Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another Mass Moment

Schools here are under pressure to allow Anit-Military groups to attend the High School career fairs to that they can talk kids out of the military as a career. They don’t think kids know that they could get hurt in the military. . . . .

Sorry, which part didn’t you folks get about the military? They train you to kill, give you cool high teach weapons, guns and high explosives. . . . what did you think they do? You don’t think the kids watch the news and know that folks get shot at and killed in a war?

This is a job fair, where are the OSHA folks to talk you out of working in construction or fishing or any other job that is as dangerous or more dangerous than the military. . . But they will tell you they are just giving info, they support the troops and are not anti military. . . we just don’t want any one to join them. . . . ya right.

Only in MA can the loony left do this. . . and two schools (Milton and Cohasset) actually let them in. . . .

I hope our students are smarter than the protesters or we are in more trouble than we all know. . . .

From Michal Graham's Blog

If only I were as brilliants as the supergeniuses of the Massachusetts Left. They see these school events are yet another opportunity to display their hatred of the American military. And that's what the kooks at Citizens for an Informed Community hope to inflict on the kids at Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School this year.

Led by Bridgewater State College geography professor Vernon Domingo, the CIC crew think it's unfair that an organization that hires people to do a job (the US Armed Services) are allowed to participate in a job fair, while a bunch of clueless kooks who aren't hiring anyone (CIC) are not invited. "The issue is, both side should be allowed in, or neither side should be," says CIC member Raymond Ajemian.

Once again, we're not talking about Debate Club or a political campaign. This is Career Day. How did the "Fairness Doctrine" get involved? Do these nuts really believe in equal time for a job fair? OK, then let's have PETA set up across from KFC, and the American Nudists Society can display their wares opposite any retail clothing stores. I for one would love to see every recruiter for state or local governments being stared down by Barbara Anderson from Citizens for Limited Taxation.

How stupid is this idea? So stupid that at least two Massachusetts public school systems--Milton and Cohasset--have already adopted it.

The anti-military morons say that their presence is needed because military recruiters don't tell the whole story. "The brochures say nothing about dying and nothing about post-traumatic stress syndrome," Ajemian whined to the Boston Globe-Democrat.


Catfish N. Cod said...

What is freedom worth if you cannot use it to be foolish?

And I do not see anything wrong with telling the kids about PTSD as long as they are not lying and exaggerating. It makes service more meaningful and the practitioners more prepared if they know what they are going into.

Ted said...

Hey JD - off topic, but in reply to your comment on McCain's top 10 songs. Check out the state-by-state map - McCain ahead of Obama: