Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sig Saur Visit – Northeast Gun Blogger Dinner

I will have to get the list of attendees and add that later, but let me say that I saw most of the regular Northeast Bloggers at the event. JayG, Marko, Bruce, Weer’d and a number of others. I know JayG will have a list up at some point.

The day started at the Sig Saur Academy . My understanding is Sig is looking to make contact with some Bloggers to help get the word out about their products and training area. We were met by George Harris the Director of Training. George was nice enough to give us a tour of the training area and explain the different training classes they offered.

On our tour of the grounds we got to see a number of ranges that they use for training both civilians and police/military folks. They have a great set up for training on anything from close quarters pistol and civilian defensive pistol up to a 300 yrd range for long range rifle training. We ended the tour at one of the new classrooms they have put int.

At the classroom we got a nice bunch of gifts from them – a hat, pocket knife, and info on the classes they offer. We then were given a certificate for ½ off a class so we can come back and experience how they actually teach a class here. They then gave us a nice overview of some of the guns they make. Even got to handle them! = ) We got to handle pistols and rifles that are both current productions, and one or two that they will be showing off at the Shoot Show. I will post the links to other bloggers who were getting photos of everything. This went over well with the bloggers but got me in a bit of trouble with my wife who was also at the event. But in a good way – She is a small woman and hard to find a pistol she could hold well. . . until now. They passed around a Sig 238 and she loved it! I guess I will be starting another gun fund and looking for one now. . . .

The last stop was at the Pro Shop at the Academy. There you could get almost anything you could want for your Sig, or get one for yourself. Had I owned one my credit card would have been in trouble. As it is I think I am in trouble when it comes to the classes.

George went over some of the practice guns they had there to fit one to my wife’s small hands. After she went over the problems she has had with my pistols and how the 238 was the first gun that fit her well we discussed what class would be good for a starter like her. He was quick to recommend that she take a course with his wife, who also is a small woman so would be able to help her from firsthand experience. I was very impressed by this since I have met many teachers who’s ego would not let them admit another teacher may be better for the student. This sealed it for me that we will get up here for classes. They not only say that they put the student first, they proved it to me. George has impressed me with both his knowledge and his ease of teaching, he does not strike me as one of those “drill sergeant” types. He seems very easy going and very willing to make sure the students learn as much as they can in the classes there and if he is like that I am sure his faculty is as well.

We then moved the meet to Jillian’s in Manchester where we met up with a number of other bloggers who could not make the tour. We even got lucky enough to have a number of the Sig folks join us. While at the dinner My wife and I got to talk with George and his wife Linda who is an instructor at Sig. We had a great time talking with them and this further convinced me of the quality and caliber of the instructors there. My wife had a great time talking to Linda and we both feel we learned a lot about the classes from them and agreed that we should attend a couple. I think we will be looking into a few courses come the warm weather.

The dinner and conversation at Jillian’s was great as usual with the gun bloggers I have met. As Jay is quick to point out we have a bunch of armed folks together, no one got hurt, no problems, and everyone had a good time. Once again the presence of guns owned by law abiding citizens did not lead to the blood in the streets the media said it would. A great time was had by all; we swapped stories and ate good food while enjoying the company and the football on the TV. Later some went on to play pool but due to the late hour my wife and I headed home.

Just so there are no questions and we have full disclosure, we did not pay for the tour, and Sig did give us some swag and a certificate for a half price class for our time. And yes, I do plan on taking them up on the offer and then some. . . . with a bit of luck and warm weather = )

I will update the blog as others post on the event with links to their blogs. . .

Here is the first one - JayG has his report up HERE

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