Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sell out your neighbor and friends for profit

So in another great move to help unite our country, NY state in fact, they have now put out a bounty on gun owners. . . .

Read about it HERE

You see it is simple.  They will pay you $500 to sell out your friends and family for exercising their Constitutionally protected and recognized right to own a gun.  If it breaks their new Un-Constitutional SAFE act you make money . . .

Ya this is what our country needs, people spying on each other for the state.

This is the plan, divide and conquer folks.  If they can keep us separated and fighting among ourselves then they can pick us off one group at a time.  This is how they think they will break America.

We need to stand together and say NO.  The Constitution is the law of the land, either follow it or you will be looking for a new job if not prison time.  We need to hold them accountable.

These folks are scum, stop negotiation with them, they lie and we all know it.

Time for real change.  Wake up America and come back to the Constitution.  We can still turn this around.  Will it hurt?  yes, but it is the  only way to fix things.

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