Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shooting in NY

Well now I know why this is not getting legs in the news coverage . . . .

More on it HERE

Seems he used a shotgun to do the killing. . . he also asked the barber if he remembered him so I think this was personal in some way.

Folks all those new laws in NY did nothing.  NOTHING!!!!!

All this great debate on guns is doing for us is splintering our country, pushing us towards a civil war and letting the crew in DC ignore the spending, unemployment, immigration problems and illegals with more rights than citizens and debt we are now facing.

We need them focused on getting rid of the Patriot Act, getting rid of the Czars, Ending the failed war on drugs and failed war on poverty. . . stop letting money run the country.

We need voter reform, election reform to insure no more thrown elections.  we need big money like Bloomberg shut down from buying elections across the country.

We need to go back to our roots of FREEDOM!  We need smaller government, less spending and less government control of our lives and businesses.  We need to let the people of America fix America.  We need folks in DC to follow our Constitution.

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