Friday, August 22, 2008

Another Mass Moment

BOSTON (WBZ) ― A party cruise ends in violence leaving one man dead.

State Police say the 41-year-old victim was on board the Provincetown II boat that came back from a cruise around midnight Thursday night. There were 815 people on board the boat.

The victim was in a parking lot between Anthony's Pier 4 Restaurant and the Institute of Contemporary Art, when he was gunned down.

State Police Sgt. John Gentile tells WBZ TV three to four shots were fired. He says they already had six cruisers at the pier for traffic and crowd control when the boat came in. Despite closing off the area quickly, the gunman managed to escape.

Well there you have it folks, proof that all those MASS gun laws the liberals are so proud of work . . . . er, maybe not. . . . When will they stop lying to us? Never because it is not about safety or anything else you may think of. . . it is about control and disarming the serfs. . .

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