Saturday, March 9, 2013

Gun Control Up Side?

Folks I am starting to see an up side to all the bull shit that Congress and Obama are trying to pull with gun control.

To start folks are waking up. . .  gun owners and folks that support civil rights are starting to see this as a big power grab by the government.  They are starting to wake up and take notice and most importantly get involved!

We are seeing folks start to pay attention to the rallies and attend them.  They are starting to write, call and visit their reps and say "what the heck are you doing?"  and "Keep your hands off my rights".  People are waking up to the real facts that gun control is not about crime or guns but control of our lives.  They are also learning that they want to own a gun, and want their rights protected. . .. if we lose the Second Amendment we will lose the rest folks.

This is a good thing. . . ..

As America wakes up it is starting to notice a lot of the other bull DC is pulling like the attempt to use Drones in the USA, all the ammo and light tanks bought by the DHS when we have budget issues. . . and all the other wasteful spending like Obamacare.

With some luck we will stay awake this time and take action.

I for one have become more active going to the rallies and pushing for our civil rights.  I am also starting to look into getting my certification to teach gun classes here in MA so I can help others get licensed. . . and if I like the classes who knows what other NRA instructor certs I may go for.

We need to stick together folks and fight for our country.  We have drifted a long way from what our founders wanted. . . that does not mean with hard work we can not get back to their dream of a free America.

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