Sunday, March 3, 2013

NY having Buyers Remorse?

Story is HERE

End result is NY is starting to feel the pain of the new law. . . they are also regretting they spent about 20 minuets talking about it in the dead of night before they passed it. . .

Now I think many are looking at the reaction and seeing themselves facing looking for a new job after the next election due to the voter anger. ..

Add to that the State Supreme Court is looking at an injunction to the law and even asked them to "tell us how this is constitutional" which is not a good start to your defense . . . . I hope they will quickly find this is totally unconstitutional as it bans folks from access to guns and gear in common use in most of the country.

DC got their gun rights on the road again for that exact reason - the SCOTUS said you can't ban folks from commonly used guns for self defense in the home (no ruling yet on outside the home) so I can see NY  losing big time on this.

The best part is if they do lose big, I hope this will pour a LOT of cold water on this whole mess of trying to take our rights.  It will be safer for us all and our country if it does.  Folks are buying guns and ammo like no tomorrow all over this country.  They are not doing this so they can turn them in later. . . I am personally scared to death that we are closer to another civil war in this country than many folks will admit or want to face.  Our people see our government as out of control with their laws, spending, and ignoring the will of the people they work FOR.

We need to get past this, acknowledge that gun rights are civil rights and the Second Amendment means what it says folks.  Then we can move on to the important stuff like fixing our economy, getting folks back to work, and shrinking our government back to a manageable size.

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