Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Troops Pay for Extra Bags or American Airlines Sucks

OK, this makes me ill. . . . CNN reports they are charging our troops who are traveling under orders, possibly going to war extra for a third bag of stuff they have to take with them.

This is another reason why the airlines are out of control with the fees. I have become a strong believer that the worst thing ever done to the airlines was de-regulation. Airlines are critical to our business and way of life in the US, maybe too critical to not be under government regulation and I hate government regulation . . . .

How can you ask a soldier going to war to kick out another $100 for his supplies. What is he/she supposed to eat with on the way if they forgot to get extra money??

These folks should be ashamed of themselves. The VFW is trying to get this fee removed but the folks at American Airlines say too bad, they can get reimbursed by the military so the fee stays. . . . Nice.

I think we need to know who along with American Airlines is doing this and boycott them. If they can’t wave a fee to help in the war effort then lets see how they do with fewer customers. We need to remind these fools that those soldiers going over there to fight and maybe die are the ones that keep their sorry asses safe behind the desk at American Airlines.

The Air Transportation Association does not look like it wants in on this either so they are going with the “it’s not us that sets the fee” answer and not doing anything about it.

Sounds like American Airlines sucks big time and we need to know who else is taking advantage of our troops. Lets boycott them and hit them where they will pay attention – the bottom line. Airlines treat us bad enough now, they need to learn some respect. Well American, lets see how you like your bottom line when real Americans don’t fly on your planes. . .

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