Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kids, what can you do with them

Well, my in-laws are having a bit of a problem.

May of my Dad in Laws family is down in the NY/NJ/PA area and they want to come to the wake and funeral. Problem is they are too old to drive up here and their kids went from saying "sure I can take you up any time you want to" to " I can't go right now".

I am sorry folks, but I took a day off of work when my aunt died so I could drive my Mom up to the funeral. There wasn't even a second thought - I asked if she wanted to go, she said yes, the next day we were on our way. They are family, that is what you do.

I have to say I don't really want to deal with a house full of people right now but I think it is ridiculous that these kids are so self centered that they can't make time to take their parents up to the wake and funeral of their uncle.

May I never become that self centered. . . .

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Farm.Dad said...

I know what your saying , My Dad in Law is getting feeble now , and really cant take care of the place he is on , but moving him would kill him faster than he is going down hill there . Of the 4 siblings my wife has one brother and his wife attempts to help us take care of him and his place . The kicker is that they are a 4 hour drive away from him ( we are 1.5 ) and one that " wont help " is closer than us . I love the man like a father and will do anything i can for him which between his health issues and fixed income turns out to be quite a bit lol . However recent events are resulting in a " come to Jesus " series of phone, email , and personal communication with the other kids , my wife and myself . We will see what it takes to motivate them , and i suspect it will be shaming them in front of each other, but at the point that i pay for re plumbing and rewiring a well i feel i have a voice in his care since no other kid bothered to show up when he was out of water .