Monday, March 18, 2013

Super Heroes a sign of the times?

While watching the previews at the movies this weekend I noticed we have a bunch of super hero films coming out this summer. . .

More than normal and we have seen a resurgence of super heroes over the last few years.

All of this got me thinking is this due to the mess our country is in now?  Is this Americas way of dealing with an out of control government taking our rights, ignoring our problems and spending our money faster than we can make it???

To me this seems to make sense.  We need to know things will get better; we need to know we will be OK and that is the core belief of the Super Hero movie. . . They will save the day, the bad guy will lose and the good guy will win . . .

As we watch Obama create his private army with the Department of Homeland Security and we watch him try to disarm us as part of his power grab we need a hero or two to help us.  But we don’t live in a movie and it is going to be up to us to act and take back control of our country.  Capt. America is not real as much as we wish he was.

No it is going to be a lot of hard work, and no sure thing that we can get our country back on track.  We need to vote out the bums, vote in conservatives that support our Constitution and its limits.  We need to vote out anyone that lies on the way into office.  You don’t do what we voted for you to do you are out.

We need to become our own super heroes, the Super Voter who gets rid of corruption in DC and puts in real Americans who will cut spending, respect our rights and get us back to the Constitution.  Folks that will get rid of the Patriot Act, the TSA and DHS. . . folks that know we need to get our economy going again and get us back to work.  Folks that won't let Mayor Bloomberg buy another election for his cronies.

We need Americans who believe in America back in DC, not folks that want to turn us into part two of the failure know as Europe and Socialism. 

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