Monday, August 18, 2008

We are Nuts

Has anyone else heard these ads on the radio? “Folks think they can’t get a mortgage or there is not money available. . .. We have plenty of mortgage money to lend and we will give you a loan with other bank’s won’t. Everyone should be able to get a mortgage. . . “

Is this nuts or is it just me? We don’t care if you can afford the mortgage we will give it to you anyway? How the hell do you think we got into this mess with the housing and foreclosures in the first place?

Now I am all for everyone being equal and not discriminating against folks but when it comes to a loan either you make enough to pay it back or you don’t. That seems rather simple, basic and non discriminatory to me. If you can pay the loan you get it, no matter what you look or sound like.

Seems we have learned nothing and are still well on our way of suicide by political correctness folks. . . .


The Farmer said...

I heard it yesterday. All I could think of is what you said-- Is this company insane?

I'll be first in line laughing my ass off when they go under... I'll be crying on the inside knowing it's coming out of my pocket

JD said...

Problem is they won't go under, they sell the high risk stuff to Freddy Mac and Fanny May. . . . Why do you think they are in trouble. . . So we will pay for it and the company that gave the original loan will go happily on their way.