Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cops and Gun Licences in MA

You can read it HERE

The basics is here in MA you need a licence to have a gun, even just in the home. . . these cops let their permits run out so were carrying illegally. . . if you or I did that we would likely see jail time and never get another permit.  We do have a 90 day grace period if your permit is getting renewed but that is not the case here.

Sorry but I don't think cops should have a pass.  We are all equal under the law and as such they should have to follow the same rules we do.

So instead of getting punished they get a vacation. . . . you wanna bet if they got treated like a normal person these crazy laws would be changed in an instant?

This is why we can't have exemptions to a law.  It is either a good law we all follow or a bad one and we get rid of it.  I can's stand it when they pass a bad law but since it is only on the serfs it is ok, the ruling class is not expected to follow it.

That is not how it is supposed to work folks. . . . .

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