Monday, August 11, 2008

China Olympics and the press

Can someone tell me what the big deal is with the Chinese blocking internet access to the press core? They are a sovereign country with a known restrictive and authoritative government . . . Why do the press folks feel they can walk in there and demand that the Chinese recognize their rights? They don’t give their own people these rights, why would they give it to the press?

But the part that really gets me is the sites that they are blocking all deal with stuff the Chinese don’t want their people to know about such as the protests in Tibet and such. . . . What does this have to do with the games?

Why does this censoring by the government have anything to do with the real reason the media is there – To cover the games. . . They are so use to playing games and the government letting them that they just don’t get it. Not everyone is nice like the US government that they love to badmouth. The Communist run things over their and it is their country, if you want to be there, live by their rules just like we (should) expect folks to live by our rules here. . .

So stop whining about the government of China and how they treat you in their country. You knew what they were like going into this – if it took you by surprise you must be rather slow on the uptake. . . you sure as hell are not qualified to do any kind of reporting as you obviously can’t find your own way out of a paper bag. . . .

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