Monday, August 18, 2008

Predictions on Pakistan

The news media seems to be falling all over themselves around here this morning on the news that Musharraf has stepped down as president of Pakistan. They are giving him safe passage out of the county for doing it.

Now while the news folks are all happy about this change of events lets think about a few things:

- He was PRO US, Anti Terror
- Pakistan has many Islamic Fundamentalist there that hate us
- Even with him in charge they didn’t let us cross the boarder looking for Osama
- Good chance they will want to tell us to go screw to gain a rep standing up to the US

Folks, without him keeping a lid on things there you can expect that the fundamentalists will get more power. They may eventually start running the whole thing and that puts us back where we were in 2001 with Afghanistan.

Mark my words, there is a very good chance we will end up in Pakistan fighting these folks once Osama gets control of things. . . .

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Catfish N. Cod said...

Unfortunately he was losing his grip on power for other, local reasons anyway. We have a problem but if he tried to hold on longer it would only have made the situation worse.

The stupid politicians of Pakistan will now squabble over pie sharing while the barbarians are literally at the gates (of Peshawar, to be specific).

I saw an analysis suggesting that the military may coup again. I think Pakistan has so many coups because only the military has an interest in Pakistan's unity. From what I can tell, Pakistan is not a nation, but four nations (Sindhi, Baluchi, Punjabi, and Kashmiri) with assigned sovereignty over a fifth in rebellion (Pashtuni). They make Lebanon look like a model of unity. The only thing holding Pakistan together is the certainty that individually India could crush them like a bug. It really makes me wonder if Pakistan would not be better off as a confederation with a military alliance.