Thursday, March 28, 2013

Disgusting Anti-Rights ad

Mayor Bloomberg you have lost. . .

You want to know how I know this?  When I see your latest ads to crush our rights I know why we are winning.

The first ad is an obvious actor who does not know how to handle the gun you gave him pretending to be a gun owner who supports your attack on our rights. . . no real gun owner would hold the weapon that way. . .  Nice try. . . this ad has already failed and been mocked all over the internet. . . that is a loss for you.

So take two - you start dragging out the grieving families of the Newtown shooting to talk about a subject that again they obviously know little about. . . they are all supporting the new gun control you are pushing that we all know and many have admitted on your own side that these laws would not have stopped the shooting and won't prevent another one.  Did you tell them that they are pushing to take our rights but it won't fix anything???  You are a tyrant looking to make your subjects helpless.  Nothing more.

You put these poor folks on camera to ask us to give up our rights and we know it is not the gun, but the madman that was the problem in Newtown. . . and these new laws you want do NOTHING to address him or how he got his weapons. . . And you won't admit most of the laws you want to make national were already in place in Newtown (has an Assault Weapons Ban) and they did not work. . . they didn't work in the Virginia Tech shooting either where he was limited to 10 rd mags and it didn't stop that shooter either.

Lets look at how many EXISTING laws he broke in Newtown -
26 - murder at the school
1 - murder of mom
1 - gun on school grounds
1 - illegal possession of a gun without a license

So he already broke at least 29 laws.  .  and you really think a few more would make a difference???? This gunman needed mental health and to be hospitalized.  His mother failed or refused to see a years worth of build up to this breakdown. . . . . my owning an AR-15 has nothing to do with this.

The people of this county are waking up.  We are getting back into looking at what you and your gang are trying to push on us.  We have moved past the feelings stage and now want facts before we see any new laws. . .and the polls show this and that gun control is continuing to lose backing.  Laws made quickly based on emotion are bad laws. . . gun control, the Patriot act to name a few. . . .

Before one new law is passes you should have to prove it is not only Constitutional but that there is real hard data (No Feelings) that show it would make a difference in CRIMINAL ACTIVITY and not just impose more restrictions on our law abiding citizens.  We both know you can't do that.  Criminals have no problem getting drugs to sell all over our country, you think they don't get guns too????

Mayor you disgust me.  You are a petty tyrant who ignores the civil rights of your own people, many of which are minorities in NYC to do unconstitutional warrant-less searches on them just because you told your cops they could. . . . stop and frisks have gone up from 100K your first year in office to 700K in 2011. . . all  illegal. . . .

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