Friday, March 15, 2013

New Gun Law Test

I have a very simple request. . .

Any new gun laws should have to pass the following test:

1 - would you accept that same constraint on your marriage -

  • like asking the state for permission to marry who you want.  
  • Your marriage license can be revoked by the state at their whim any time
  • Your marriage is only valid in certain states

2 - Would you accept the same restriction on your speech -

  • You need insurance to have a blog, Facebook or talk in public.  
  • You can only post one thing to Facebook/Blog per month.  
  • Your blog/facebook can have only 7 entries available at any time.
  • You can only blog/facebook in your home state
  • Your blog/facebook must be registered in the state, 
  • You must have a state license and they can revoke it any time before you Blog or Facebook
Ya, I didn't think you would want those restriction on your life, marriage or First Amendment rights, so why do we assume they can do this to our Second Amendment rights?? and we let them????

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