Friday, March 15, 2013

Baby daddy a gang member. .

You have all probably heard about the infant shot and killed in Chicago (ya, shock it was there) right?  The land of no guns. .. .

Turns out the target was Dad who was also hit. . . and as no surprise to normal folks it was not random. . .


So Dad was the target, had a long criminal history, was a gang member. . . Mom had even been shot previously. . .

Folks Chicago does not have a gun problem -they have a gang problem and until you fix that no law will do a damn thing.  This little girl is dead because Dad is a gang member, she was shot by other gang members who I am sure did not get the gun legally, and are most likely prohibited from having it by law.

And don't give me the BS they got the gun from a lax gun law state. . . folks they run drugs into this country by the boat load . .  they will run guns too.  The UK is an island and they still have the bad guys getting guns.

Stop the lies, stop the gun grabs and lets fix the real problem - criminals and an ineffective legals system to deal with them.

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