Saturday, March 16, 2013

Good Bye Civil Rights

You can read the story HERE

Seems the folks in NJ think that if you read the Constitution you are a terrorist threat to them and now have this poor women fighting for her rights because of her speech. . .

Folks the First Amendment is not there to protect speech we agree with, it is there to protect what we don't want to hear. . . It is there to stop the government from doing exactly this and using all of it's powers to threaten someone who spoke against it. . . and all she did was remind them of our laws. . . that they ignore.

Folks this is what we are heading for.  This is why we MUST NOT  be disarmed by these thugs.  Once our Second Amendment rights are gone the rest will soon follow.  The government will quickly become the ruling class and us no more than slaves . . .

God help the USA

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