just because we didn’t understand how we need the government to take care of us but if conservatives get an idea voted down it is because it was evil and it should be dead.

Basic Fact, you can't trust a Mass Dem. Don't believe all the horror stories they will tell you will come to pass if this repeal goes through. Vote yes and force them to fix this mess now and clean house.

It is looking more and more like this will pass. I think things are going to get very ugly as they try to punish us all for passing this. I think we need to vote most of the Dems out of office too but that won’t happen.

Folks this is going to hurt, and it needs to be done. Please vote YES on 1 to pass the Income Tax Repeal.

Child Molester Update

Well, it looks like the guy that attacked the 4 year old in the Market Basket will get away. Latest report is that he had gone back to South America to escape justice here.

On the good side that means that they have dropped all charges against the dad who did show up at court as required. Since the victim is gone, no charges will be brought against the dad.

And folks wonder why we ask if this guy was in the US legally. . .

Demacrats Suck

They will agree to more oil drilling when the gas press gets too high. What trigger did they agree to for gas being "too expensive"? We don't know. The bidding started at $4.50/gal to allow drilling and went up to $10/gal and they still said it was not expensive enough to allow drilling.

Someone please - wake up folks and vote these folks out of office. We need to start drilling now. Sure we won't have the oil right away but it will effect the price, and the extra time/oil will buy us time to come up with a new source of energy.

Congress does not care about you or me. Dems claim to be the party of the people, the party of the working man. . . they why are they doing their best to screw the working guy. You think the "Rich" folks in the Republican party that the Dems hate so much care about the price of gas? they can afford it, I can't. . . But they are the one's trying to cut the price.

This November send a message and vote for anyone that you want as long as they don't have a D next to their name. . . .

News Flash

George Bush's approval rating still sucks, but it is also still 2x that of Congress. . .

Robin of Sherwood

Found Robin of Sherwood at BJ’s (or rather my wife did. . .)

I remember this from when I was in High School. This was the 1984 show on Showtime with the classic Robin Hood figure with a bit of updating. They added some magic, Hurn the Hunter (an image of the pagan Horned God) as Robin’s mentor and shot it all in England.

I watched the first movie last night and wow how I remember it being much better filmed that it was. It is funny how the way they film something can just scream what time period it was actually made in cause boy did this look 80’s.

Overall it was a good trip in the wayback machine and I look forward to watching the rest of them. The DVD set is the first 14 shows and movies for the first two seasons which were the good ones anyway. I think it did make a third and maybe fourth season with a different character taking Robins place but they just were not as good (but still worth watching).

I love it when these old shows come back either on Cable or DVD but man did it get me feeling old. . . .

Today In History

Today in 1943 was the first raid on the Ploesti oil fields. . . 117 B-24s left bases in North Africa and when it was over only 33 returned in condition to fly again. . . out of 1720 crewmen 540 were lost.

This was a complex low level bombing mission for heavy bombers and although it did knock out the refinery it was quickly fixed and working again. It was also the target of a number of additional raids up to the end of the war which kept it from getting back to full capacity.